The Beauty of a Rose

" Spread more love and this beauty will be seen by all"

“There is true beauty, within this World full of hatred” ” God created this World for us to see the true beauty, not for us to ruin his creation” 


The Rose a symbol of beauty, starts out as a simple Bud,

When the bush is well taken care of then you see it’s beauty.

the Bud is born as we watch it mature into a beautiful flower,

the soft pedals of the Rose shows just how delicate the Rose is,

the fragrance of the Rose lightens up everything that is around it,

the bush has it’s defense from all that abuses it,

the Thorns will prick you and make you bleed,

when you abuse the bush that brings such beauty,

everything has a defense to things that try to harm and abuse,

the mother Deer defends it;s baby Fawn from whatever comes to harm,

we Humans will defend ourselves to all that comes to harm,

sometimes we get caught off guard and the beauty becomes lost,

everything becomes lost within the pain of the harm,

which has the true beauty hide deep within,

instead of shining as bright as it should on the outside,

true beauty just doesn’t happen, it has to blossom like the Rose,

everything has this true beauty deep within it’s core,

it has to be nourished and cared for to unleash it throughout,

through Hate nothing will ever blossom like the Rose,

as Hate only has things hide deep within while using our defenses,

when all gets to blossom and is fully nourished and cared for,

the true beauty of everything comes out and shines bright,

with a Fragrance that makes everything happy and peaceful,

throughout all the paths of this journey through life.


” The beauty of a Rose so peaceful and with happiness throughout”

” The Rose is a symbol of beauty, that unleashes its true beauty from within”

” through Hate this beauty becomes lost and the pain from the harm hurts deep within, further pushing the true beauty deeper within”



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