Security within this Cyber World



Within this World of the Internet, are we truly as secure as we think we are? You can get the most up to date Anti Virus Software and what you may think of as the best out there, but with all the Hacker’s and the ones who can write code better than they can speak, are we truly as safe as we think we are, when we enter into the World of Cyber.

In the World of Cyber no matter who you are, you are vulnerable to a cyber attack and when this attack happens, not only do you not see it coming, but it will also take control of not only your computer, but it will control who we truly are. Is this what we have become within this Society? A Society of attacking each other, instead of feeling the love from within and sharing it with each other?

In this picture is my favorite past time, going camping in a place where peace and serenity is all around you, yes there are still places like this today, just that within this Society, nobody looks deeply into what they see anymore. I can also have a quiet place for which I can come up with fresh ideas, jot them down so I can keep my writing fresh. Writing is good for the soul, it helps us all keep out feelings within reach, instead of burying them so deep within, that we lose touch of our true feelings. When we lose touch of our true feelings, we then lose touch of who we truly are. We all go through stages in our lives, that we let all the crap overwhelm us, we let the life events control who we truly are, then we never stop, take a breathe and truly look deeply into what we see. For some camping is not for them, they don’t like sleeping in a sleeping bag on the surface of the Earth, then the thought of digging their own bathroom hole gets them out of their comfort zone and cooking over an open fire? in this Society cooking over an open fire is, firing up the grill outside in the backyard.

Camping is a good way to escape our realities, re-focus our minds and clear them of all the crap. get our Biological clocks back in sync with our bodies, so we can truly be who we truly are. Living off the grid is something this Society can not do, cause we are so caught up within the crap, that we can’t see a way out of it? Take away all the Techy devices and a very high percentage of us, would be lost and not know what to do. The old school days of writing have given way to the new age of using the computer, then sharing it as soon as you finish your work, but in the old school you had a Typewriter ( most don’t know what that is), but the Writer’s of yesterday still had their work published, just not as easy as today. We have become lost within this Society in the way of, how Technology has made it so easy for us, that we have forgotten how to get things done the way it is suppose to be done. For example, instead of remembering a phone number, we tell our cell phones to call somebody and it dials the number for us? With all the Technology within this Society, we have become lost within the clouds of reality and who we truly are.

Living off the Grid is something that most could never do within this Society, but is something that our fore-Father’s did everyday that they walked their paths through this journey of life, they had none of this Technology we have today, but yet they survived and prospered in their lives. This is why the idea of camping to some is, starting the Motor Home and going for a ride with all the comforts of Home. If something should happen within this Society, that forces us to be off the Grid, a very high percentage of us, would then become lost and not know what to do next. We have taken so much for granted in this Society, that we expect everything, instead of working hard for what we have or want. We all walk a path through this journey of life, just like our Fore-Father’s did in their time, the difference is that they looked deeply into what they saw and have become shallow and lost.


” Living off the grid may be hard work on a daily basis, but with hard work comes true feelings of success and knowing who you truly are”

” True camping is a form of living off the Grid, not firing up a Motor Home and being with all the comforts of home and all your Techy devices”

” sleeping on the surface of the Earth not only brings us closer to the Earth, it can bring us closer to who we truly are”


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