Objectification only leads to more Victims



We throughout this Society simply can not look deeply into anything anymore, instead we justify and objectify everything that is around us. We all go through life events as we walk our paths along this journey through life. These events can be mild and easy to fix, so we can continue moving forward along this journey, while other events are extreme and can strip us from being truly who we are. they will also control us and force us to hide within ourselves, then objectify everything that is around, instead of looking at each other as a person, or even looking at anything as being real. This journey through life can seem very hard at times, but only when we make it by justifying and objectifying everything/everyone around us.

Let’s look at Television commercials, especially ones that involve selling cars, these type of commercials use Woman in very skimpy clothing, just to get your attention and sell you a car thinking this Lady comes with it? All we are doing is Objectifying these Woman and making them out to be a Victim, instead of a Person like all the rest of us throughout Mankind.   A Victim can be anybody and we all have been a Victim of something, throughout our journey here, along our path of life.

What we don’t think about as these Victims are created is ( and yes they are created), depending how extreme the event is? These Victims are then scarred for life and they never communicate to anybody of their Victimization, simply because they have been shamed into hiding deeply within themselves. The pain of the shame hurts so bad, they then try to suppress everything, including their true feelings and emotions, just so they can appear as normal as they can, to all that is around them. We in this Society don’t see this, simply because we don’t want to see it and shows even more that we are all Guilty of not looking deeply into what we see.

That old saying of, ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, should be changed to, ” true beauty is within the core of our being”. Deep inside each of us is where the true beauty is and it has nothing to do with exterior appearance, although within this Society it may have you think otherwise? Within this Society when someone doesn’t look as all others, they may get ridiculed, spat on, stepped on, to name a few which are also forms of Bullying. With all the Bullying going on, there are many Victims being created daily, just by this one form of cruelty, just imagine of how many more Victims go without notice all around us. This journey through life is very cruel in that way and can be very unfair, if we don’t show our love and empathy we have within us, to all those who are around us.

A Victim doesn’t ask to be Victimized, this is on the rest of us throughout this Society, simply because we don’t look deeply into what we see, we objectify everything around us and forget that those around us are People just like we are. When we Objectify we are also Rationalizing everything we look at, to make it seem less of and that we are suppose to be like this? We as Humans are suppose to be the smartest of all the creatures here on Earth, but when it comes to the way we treat each other, we are the dumbest. Simply because we don’t take the time to better understand each other, or do we take the time to look deeply into what we see, we get so engulfed in ourselves, that we forget to feel the love and empathy from within, then share it with all those who are around us. If we all walked our paths along this journey of life, showing our love and empathy from within, towards all those that are around us, just maybe we all could be happier and live in peace throughout the rest of our days, along this journey.


” To objectify is to not truly see what you are looking at, to rationalize is to not take responsibility for your actions, or make less of any situation”

” Victims are created throughout all of Society, we are all guilty of creating a Victim somewhere and somehow”

” A Bully just doesn’t create one Victim, so the odds are that there are a lot throughout Society that are hurting deeply inside”

” Always look deeply into what you see, so you can see the true beauty of what your looking at”


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