The many faces of Abuse

Forest Flowers

” Abuse has many faces and comes to us in many ways”


Abuse has many faces and will come to us along our paths, in many different ways. The abuse of power will control everything if we let it, we all want power and control, but at what cost will we pay, to have this power and control? What we don’t look deeply into is, this power and control will have us become someone we truly are not, ┬áit will also have us abuse ourselves first, before we abuse everything that is around us. We see this a lot with our Politicians today, they will do and say anything to us, so they can gain our trust, just so they can have the Power and Control over all that is around them. These Politicians are nothing but Charismatic, crooked Individuals and we should view them as no more.

Abuse will come to us in the use of our words, as we may think words don’t hurt? But words hurt deeply and in ways we never look deeply into. Sometimes along this journey of life, we say words we don’t mean or even know the meaning of, that is because we don’t truly think before we speak our words, then we try to make it like we never said what we said, when we use certain words we then shame everything around us and when there is shame, now you have a whole World that is hurting deep inside.

Shame is another form of Abuse that comes to us along our paths of this journey and it is the most painful of the Abuses. Simply because when Shame comes to us and because we don’t truly understand it, it forces us to suppress all our true feelings and emotions deep within ourselves. When we are Shamed, we then become so hurt, that we try to move forward to simply avoid our hurt, but what we truly do is suppress even more, which only keeps the pain within, until one day, when it becomes so overwhelming that we then become someone we truly are not. Shame is probably the most powerful of all the Abuses that comes to us, which is why we need to understand it, so it can’t control the fiber of our being.

Through all the different Abuses that comes to us and whether they control us physically or mentally? We need to do a better job of understanding everything about Abuse and the many ways it will try to control everything about us. You need not be attacked physically to be abused, as every word we use and the way we deliver our words, can be Abuse to everything around us. Which leaves all that is around us with strong feelings of Shame, which we then bury deep within our core. This journey through life can seem very long, when we let Shame control who we are, but we are the ones that when we control our words we use on our paths we walk, then all our journeys can be peaceful and with much happiness always.


” Shame is a feeling we all feel, but no one truly understands how it truly affects us”

” We may not see the words we say, but these words can hurt all that is around us”

” Abuse comes to us in many ways, we have to look deeply into what we see, so as to not have it control who we truly are”


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