To much Lip service with no action


We throughout this Society are all about the lip service and have no clue, of what taking action is anymore. It all starts with our so called Leaders and trickles down to us folk, that make this Country what it is, then when you add in all the Propaganda Media, now you have so much Lip service, that it is impossible to have any action of any kind.

Our Elected Officials today will move their Lips saying what we want to hear, so they can swindle our vote their way, then once they are in the office, forget about any action, cause there is no action only a bunch of broken promises. With a National Debt fast approaching twenty trillion big ones (yes I said twenty Trillion), probably within the next couple or three years, shows just what our elected officials  are truly doing in the office they hold and that is nothing. Obama will say the Economy is fine, cause the Unemployment numbers are down, what I want to truly know is, the ones that have exhausted their unemployment benefits, are their numbers being counted? or are we only getting half the numbers for this? Because with the National Debt as big as it is, then what is truly being done to reduce it? The other thing that is not brought up is, a lot of people have taken part-time jobs, simply because the Companies do not want to pay for the Health care for these people anymore and our elected officials are letting them get away with it and then the people get fined if they have no insurance……… Seriously is this Country really better, or are we just getting more Lip service from our elected officials again and again.

We all want our five minutes of fame, we all want to be famous and be known for something great as well, but when it hurts all those around us,  you think there is a problem there, or more specific…….maybe their are way too many getting in each others way, instead of truly fixing what needs to be fixed. You can clearly see that what we are doing now is not working, so we need change and when I say change, I mean real change that is best for all involved. When you do take action, you don’t lean towards certain groups that are willing to pad the lining of your pockets with some extra cash, you take the necessary action needed to bring real change for the better of all throughout, so we all can prosper and be stronger moving forward.

This Country of the United States was always based on Immigration, but Immigration done correctly and when you see the word ” Illegal” before it, then maybe that is a clue that you are doing something wrong? With that said and given how the economy truly is, maybe it is time to shut the Borders for a short time, fix what you need to fix, so we can then move forward better and stronger, as freely as we can like our For-Fathers set up for us, instead of keeping the Borders the way they are and people coming here Illegally and stripping us of the true American Dream. I understand some want to come here for a better life like past Immigrants have done, so what is wrong with coming here correctly as those of the past have done? Plus when you walk your paths of this journey through life correctly, not only will you feel great and peaceful, but others around you will feel great and be at peace as well, with a bonus of, the United States of America can be great once again.

There are a lot of big issues that need to be addressed throughout our Society, with all the Lip service going on around us, there will never be any action of these issues. We also have to deal with this thing called ” Political Correction”, which is making us all weak and afraid to take any action of anything, for the fear of offending those around us. We within this Society have a lot of fixing to do and no time like the present to start the process of the true fix, the best way to do it is real change that involves, rolling up the sleeves and get ready to work, stop moving the Lips and start showing more action and become the solution, instead of the problem.

” if you want to talk the talk, then first you need to walk the walk”

” Lip service is for chatting to a Friend over the telephone, taking action will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you actually finish what you started”

” To fix the issues starts with taking action and being responsible, not being lazy and using lip service to say you will do something”


Racism really doesn’t exist within us



Racism is really just a word that some have exploited, just so they can try to move ahead of another, without working hard and moving forward, as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us.

There is no such thing as Racism as this word only shows how dumb we have become, within this Society. We are all Human beings walking a path along this journey through life, just that we are unique to each other. This Uniqueness includes, our minds which brings our own thoughts, some may be of a different color, but this in no way proves that we are a different kind of “Human” from one another, just because we are a different color doesn’t take away the fact that, we are still a Human Being. There are some that are of a different Origin and ethnicity, but they to are still a Human Being with their own uniqueness, that they bring to the rest of us along this journey of life. We all have Feelings and Emotions of which true Empathy thrives, just maybe the fact that some have buried their true Empathy deep within themselves, that they have taken to use this word of Racism, just so they can have an excuse to try to move forward ahead of those around them?  We throughout this Society have become so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have learned from all the wrong areas, in order to move forward correctly.

Today we deal with certain Celebrities coming forward and using their ” star status”. just to try lead the rest of us in a direction we normally would never travel. In a sense they are simply using their ” star status” to make themselves look better than the rest of us throughout this Society. Truly there is not one Human better than the other, some may be more successful only because they worked hard at achieving that success, while a small percent of the others become jealous and lazy, so they learn to use words like “racism” just to try to move ahead of the successful ones.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, a path for one that has brought them great success, may simply not be the correct path for another? It is up to each of us as an Individual to find the right path that brings us the same success as the other. This is why we are unique to each other and why we can think for ourselves, so we can determine whether or not a path is right for us and can bring us to the path of righteousness, like Jesus showed us along his journey.

