Fair Elections…. Misguided Elections

The younger Generation today would see these tools as scrap and share no desire of learning  what they are, or even of how they were used. All they care about is playing their online video games , with the thinking of, they know everything and need not listen, to learn more of everything around them. Work Ethics…. There is none as they are lazy with no responsibility. Sure there are some that are taught that they need to work in order to create their own success and for what they want in their lives, but what I see for the most part, they want everything given to them and don’t want to work for anything, this scares me as I am getting older and are knocking at the door of, what is known as the Golden years within this journey of life.

Most have this notion that, voting is a right given to us, the reality is that voting is a privilege that we take for granted and then squander that privilege with making bad uninformed decisions. We also let the propaganda Media make our decision for us, cause we are simply to lazy to learn of where to place our vote? The Media will always dig up the dirt on one Candidate, then make their candidate look and smell like a rose, just too influence us to vote the way they want us to vote, this is not how the voting process is and is why the wrong Candidate is always elected into an office they can not handle. Not just the Media is responsible for this corrupt voting process, the Candidate themselves are also responsible, simply cause they say what we want to hear, so they can be elected to an office they can not handle.

We all want to be famous and have our names in lights, but when it comes from knocking others down and hurting others along our paths, now you have a head hunters Society, that does nothing but turns us all against each other. We all may walk different paths, but the journey is the same, we are born into this World the same and are taken out of this World the same, as we go from taking our first breathe to our last.

The voting process is very flawed in it self, as a Candidate can take the popular vote and not win an election, with this Electoral College being the way the Candidate gets in office and the People have no say within the Electoral College. ” You think the system of voting needs to change” ? This way of voting keeps a lot of the People from voting, as they  think why vote cause my vote won’t matter anyways? This method of voting also gives us what we know as the lifetime Candidate,  that will only do what they have to, so they can continue in office for as long as they want, then continue to sponge of and get richer on the dime of the real People, that work hard for everything they have. The process is flawed and  the process is unfair to Candidates that are more capable of handling the job and keep the riff raff from stealing our votes, so they can get rich at our expense.We the People need to make better informed decisions with our vote, not let the Propaganda Media sway us in their direction, as we look more deeply into a Candidate, to truly make our vote count.


” Life along this journey is more than playing video games, real success takes hard work with blood, sweat and tears”

” Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted and making the right choice as informed as we can”

” We all want to be famous, but not at the expense of all those around us”

” The Media will try to sway us to their side, we have to be smarter and make our own well informed decisions”


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