Love is within us all

We all walk a path through this Journey of life, these paths bring to us a wide variety of challenges, that will test us and Tempt us. While being challenged we will go through some times that will have us lose sight of who we truly are, we will get lost within the clouds of our judgements, we will lose our true feelings  of emotions, which will have us forget that, the true feeling of love is always within our hearts and never leaves us, as much as we may think.

Within this Society we live today and all the ugliness that is around us, has forced us to bury this feeling of Love so deep within, that we have forgotten just what true love is anymore. We throw this word love around so much today, that we have lost what the true meaning of the word is. So many Marriages today end in Divorce after a short term, simply because those have lost the true meaning of what love is, unlike those of times past that truly stay together, til ” Death do them part”.

The Journey of life hasn’t changed, it is only the way we walk our paths that has changed and why we have lost the true meaning and feeling, of the word Love. The feeling of Love has never left us, just that we don’t acknowledge it within us anymore, simply because these paths that challenge us with hurdles and bruises brings us pain and we bury who we truly are, just so we can try to move forward, with as little pain as we can.

We also fear the unknown and with this unknown, it can and will bring more pain to us as we walk our paths, so we then hide within ourselves, to protect ourselves from further pain, while we are hiding is when we lose all our true feelings and emotions and is how we lose the true meaning and feeling, of this word Love that is always within our hearts, to not only love ourselves, but share this love with all that is around us.

Love may be a four letter word, but it is the only four letter word, that will bring goodness and happiness to us all. All we have to do is, truly feel the power of this word, deep within our hearts, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, peacefully and with true happiness always.


” Love is a four letter word, but the true feeling of this word is deep within all our hearts”

” To truly feel this word of love, will have the word of Hate be erased from all our lives”


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