Racism really doesn’t exist within us



Racism is really just a word that some have exploited, just so they can try to move ahead of another, without working hard and moving forward, as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us.

There is no such thing as Racism as this word only shows how dumb we have become, within this Society. We are all Human beings walking a path along this journey through life, just that we are unique to each other. This Uniqueness includes, our minds which brings our own thoughts, some may be of a different color, but this in no way proves that we are a different kind of “Human” from one another, just because we are a different color doesn’t take away the fact that, we are still a Human Being. There are some that are of a different Origin and ethnicity, but they to are still a Human Being with their own uniqueness, that they bring to the rest of us along this journey of life. We all have Feelings and Emotions of which true Empathy thrives, just maybe the fact that some have buried their true Empathy deep within themselves, that they have taken to use this word of Racism, just so they can have an excuse to try to move forward ahead of those around them?  We throughout this Society have become so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have learned from all the wrong areas, in order to move forward correctly.

Today we deal with certain Celebrities coming forward and using their ” star status”. just to try lead the rest of us in a direction we normally would never travel. In a sense they are simply using their ” star status” to make themselves look better than the rest of us throughout this Society. Truly there is not one Human better than the other, some may be more successful only because they worked hard at achieving that success, while a small percent of the others become jealous and lazy, so they learn to use words like “racism” just to try to move ahead of the successful ones.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, a path for one that has brought them great success, may simply not be the correct path for another? It is up to each of us as an Individual to find the right path that brings us the same success as the other. This is why we are unique to each other and why we can think for ourselves, so we can determine whether or not a path is right for us and can bring us to the path of righteousness, like Jesus showed us along his journey.

We in this Society have become so consumed with this Drama, that we have allowed this word of Racism to bring great hatred to us, we have also allowed it to turn us against each other, instead of doing what is not only within us or what is natural to us and that is, feeling our true Empathy from within and sharing it with each other. When we all show our love of ourselves with each other, this Society will be a great Society once again. We all walk a path through this journey of life, maybe we should work and look harder at finding the path that is right for ourselves, instead of being jealous at the ones that have found their path, then doing what ever we have to, in order to hate on everything around us. We walk this journey once maybe it is a good idea to do it correctly, so when the day comes of our last breathe, we can take it and forever be at peace, with a journey completed, in happiness and love, not just of ourselves, but of all those around us.


” Racism is just a word that we as Humans have turned it into something that turns us all against each other”

” A true Leader doesn’t need an excuse to move forward better and stronger, they use hard work to determine their fate along their journey of life”

” In a Society full of love and empathy, there is no room for words like Racism and we are all happy moving forward along this journey”


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