We in this Society have become so consumed with this Drama, that we have allowed this word of Racism to bring great hatred to us, we have also allowed it to turn us against each other, instead of doing what is not only within us or what is natural to us and that is, feeling our true Empathy from within and sharing it with each other. When we all show our love of ourselves with each other, this Society will be a great Society once again. We all walk a path through this journey of life, maybe we should work and look harder at finding the path that is right for ourselves, instead of being jealous at the ones that have found their path, then doing what ever we have to, in order to hate on everything around us. We walk this journey once maybe it is a good idea to do it correctly, so when the day comes of our last breathe, we can take it and forever be at peace, with a journey completed, in happiness and love, not just of ourselves, but of all those around us.


” Racism is just a word that we as Humans have turned it into something that turns us all against each other”

” A true Leader doesn’t need an excuse to move forward better and stronger, they use hard work to determine their fate along their journey of life”

” In a Society full of love and empathy, there is no room for words like Racism and we are all happy moving forward along this journey”


Security within this Cyber World



Within this World of the Internet, are we truly as secure as we think we are? You can get the most up to date Anti Virus Software and what you may think of as the best out there, but with all the Hacker’s and the ones who can write code better than they can speak, are we truly as safe as we think we are, when we enter into the World of Cyber.

In the World of Cyber no matter who you are, you are vulnerable to a cyber attack and when this attack happens, not only do you not see it coming, but it will also take control of not only your computer, but it will control who we truly are. Is this what we have become within this Society? A Society of attacking each other, instead of feeling the love from within and sharing it with each other?

In this picture is my favorite past time, going camping in a place where peace and serenity is all around you, yes there are still places like this today, just that within this Society, nobody looks deeply into what they see anymore. I can also have a quiet place for which I can come up with fresh ideas, jot them down so I can keep my writing fresh. Writing is good for the soul, it helps us all keep out feelings within reach, instead of burying them so deep within, that we lose touch of our true feelings. When we lose touch of our true feelings, we then lose touch of who we truly are. We all go through stages in our lives, that we let all the crap overwhelm us, we let the life events control who we truly are, then we never stop, take a breathe and truly look deeply into what we see. For some camping is not for them, they don’t like sleeping in a sleeping bag on the surface of the Earth, then the thought of digging their own bathroom hole gets them out of their comfort zone and cooking over an open fire? in this Society cooking over an open fire is, firing up the grill outside in the backyard.

Camping is a good way to escape our realities, re-focus our minds and clear them of all the crap. get our Biological clocks back in sync with our bodies, so we can truly be who we truly are. Living off the grid is something this Society can not do, cause we are so caught up within the crap, that we can’t see a way out of it? Take away all the Techy devices and a very high percentage of us, would be lost and not know what to do. The old school days of writing have given way to the new age of using the computer, then sharing it as soon as you finish your work, but in the old school you had a Typewriter ( most don’t know what that is), but the Writer’s of yesterday still had their work published, just not as easy as today. We have become lost within this Society in the way of, how Technology has made it so easy for us, that we have forgotten how to get things done the way it is suppose to be done. For example, instead of remembering a phone number, we tell our cell phones to call somebody and it dials the number for us? With all the Technology within this Society, we have become lost within the clouds of reality and who we truly are.

Living off the Grid is something that most could never do within this Society, but is something that our fore-Father’s did everyday that they walked their paths through this journey of life, they had none of this Technology we have today, but yet they survived and prospered in their lives. This is why the idea of camping to some is, starting the Motor Home and going for a ride with all the comforts of Home. If something should happen within this Society, that forces us to be off the Grid, a very high percentage of us, would then become lost and not know what to do next. We have taken so much for granted in this Society, that we expect everything, instead of working hard for what we have or want. We all walk a path through this journey of life, just like our Fore-Father’s did in their time, the difference is that they looked deeply into what they saw and have become shallow and lost.


