Republicans…Democrats…Oh My!!!



I am sorry if I get a bit political this time, as this site is all about walking a path through a journey of life, with true facts starting with a thought, then streaming out my fingers onto a keyboard in to my computer, but with all the crap we have to go through and listen to as this Presidential race heats up, only warrants a view that most may not look deeply into.

There are two groups of people in the Democrats and the Republicans, that are controlled like Puppets by the Establishments or the powers to be of these two Parties, These powers to be are so egotistical, that they can not look deeply into everything they see.  just like the water in this picture, the crap coming out of these Establishments, also flows downward. Now we have the Establishment throwing a guy named Mitt Romney to the Wolfs and go against everything for which he stood for. I voted for Mitt cause he was the best choice to help fix the economy and bring jobs back to America from abroad, now he is blasting a guy who is the front runner of all the Candidates, a guy that had endorsed Mitt in his last run for President and Mitt said great things of him then, now he completely turned against him? Come on Mitt!!! Grow a back bone and stop being a puppet for these powers to be.

The American People are “Pissed” right now and they want “Real” change this time, not the so called change that was promised and never delivered from the the last two Presidential Elections. Massachusetts is the biggest one party state within this union and to have 20,000 Democrats leave their party, speaks volumes of just how ” Pissed” the American people really are. Our Government is way too big right now and each of the members within this Government are fighting with each other, instead of doing what they been sent there to do. The time is now for all within the Government to stand up and be counted, stand up and take responsibility for their actions (or none actions), start fixing the real problems within this Country, stop filling their pockets with money from all the special interest groups and just simply work together for the good of all Americans within this Country, known as the greatest Country, the United States of America.

I totally get the fact we all need a voice within this Government, but when the voices we have their now are fighting and not working together, then just how good or effective are our voices really being? All these career Politicians need to go as they are way to complacent to be effective at their jobs. The time is now for ” Real Change” and just maybe the time is now for a Business man to take over, treat this Country like a Corporation, then fix what has to be fixed, so this Country can be better and stronger moving forward. The first thing a CEO does to fix it’s company is, down size the company, make it smaller and more manageable, like Romney did of the Companies that he fixed or built, that made him as rich as he is. We all know that Government has become bigger over the years, with each committee that has been created, some of these committee’s are not needed anymore, so why are we the Taxpayer still paying for those within these committee’s? You want ” Real Change”, then just maybe the time is now for a Business man, instead of a politician, which most Politicians are Lawyer’s, that know how to jump through loopholes and know how to speak and say of what we want to hear. Donald Trump is only saying things we all Americans want to say, but simply don’t have the voice or platform to say them, plus a lot of what he is saying is correct and on point, the reason why other Candidates and all other Politicians are attacking him is, they are afraid of him and are afraid to simply say the true facts that Donald Trump has already said. The fact is that this Country is broken and in need of a major fix, the time is now to address the problems head on, fix what needs to be fixed, so we all throughout this great Country of America can move forward better and stronger and get back to the true meaning of ” living the American Dream”.


” The National debt is fast approaching 20 trillion dollars, what are the true facts of these Candidates to help reduce this debt”

” To fix any situation or problem you need to attack them head on and you need to work together without fighting, in order to fix them properly”

” The American Dream is not the same as it once was, the time is now to fix what we need to fix, to get this dream back to as strong as it once was”


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