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The Tree’s and the plant life around us, also live and breathe as we do throughout Mankind. We within this Society stay connected through all the Social Networks and with all our different Techy devices, with all the different kinds of tree’s and plant life, just how do they stay connected with each other? Do they sway in the wind, without saying a a word to each other? If they do connect with each other, just what kind of language do they connect with?

I bet know one has really put any stock into what or how, do the tree’s and plant life connect with each other? Tree’s do cry and those who have spent a lot of time in the Wilderness, will a test to that. So if they breathe and cry, then just how do they communicate with each other? Tree’s do have roots and these roots are buried within the Earth, these roots are how the tree feeds and then grows throughout it’s life time, these roots can also be very deep within the Earth as well as shallow along the Earths floor.

These Tree’s do get old over time and die off much like us throughout Mankind, this is when we chop them down, to build our houses or build a fire to keep us warm. After they are down now there are tree stumps to trip over, unless we dig them up and make way for new Tree’s in the future. Digging up these stumps we then find that, the roots go in every direction, some deeper than others and at least one very deep, securing the tree in it’s place. At closer look we also find that some roots have either wrapped around or became one with the Tree next to it, removing the roots of a tree that has connected with it’s neighbor, is a bit more work, but when done methodically can be done without harming the good tree.

Now with all these roots beneath the Earth, what if it is the way these Tree’s and plants truly communicate with each other? Kind of like all our phone lines traveling from post to post, along the surface of the Earth. What does a tree sound like, or does it use sign language and communicate silently. There are many languages throughout our Society, but no one really has thought about the language of the Tree’s and the plants, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Without the tree’s we throughout Mankind, wouldn’t even exist here as these Tree’s give us the air and the oxygen for which we breathe, maybe we should learn the language of the Tree, so we can properly thank them all, as we walk our journey’s.


“Birch, Oak, Maple just a few varieties of Tree’s,

coming in more than just Three’s”.


Tree’s are like the strong silent type, that can take most Storms that Mother Nature throws at it, but when they snap they can come crashing down with one big rigorous Bang and create a lot of damage to what is around it. Do these Tree’s scream as they come crashing down? Hmm!!! maybe we should listen closely, but most will run the other way as too not get hit with the huge tree, the life span of a Tree is long, it’s hard too think they would live without speaking to anything within their language they speak.


” Tree’s are tall, short, fat and thin, they are just as diverse as we throughout Mankind”

” There are many languages throughout our Society, Tree’s are one we never even think about learning”

” As a Tree ages and gets old, plant a new Tree so we all can breathe and communicate freely”



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