Illegal…. a word that some don’t understand


There are many paths throughout this journey of life, with these paths comes times that everything around us doesn’t seem beautiful as it should be. The paths and bridges we cross, become run down and old, the view of everything around seems stale and ugly, but yet we become lazy and unwilling to fix what we need to fix, so the vibrancy comes back to us and we all can be better and stronger moving forward.

I understand there are some that want to get out of where they are, move to a different location, so they can have a better journey through life, but what I don’t understand is, why do some expect other’s to take care of them, while they try to go unnoticed in their new location? Currently there are millions of Illegals within the United States, we know they are here, but yet no one is doing anything about it, meanwhile these “Illegals” are robbing the hard working Citizen of all they deserve, is this the fair way to walk your path of this journey through life? The word Illegal should be a signal to you, saying you are doing something wrong, but yet here in this Country you are rewarded for doing something wrong. The Administration of our President, went into the U.S. Supreme Court, for Illegal Immigrants today (which cost the hard working citizen), so as to stop the deportation of them, why? simply because they had a child or children here on our soil and even though the child is a Citizen, the Parents are not, hello….. can you see the writing on the wall, they come here just to have a child, cause they know we won’t send them back. What the biggest problem here is, the fact that the child is becoming a pawn on the chess board of life, instead of being truly loved like the way that child should be loved without question and then becomes deeply hurt inside, Immigration is fine but done the right way. This Country was built on Immigration and what helped our Fore Fathers  grow this Country better and stronger, but they also started a process to follow for the Immigrant, I think we should get back to that process, to help fix America and make it great once again.

Try to cross over into Mexico without the proper paperwork……. you get put into jail cause you are doing something wrong, why can’t this Country do the same? If you don’t want to work at becoming a “legal” Citizen, then you deserve to be deported back to where you came from. You want to be a Free loader, go back to your Country and free load from your own People, Oh!!! they don’t allow it? Then why the heck should we allow it as well. It is time for our Leaders of this Country to grow a backbone, actually do the job they were voted in to do and fix what needs to be fixed, work together and stop bickering with each other, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life peacefully, with happiness every where we go.


” Immigration when done correctly can and will help growth of all around to be better and stronger moving forward”

” the word Illegal means you are doing something wrong, which means you need to change what you are doing”


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