Gaze into the Wild Blue Yonder

  As we Gaze into the wild blue Yonder that is the sky, what is it that we truly see? Do we look deeply into what we see or just Gaze out and see something different, God created these beautiful mountains not just for us to look at, but for the mountains to Wander inside

The Lonesome Heart

The Heart becomes cold without acknowledging the love that warms it up, Every Heart has love within it which warms our Souls for all that is around us, God gave us this Heart so we all can feel his love for us and share it with all, A Heart that is cold leads us to

The Beauty of a Rose

  The Rose a symbol of beauty, starts out as a simple Bud, When the bush is well taken care of then you see it’s beauty. the Bud is born as we watch it mature into a beautiful flower, the soft pedals of the Rose shows just how delicate the Rose is, the fragrance of

Illegal…. a word that some don’t understand

There are many paths throughout this journey of life, with these paths comes times that everything around us doesn’t seem beautiful as it should be. The paths and bridges we cross, become run down and old, the view of everything around seems stale and ugly, but yet we become lazy and unwilling to fix what

It’s Distracting

  Distractions come from anywhere or anything around us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life, but none more dangerous than as we drive our Vehicles, especially on the road ways today. The way People drive today, it makes me wonder if the Registry of Motor Vehicles are handing out Licenses free

A day of senseless Tragedy

” No more hurting People……….. Peace”.   *** Martin Richard***   Please as we use this day as a day of remembrance, for such a senseless Tragedy, let us never forget this quote from little eight year old Martin Richard, one of the four who lost his life, at the hands of such a tragic

The whole Voting process

” The grass is not always Greener on the other side”   This whole Voting process is so flawed, that it has become Corrupt and easily manipulative. These Candidates know exactly what to say and how to act, just to mislead us and get our vote. Hypocrisy is the word of the day, when you

Love is within us all

We all walk a path through this Journey of life, these paths bring to us a wide variety of challenges, that will test us and Tempt us. While being challenged we will go through some times that will have us lose sight of who we truly are, we will get lost within the clouds of

The many faces of Abuse

” Abuse has many faces and comes to us in many ways”   Abuse has many faces and will come to us along our paths, in many different ways. The abuse of power will control everything if we let it, we all want power and control, but at what cost will we pay, to have

Troubling times throughout this Journey

  This to some that may not know, is known as a Fallout Shelter, it protects us from harm as it is built into the Earth, with thick concrete walls and thick steel doors, keeping you from whatever is trying to harm you. This could help protect you from natural disasters, like Tornadoes and Hurricanes,

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