True Forgiveness is within our souls


” His son said to him, “Father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, I no longer deserve to be called your son”, but his Father ordered the servants, “let us celebrate with a feast because this son of mine was dead and has come to life again”.

LK 15:21-22a, 23b-24a





We all have a fire that burns deep within the core of our Being, this is where the true forgiveness of ourselves and all that is around us comes from. Jesus was so humble that he thought that, because of his actions, he was not worthy of his Fathers Forgiveness. No matter what the circumstance, God will always forgive, we just have to truly feel the burn from the fire of Forgiveness that is within us.

Within the Society we live today, we have totally lost the feeling of what true Forgiveness is, let alone the feeling of what that fire deep within us all truly feels like. Instead this true fire has been replaced with that temporary fire of Temptation, that Satan tried to tempt Jesus with as he resisted his temptation. This fire of Temptation does nothing but turn us all against one another, instead of helping each other move forward with strength and confidence. Satan can only be strong if we give into Temptation and lose total sight of who we truly are, become someone we truly are not and totally lose the true feeling of the fire of Forgiveness that is within us all.

The power of Forgiveness is within us all, it burns within the fire deep within our core, we just have to stay true to ourselves, resist all Temptation that may cross our paths, always truly feel our true feelings and emotions. First we have to be able to forgive ourselves of everything that has scorned us, so we than can be true to who we are and then be able to forgive all that is around us, as whatever that has scorned us will keep scorning us, simply because we have lost totally of who we are. As we walk our paths through this journey of life, we will always come across many things that will try to scorn us and force us in becoming someone we truly are not, Sometimes we will go through feelings of inadequacy, cause we think everything is against us? This is only the power of Satan trying to control who we are, instead of we ourselves controlling who we truly are. Even when we do give into this Temptation, lose sight of who we truly are, God will always forgive us and guide us back to the true fire within us, so we can truly feel the power of forgiveness, then forgive ourselves of our actions and then forgive all those around us, that have scorned us into something we truly are not.

This journey through life can be relentless at times, but when we stay true to who we are, never lose that feeling of the fire of forgiveness within us, we will always walk our paths of this journey peacefully and with much happiness always.


” The power of forgiveness is within us all, we just have to stay true to ourselves to truly feel the burn from this fire”

” To truly Forgive ourselves and all those around us, is the greatest sign of strength than any Army can ever bring”

” True forgiveness is within us all, it is the Temptation of Satan that tries to rob us of the feeling from this Forgiveness”

” It takes great strength to be able to forgive anything, but when temptation enters into the equation, only shows how weak we have become”


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