February…… the month of Love

” He said to them, ” Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”. And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth, they also asked, ” isn’t this the son of Joseph”.


Luke 4:21-22


Love is in the air and it is a lot more than what the day of February the 14th brings. The 14th of February to all of us throughout this Society is a day of love, that we share with our partners in life, or maybe some one we are just beginning to get to know? All the stores, media and restaurants will create big drama of this day, just to receive our business for the day, this day has become so commercialized that we have truly forgotten what this day truly means. For me I have lost someone very very close to me on this day about ten years ago, my Mamere (which is french for Grandmother) passed on this day, for which she will always be my Valentine forever, she will always be in my heart, where the love will shine bright forever.

The Love that is in the air and surrounding Valentine’s day, is simply small compared to the love that is deep within our own Hearts. We all need to share more of this love with each other, just as Jesus did, when he came and walked his journey with us. Jesus taught us many things along his journey, but his gracious ways and love for all of us, stands taller than any words he may have spoken. Sometimes we in this Society get caught up in and think our actions along with the spoken word, is where we are suppose to become noticed by all that is around us? On the contrary, it is what we don’t say and what we don’t do, that truly gets noticed especially when it involves sharing our true love from within our hearts, with all those who are around us. Love has no words, love does not speak, it is a feeling of warmth deep within our hearts and souls, when we truly feel this feeling, it is the most beautiful feeling we will ever feel.

These words within the Scriptures were written by the chosen ones, these chosen ones followed Jesus not just physically, but with all their mind, body and soul. Everything that Jesus taught them and said to them is within these Scriptures and are a big part of who we are throughout all Mankind. The problem within this Society and how we view these Scriptures is, we are so far removed from the time Jesus came and walked his journey that, a lot of us stopped believing in him and even more important is, we stopped believing in ourselves. We get so caught up in all the propaganda within the internet and  what we watch on our television sets, that we have lost totally of who we are, as we try to follow and be like what we see around us.  True we all go through issues within our lives, but when these issues control who we truly are, then it is time to fix our issues, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life peacefully, while sharing our love from within, with each other and to whom we come across along these paths, just as Jesus did when he walked his path of his journey of life.


” Love is in the air and it is not from Cupid with his magic arrow, it is deep within all our hearts and souls”

” The Scriptures are the words of Jesus written by his followers, so we all can learn the true teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior”

” Love is a feeling deep within all of us, all we have to do is acknowledge the feeling, to unleash the true power that it holds for each and every one of us”


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