Propaganda and drama World


Through this World of Propaganda and Drama, we have lost all connection of what it takes, to walk our paths of this journey of life in peace and happiness. We have lost what it means to work for what we want, I mean really work, not just having a job to buy material things. All the Cnn’s, Fox news and ect… of the World do nothing but create way to much unneeded Drama around us. The Clinton’s of the World do nothing but create all the Hatred of each other everywhere we go. The Trump’s of the World do nothing but create money hungry and power driven people all around us. It is we the People and I mean the real People of this World, that drive this Country and World into true Greatness.

This election of 2016 I am done with, until we stop hating on each other, stop all this stupid Childish Drama, we will never look deeply into what we see, we will never right the ship from these troubling waters for which we are in now. To truly fix all our troubles will never happen, if we don’t stop fighting with each other, don’t stop hating on each other and will never happen if we the People don’t truly stand up against all this crap. The time is now for the true power to shift back to the real People, who truly work hard everyday, so this Country can be great once again.

Gone are the days that built this Country into what it has become, gone are the days of truly working for what you have in your life, with all the Technology we have today, has stripped us of the real meaning of work. When you have to go outside and chop a cord of wood to cook and have heat, or you don’ t eat, nor do you stay warm, you simply haven’t worked for anything and you can’t say otherwise. In today’s World our work is simply a job, that only supplies us with the things we had to truly work for, during a time for which we don’t care to remember. What do you think our Anchestor’s would say of video games of today? First they wouldn’t say, they would laugh at us, then they would tell us just how lazy we have become. Everybody of today are so lazy, they have lost the meaning of the word “work”. They are the first ones to put out their hands to take what they want, they also are the ones that vote for certain ones that will give them what they want, but first that person will take from another, in order to give to another. This is the World we have created and our ForFathers are turning in their graves, for the way we have turned this World into. For us to look deeply into what we see, we need to be able to work hard to change what we have done, willing to put the true work in, stop all this Drama and the attacking of each other, which does nothing but create this hate that we have learned through the years. We all choose a path to walk through this journey of life, let’s truly choose the right path, so we all can walk peacefully, with happiness all around us.


” Hard work is what built America to be a great Country, time we find the true meaning of work once again”

” Instead of looking for the hand out, look deeply into what you see and work hard to create your destiny”


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