” Living off the grid may be hard work on a daily basis, but with hard work comes true feelings of success and knowing who you truly are”

” True camping is a form of living off the Grid, not firing up a Motor Home and being with all the comforts of home and all your Techy devices”

” sleeping on the surface of the Earth not only brings us closer to the Earth, it can bring us closer to who we truly are”


The Tale of the Floundering Flip Flops


Flip Flops……. Tongs? What ever you want to call them,  the  are a form of open toed shoe we  wear on a hot humid day. Flip Flop is also something we do when we are for something one day, then go against it the next day. Flip Flop on a subject is something we all do, even without realizing we are doing it, although we throughout this Society do it more than we will admit to. Most of the time as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we will flip flop many things, just because we don’t want to be looked as different, than those around us.

Within this Society instead of doing what we feel and know is right, we tend to follow those around us, for fear of being made fun of or looked at as different, because we don’t do as they do. As someone we know close to us is doing something totally different than we are doing, we will then Flip Flop and do as them, regardless of whether we know it is right or wrong. We fear so much of what others think of us we forget truly of who we are, we get lost within the clouds of our judgement and then we become someone we truly are not.

The biggest Culprit of being a Flip Flopper is our Elected Officials, these Individuals will tell us one thing in order to get elected, then when they are in office, they do the opposite of what they said. We as Citizens not only have to be smarter than them, we have to make better judgements and research better of who we are voting for. True these Individuals that are running for an office come from a law background and know every loop hole for which to get through, but we the Citizens have to close these holes, before they can squeeze through them and Rob us of not just our pride and dignity, but take us for all our hard earned money as well.

” When you can walk your path of this journey through life without messing another’s shoe shine, then you can be at true peace with a job well done”

We in this Society have become complacent and lazy, and when we can take short cuts to advance ourselves we will do just that. We have forgotten what the words ” Hard Work” truly means and because of that, we won’t blink an eye to stepping on each other in order to further ourselves. This is a sad reality, but it is the reality we are living right now and it starts with the top, then works it way down. When those in power follow these ways and the ones below see them do it, now you have a Society that is afraid to step out of the box and be who they truly are.

Let the words Flip Flops stay with the form of shoe wear, let’s not as a Society be known as a Society of Flip Floppers, when we all be who we truly are, then we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward. This journey isn’t about stepping on each other’s shine, as this journey in the eyes of God our Creator, is about all of us sharing our love with each other, helping one another at times of need and when we do this, nothing but good will come to each of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Flip Flops are a form of shoe wear, it is not about saying one thing and doing another”

” Being a Flip Flopper is not truly who we are this gets learned from somewhere,  what is within all of us is love and is truly who we are”

” It takes more effort to Flip Flop, than it does to simply show our love from within with ieach other”


Fair Elections…. Misguided Elections

The younger Generation today would see these tools as scrap and share no desire of learning  what they are, or even of how they were used. All they care about is playing their online video games , with the thinking of, they know everything and need not listen, to learn more of everything around them. Work Ethics…. There is none as they are lazy with no responsibility. Sure there are some that are taught that they need to work in order to create their own success and for what they want in their lives, but what I see for the most part, they want everything given to them and don’t want to work for anything, this scares me as I am getting older and are knocking at the door of, what is known as the Golden years within this journey of life.

Most have this notion that, voting is a right given to us, the reality is that voting is a privilege that we take for granted and then squander that privilege with making bad uninformed decisions. We also let the propaganda Media make our decision for us, cause we are simply to lazy to learn of where to place our vote? The Media will always dig up the dirt on one Candidate, then make their candidate look and smell like a rose, just too influence us to vote the way they want us to vote, this is not how the voting process is and is why the wrong Candidate is always elected into an office they can not handle. Not just the Media is responsible for this corrupt voting process, the Candidate themselves are also responsible, simply cause they say what we want to hear, so they can be elected to an office they can not handle.

We all want to be famous and have our names in lights, but when it comes from knocking others down and hurting others along our paths, now you have a head hunters Society, that does nothing but turns us all against each other. We all may walk different paths, but the journey is the same, we are born into this World the same and are taken out of this World the same, as we go from taking our first breathe to our last.

The voting process is very flawed in it self, as a Candidate can take the popular vote and not win an election, with this Electoral College being the way the Candidate gets in office and the People have no say within the Electoral College. ” You think the system of voting needs to change” ? This way of voting keeps a lot of the People from voting, as they  think why vote cause my vote won’t matter anyways? This method of voting also gives us what we know as the lifetime Candidate,  that will only do what they have to, so they can continue in office for as long as they want, then continue to sponge of and get richer on the dime of the real People, that work hard for everything they have. The process is flawed and  the process is unfair to Candidates that are more capable of handling the job and keep the riff raff from stealing our votes, so they can get rich at our expense.We the People need to make better informed decisions with our vote, not let the Propaganda Media sway us in their direction, as we look more deeply into a Candidate, to truly make our vote count.


