April Fools!!!

On this day of April 1st, we all try to prank each other just so we can say ” April Fools” at the end of the day. What we don’t look deeply into is, we are creating a Victim of our pranks, simply because we rationalize away that we are just trying to be funny.

I haven’t been a Victim of these pranks in a long while, but this morning I read an article that looked very legit from my favorite sports team, about my favorite player on that team. This article was on my wall of Facebook from one of my friends and this article looked like it came directly from the Boston Bruins which is my favorite team. Patrice Bergeron my favorite player on the team was what the article is about, he is also the best player on the team, This article stated that Patrice suffered a season ending freak injury, which he was walking down the stairs of an airplane, slipped and to break his fall, landed on his hand and broke his hand? I get the fact of trying to make a joke on this day and create a very believable prank? But at the expense of the best player on a team, to which is very liked throughout Bruins Nation, True my heart sank into my stomach as I read this, but when I got to the last sentence which read, ” April Fools. Patrice is fine”, now your getting into an area of, wishing an injury on a person, to which happens to be the teams best player at that.

We all want to one up each other, we all want to be better than each other I get that, but when you create Victims from your actions is not the way to truly be better than anything, let alone better than each other, on the contrary if we all could simply learn to work together, get along with each other  and create pranks that are actually funny, instead of creating more hatred among ourselves, just maybe we can walk our paths through this journey of life peacefully, with all of us being happy everyday.

A true April Fools prank should be fun and make the target of the prank, feel embarrassed that they have been duped, but when a prank is of an injury to another person even jokingly, now your crossing the line into a grey area, that should never be crossed by anybody at any time. Wishing ill of somebody means that you have lost what the true meaning of Empathy is and you are only thinking of yourself and nobody else, simply for a joke and a laugh. Come on people we are better than that, or we are suppose to be better than that? Within this Society and the fact that we are all lost within the clouds of our judgments, shows just how out of touch we all are with our true feelings of Empathy.

Empathy is a feeling that is within us all, it is also a feeling that we turn off and bury deep within our soul when certain life events happen to us, cause we don’t want to feel the pain from these events. When we bury these feelings deep within, all we are truly doing is becoming someone we truly are not. This pain we feel from the event/events, should make us want to fix what is wrong, instead of hiding within ourselves then becoming someone we truly are not, the thing we fear most from the pain is, what others will think of us, instead of staying true to self. The path we walk here on this journey, is walked by us as an Individual, others around us don’t walk our paths and some simply try to derail us from this path, so they can think they are better, or they simply don’t care for anything/anybody around them. It is a sad reality we all live here within this Society, but to truly change this will take the proper actions by each and every one of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” April Fools is a day we all prank each other for a laugh, it shouldn’t be a day we wish Ill of another for that laugh”

” Empathy is a feeling within us all. it is also a feeling that we have lost the true meaning of”

” Creating a Victim is not the way to walk through this journey of life, all this does is create more hatred throughout this Society”

” to be better and stronger moving forward is a good thing, but to create a Victim to do this is a bad thing”


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