Never fear Change…….

Desert Landscape

” The secret of change is to focus all your energy not into fighting the old, but on building the new”.

***** Socrates *****


When it comes to change we stress over anything different, we get complacent cause we don’t want to get away from our comfort zone, so we move forward along this journey through life, without truly exploring all that is around us.

Some may look at this picture and see that it all looks similar, but when you look deeply into what you see, then you will see the differences everywhere. Everything changes around us, like these rock structures we see, they will move, turn and either grow or shrink over time, even we throughout Mankind will go through many changes as we walk our paths we choose. When we except the change without being stubborn about it,  we then can move forward better and stronger throughout our journey through life.

Some change is good, some change is not right for us, but all change we fear simply because, it brings the unknown to us, which we fear only because we can’t control the unknown. If we approach the unknown with an open mind and not shut ourselves to it, then we can build on something new, instead of fighting it and becoming complacent. as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

We all have been caught within the walls of the comfortable rut, we then get accustomed to these walls as they become familiar with a safe surrounding, we then become afraid to step outside these walls, as it will take changing something, while we get flooded with mixed feelings. When these feelings rush through us, like being on a large Roller Coaster at high speed, we then get lost in the clouds of our judgments,  being lost within these clouds is when the fear of change, keeps us from exploring anything and fighting ourselves from building anything new, that may help us be better and stronger moving forward.

Change is everywhere around us, change happens everyday, it is when we are stuck in the comfortable rut that change we then fear, only because we are afraid to face the unknown of the change. We all walk a path of this journey through life, it are these paths that bring the change to us, with all the twists and turns, then the cross roads that have us making a decision of the direction for which to travel? We then have these events that can derail us, until we truly fix what is wrong and continue moving forward along our path, but if we can conquer the fear, than there is no rut of which we can’t climb out of. Then we will no longer fight the old and build on the new, so we can walk our paths of this journey in peace, with happiness always.


” Change we will always fear as we walk our paths along this journey through life”

” out with the old…… in with the new, get over the fear and be confident in all you do”

” When you get stuck within the walls of the comfortable rut, just build a ladder with what you find and climb out of the walls, moving forward better and stronger”


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