” Life along this journey is more than playing video games, real success takes hard work with blood, sweat and tears”

” Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted and making the right choice as informed as we can”

” We all want to be famous, but not at the expense of all those around us”

” The Media will try to sway us to their side, we have to be smarter and make our own well informed decisions”


Objectification only leads to more Victims



We throughout this Society simply can not look deeply into anything anymore, instead we justify and objectify everything that is around us. We all go through life events as we walk our paths along this journey through life. These events can be mild and easy to fix, so we can continue moving forward along this journey, while other events are extreme and can strip us from being truly who we are. they will also control us and force us to hide within ourselves, then objectify everything that is around, instead of looking at each other as a person, or even looking at anything as being real. This journey through life can seem very hard at times, but only when we make it by justifying and objectifying everything/everyone around us.

Let’s look at Television commercials, especially ones that involve selling cars, these type of commercials use Woman in very skimpy clothing, just to get your attention and sell you a car thinking this Lady comes with it? All we are doing is Objectifying these Woman and making them out to be a Victim, instead of a Person like all the rest of us throughout Mankind.   A Victim can be anybody and we all have been a Victim of something, throughout our journey here, along our path of life.

What we don’t think about as these Victims are created is ( and yes they are created), depending how extreme the event is? These Victims are then scarred for life and they never communicate to anybody of their Victimization, simply because they have been shamed into hiding deeply within themselves. The pain of the shame hurts so bad, they then try to suppress everything, including their true feelings and emotions, just so they can appear as normal as they can, to all that is around them. We in this Society don’t see this, simply because we don’t want to see it and shows even more that we are all Guilty of not looking deeply into what we see.

That old saying of, ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, should be changed to, ” true beauty is within the core of our being”. Deep inside each of us is where the true beauty is and it has nothing to do with exterior appearance, although within this Society it may have you think otherwise? Within this Society when someone doesn’t look as all others, they may get ridiculed, spat on, stepped on, to name a few which are also forms of Bullying. With all the Bullying going on, there are many Victims being created daily, just by this one form of cruelty, just imagine of how many more Victims go without notice all around us. This journey through life is very cruel in that way and can be very unfair, if we don’t show our love and empathy we have within us, to all those who are around us.

A Victim doesn’t ask to be Victimized, this is on the rest of us throughout this Society, simply because we don’t look deeply into what we see, we objectify everything around us and forget that those around us are People just like we are. When we Objectify we are also Rationalizing everything we look at, to make it seem less of and that we are suppose to be like this? We as Humans are suppose to be the smartest of all the creatures here on Earth, but when it comes to the way we treat each other, we are the dumbest. Simply because we don’t take the time to better understand each other, or do we take the time to look deeply into what we see, we get so engulfed in ourselves, that we forget to feel the love and empathy from within, then share it with all those who are around us. If we all walked our paths along this journey of life, showing our love and empathy from within, towards all those that are around us, just maybe we all could be happier and live in peace throughout the rest of our days, along this journey.


” To objectify is to not truly see what you are looking at, to rationalize is to not take responsibility for your actions, or make less of any situation”

” Victims are created throughout all of Society, we are all guilty of creating a Victim somewhere and somehow”

” A Bully just doesn’t create one Victim, so the odds are that there are a lot throughout Society that are hurting deeply inside”

” Always look deeply into what you see, so you can see the true beauty of what your looking at”


Drugs… an addiction that changes who you truly are

Is anything ever of what we see? Or is it what we want to see when we are hiding deep within the core of our being? These are real questions we need to ask of ourselves, when we are being controlled by an addictive drug that has us do things we ordinary would never do. These are questions that we fear, only because we are in denial of and refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation.

This lonely tree in the center of this picture, the one that has been stripped of all it’s limbs and life of the leaves that would of made this tree very vibrant at one time. This is very similar to what drug addiction will do to you when you let it control, who you truly are. Drug addiction will not only strip you of knowing who you truly are, it will also strip you of all that is around you, especially those around you that you hold dear. Why do we let this type of addiction control who we are? When we truly find the truth to this answer, maybe then we can control it, instead of it controlling us.

