To much Lip service with no action

We throughout this Society are all about the lip service and have no clue, of what taking action is anymore. It all starts with our so called Leaders and trickles down to us folk, that make this Country what it is, then when you add in all the Propaganda Media, now you have so much

Racism really doesn’t exist within us

  Racism is really just a word that some have exploited, just so they can try to move ahead of another, without working hard and moving forward, as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us. There is no such thing as Racism as this word only shows how dumb we

Security within this Cyber World

  Within this World of the Internet, are we truly as secure as we think we are? You can get the most up to date Anti Virus Software and what you may think of as the best out there, but with all the Hacker’s and the ones who can write code better than they can

The Tale of the Floundering Flip Flops

  Flip Flops……. Tongs? What ever you want to call them,  the  are a form of open toed shoe we  wear on a hot humid day. Flip Flop is also something we do when we are for something one day, then go against it the next day. Flip Flop on a subject is something we

Fair Elections…. Misguided Elections

The younger Generation today would see these tools as scrap and share no desire of learning  what they are, or even of how they were used. All they care about is playing their online video games , with the thinking of, they know everything and need not listen, to learn more of everything around them.

Objectification only leads to more Victims

  We throughout this Society simply can not look deeply into anything anymore, instead we justify and objectify everything that is around us. We all go through life events as we walk our paths along this journey through life. These events can be mild and easy to fix, so we can continue moving forward along

Drugs… an addiction that changes who you truly are

Is anything ever of what we see? Or is it what we want to see when we are hiding deep within the core of our being? These are real questions we need to ask of ourselves, when we are being controlled by an addictive drug that has us do things we ordinary would never do.

The Fisher of Men have become the Creatures of habit

” Jesus said to Simon, ” Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men”. When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him”.   ***LK 5:10-11***   The journey of a Fisherman could be either a very long one, or quicker than setting the nets for

February…… the month of Love

” He said to them, ” Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”. And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth, they also asked, ” isn’t this the son of Joseph”.   Luke 4:21-22   Love is in the air and it is

Social Networks for all

  The Tree’s and the plant life around us, also live and breathe as we do throughout Mankind. We within this Society stay connected through all the Social Networks and with all our different Techy devices, with all the different kinds of tree’s and plant life, just how do they stay connected with each other?

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