Song lyrics do inspire



The music we listen to does inspire us in many ways, sometimes we Hear a song and cry without paying attention to why? Maybe we will hear a song and feel a warm feeling inside? There are songs we hear that gets our adrenaline pumping and turns us into something we truly are not. Music and the lyrics we hear are a great motivator to us always, even if we take it all for granted as just a simple song, for which to listen.

There are songs out there that promote nothing but ugliness and we all buy into these kind of songs, simply because others around us listen to this so called music. Writing a book and writing lyrics to a song are very much the same, as they both are a creativity of words that both inspire and draw in their audience,

Just like when reading a good book and you can’t put it down cause it has drawn you into the character/characters of the book, music lyrics will do the same thing, which is the goal of the Writer that writes whatever you are reading or listening to. When you get drawn into the music or the book, you then become whatever character that is associated with what you are reading or listening to.

There is some music out there that does nothing but promote ugliness, violence and bad intentions. The Writers of these lyrics have no clue of what being creative is, as their main objective is to turn us into something we are not. The words they use are words that can’t be said on television and only promote hatred, which is where all the hatred in this Society comes from. There is no censorship for this kind of music, as the so called writer of these songs will then scream that their freedom of speech rights have been violated. Seriously!!! You would rather have someone promote ugliness and hatred, than promote the good that music lyrics and words are suppose to do? This is one of the biggest reasons and why we have such a big disconnect and live within a broken Society today.

We all throughout Mankind are creative Individuals and we show this creativity in many ways, but when this creativity disrupts us all by promoting ugliness and hatred, now we all have a major problem that needs attention and needs to be fixed, so we all can walk our paths within this journey of life, in peace and happiness, which will help Society become better and stronger as well.

There is a song called “Human” by Christine Perry, this is truly a song that will inspire and bring out the warm and good feeling within us all. This is what music lyrics will do and what true inspiration is when we want to be inspired, what we want is to let our true feelings out, like the warm feelings of love that is within us all, not the fake feelings of hatred, that is only learned from what is around us. When we listen to music and read a book we like, it is the creativity of the words that draw us in and either captures the good within us, or promotes all the ugliness and hatred that we see around us today. When we read and listen to the right creativity of words, then all our paths through this journey of life, will be peaceful so we all can be better and stronger moving forward.


” words are written in a creative way, they will always inspire us in more ways than we think”

” being creative is part of who we truly are, but to create ugliness and hatred is something we truly are not”

” words can and will hurt us, but the right words will inspire and help us all become great throughout this journey of life”

” that warm feeling within us is the love we all have, hatred is not within, only learned from what is around us”


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