Drug Addiction is killing all of us from the inside out, no matter if your the victim of the addiction, or the Victim of the Victim. When someone is addicted to drugs, all they think about is their next high, they never think of those they are hurting, because they are so far in Denial, that they are only thinking of themselves. While the Addiction has you in it’s grips, you lose all sense of who you truly are and will do anything to get the resources, in order to receive that high. A very close friend is within these grips now and I am sorrowed to see him go down like this, but the truth is, I can be there to support him, but it is himself only that can get himself out of the grips of this addiction.

Addiction of any kind is so controlling that we don’t want to admit to anybody, not even ourselves that we let ourselves get into it’s grips. We are so shamed of the grips of the addiction, that we Fear the most of what others will think of us, so we then try to move forward being someone we truly are not. The biggest reason we Fear of what others will think of us is, because those that say they are friends now are not true friends, because when things go south they then turn their backs and make fun of you in your time of need, making them shallow and having issues of their own, they need to work out as well. It’s a whole big vicious circle and a circle that needs to be cut into, so we can fix it’s contents, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and just maybe the grips of all Addiction, will cease to control anything/anyone and we all can be better and stronger moving forward.


” Addiction is controlling each one of us in one way shape or form, it is time we all reverse this controlling now”

” Addiction strips us of who we really are, then kills us from the inside out”

” To show more love of one another, will help with taking back control of all addictions”


The Fisher of Men have become the Creatures of habit

” Jesus said to Simon, ” Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men”. When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him”.


***LK 5:10-11***


The journey of a Fisherman could be either a very long one, or quicker than setting the nets for the catch, so they can return home with the daily catch. The journey of a Fisherman can be either very rewarding, or a big disappointment depending on how big the catch of the day brings a smile to his face. The journey of the Fisher of Men, will take you where ever you want to go, while staying true to yourself, believing in yourself and Jesus Christ our Savior.

What changed us within this Society from being Fisher of Men, to Creatures of Habit, is the simple fact that we fear any kind of failure, we fear any thought of what others will think of us, we all have our issues along this journey of life, we all hurt with real pain from these issues, but when we hide who we truly are because we fear what others will think of us, now you have a whole Society hiding deep within themselves and becoming Creatures of Habit, instead of being Fisher of men like Jesus showed Simon Paul, when he followed the Son of man.

” Give man a pole and he will become a Fisherman, teach man to Fish and he will become a Fisher of Men”

We all walk a path along this journey through life, a Fisherman is no different than the rest of us. The Fisherman will wake up each day much before the sun will awaken, he gets to his boat and prepares it for the days journey, makes sure he has a full tank of gas, his engines are warmed up and in tune with the days journey, he makes sure the charts are marked and the days journey has been noted, he then goes through all the fishing poles and the equipment, checking each item and making sure they are in good working order, but what most today will forget to do is, have complete faith in yourself as well as in Jesus Christ, so you can take a journey on the water, turn it from Fearing the what if’s and fearing the thought of the unknown into the Wild Blue Yonder. When we have complete Faith in ourselves and also in Jesus Christ our Savior, then we to can return to the shores of the sea’s, not just being a Fisherman, but becoming a Fisher of Men,

Fear is a strong feeling that will control every fiber of our being if we let it. With everything that is going on within our Society, it is very easy to hide within and Fear all that is around, also with a Society that stays behind it’s Computers and whatever Techy device you have, or even playing games, which does nothing but furthering we as a Society towards hiding deep within ourselves.  When you hide deep within, you simply are not being true to who you are, or being true to who is around you.

Fear will stop us all from being who we truly are, when we have a fear for something, we avoid whatever that it is we fear, instead of truly having faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ. Face your fear head on, look directly into the eyes of the fear, so instead of hiding deep within ourselves, we can all walk our paths of this journey through life in peace, while showing our love of ourselves with each other, instead of living in fear of one another.


” A Fisher of Men gives us the strength and Faith to carry on throughout this journey of life”

” A Fisherman gives us the daily catch, to fill our stomachs for a day, so we can practice to be a Fisher of Men”

”  With trust and Faith we all can be Fisher of Men, with no Fear of anything to get in our ways”




February…… the month of Love

” He said to them, ” Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”. And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth, they also asked, ” isn’t this the son of Joseph”.


Luke 4:21-22


Love is in the air and it is a lot more than what the day of February the 14th brings. The 14th of February to all of us throughout this Society is a day of love, that we share with our partners in life, or maybe some one we are just beginning to get to know? All the stores, media and restaurants will create big drama of this day, just to receive our business for the day, this day has become so commercialized that we have truly forgotten what this day truly means. For me I have lost someone very very close to me on this day about ten years ago, my Mamere (which is french for Grandmother) passed on this day, for which she will always be my Valentine forever, she will always be in my heart, where the love will shine bright forever.

