Drugs… an addiction that changes who you truly are

Is anything ever of what we see? Or is it what we want to see when we are hiding deep within the core of our being? These are real questions we need to ask of ourselves, when we are being controlled by an addictive drug that has us do things we ordinary would never do. These are questions that we fear, only because we are in denial of and refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation.

This lonely tree in the center of this picture, the one that has been stripped of all it’s limbs and life of the leaves that would of made this tree very vibrant at one time. This is very similar to what drug addiction will do to you when you let it control, who you truly are. Drug addiction will not only strip you of knowing who you truly are, it will also strip you of all that is around you, especially those around you that you hold dear. Why do we let this type of addiction control who we are? When we truly find the truth to this answer, maybe then we can control it, instead of it controlling us.

Drug Addiction is killing all of us from the inside out, no matter if your the victim of the addiction, or the Victim of the Victim. When someone is addicted to drugs, all they think about is their next high, they never think of those they are hurting, because they are so far in Denial, that they are only thinking of themselves. While the Addiction has you in it’s grips, you lose all sense of who you truly are and will do anything to get the resources, in order to receive that high. A very close friend is within these grips now and I am sorrowed to see him go down like this, but the truth is, I can be there to support him, but it is himself only that can get himself out of the grips of this addiction.

Addiction of any kind is so controlling that we don’t want to admit to anybody, not even ourselves that we let ourselves get into it’s grips. We are so shamed of the grips of the addiction, that we Fear the most of what others will think of us, so we then try to move forward being someone we truly are not. The biggest reason we Fear of what others will think of us is, because those that say they are friends now are not true friends, because when things go south they then turn their backs and make fun of you in your time of need, making them shallow and having issues of their own, they need to work out as well. It’s a whole big vicious circle and a circle that needs to be cut into, so we can fix it’s contents, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and just maybe the grips of all Addiction, will cease to control anything/anyone and we all can be better and stronger moving forward.


” Addiction is controlling each one of us in one way shape or form, it is time we all reverse this controlling now”

” Addiction strips us of who we really are, then kills us from the inside out”

” To show more love of one another, will help with taking back control of all addictions”


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