The Love that is in the air and surrounding Valentine’s day, is simply small compared to the love that is deep within our own Hearts. We all need to share more of this love with each other, just as Jesus did, when he came and walked his journey with us. Jesus taught us many things along his journey, but his gracious ways and love for all of us, stands taller than any words he may have spoken. Sometimes we in this Society get caught up in and think our actions along with the spoken word, is where we are suppose to become noticed by all that is around us? On the contrary, it is what we don’t say and what we don’t do, that truly gets noticed especially when it involves sharing our true love from within our hearts, with all those who are around us. Love has no words, love does not speak, it is a feeling of warmth deep within our hearts and souls, when we truly feel this feeling, it is the most beautiful feeling we will ever feel.

These words within the Scriptures were written by the chosen ones, these chosen ones followed Jesus not just physically, but with all their mind, body and soul. Everything that Jesus taught them and said to them is within these Scriptures and are a big part of who we are throughout all Mankind. The problem within this Society and how we view these Scriptures is, we are so far removed from the time Jesus came and walked his journey that, a lot of us stopped believing in him and even more important is, we stopped believing in ourselves. We get so caught up in all the propaganda within the internet and  what we watch on our television sets, that we have lost totally of who we are, as we try to follow and be like what we see around us.  True we all go through issues within our lives, but when these issues control who we truly are, then it is time to fix our issues, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life peacefully, while sharing our love from within, with each other and to whom we come across along these paths, just as Jesus did when he walked his path of his journey of life.


” Love is in the air and it is not from Cupid with his magic arrow, it is deep within all our hearts and souls”

” The Scriptures are the words of Jesus written by his followers, so we all can learn the true teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior”

” Love is a feeling deep within all of us, all we have to do is acknowledge the feeling, to unleash the true power that it holds for each and every one of us”


Social Networks for all



The Tree’s and the plant life around us, also live and breathe as we do throughout Mankind. We within this Society stay connected through all the Social Networks and with all our different Techy devices, with all the different kinds of tree’s and plant life, just how do they stay connected with each other? Do they sway in the wind, without saying a a word to each other? If they do connect with each other, just what kind of language do they connect with?

I bet know one has really put any stock into what or how, do the tree’s and plant life connect with each other? Tree’s do cry and those who have spent a lot of time in the Wilderness, will a test to that. So if they breathe and cry, then just how do they communicate with each other? Tree’s do have roots and these roots are buried within the Earth, these roots are how the tree feeds and then grows throughout it’s life time, these roots can also be very deep within the Earth as well as shallow along the Earths floor.

These Tree’s do get old over time and die off much like us throughout Mankind, this is when we chop them down, to build our houses or build a fire to keep us warm. After they are down now there are tree stumps to trip over, unless we dig them up and make way for new Tree’s in the future. Digging up these stumps we then find that, the roots go in every direction, some deeper than others and at least one very deep, securing the tree in it’s place. At closer look we also find that some roots have either wrapped around or became one with the Tree next to it, removing the roots of a tree that has connected with it’s neighbor, is a bit more work, but when done methodically can be done without harming the good tree.

Now with all these roots beneath the Earth, what if it is the way these Tree’s and plants truly communicate with each other? Kind of like all our phone lines traveling from post to post, along the surface of the Earth. What does a tree sound like, or does it use sign language and communicate silently. There are many languages throughout our Society, but no one really has thought about the language of the Tree’s and the plants, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Without the tree’s we throughout Mankind, wouldn’t even exist here as these Tree’s give us the air and the oxygen for which we breathe, maybe we should learn the language of the Tree, so we can properly thank them all, as we walk our journey’s.


“Birch, Oak, Maple just a few varieties of Tree’s,

coming in more than just Three’s”.


Tree’s are like the strong silent type, that can take most Storms that Mother Nature throws at it, but when they snap they can come crashing down with one big rigorous Bang and create a lot of damage to what is around it. Do these Tree’s scream as they come crashing down? Hmm!!! maybe we should listen closely, but most will run the other way as too not get hit with the huge tree, the life span of a Tree is long, it’s hard too think they would live without speaking to anything within their language they speak.


” Tree’s are tall, short, fat and thin, they are just as diverse as we throughout Mankind”

” There are many languages throughout our Society, Tree’s are one we never even think about learning”

” As a Tree ages and gets old, plant a new Tree so we all can breathe and communicate freely”