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” The spirit of the Lord is upon me… He has sent me to proclaim Liberty to Captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free”.

***LK 4:18****


Within this quote the word “Me”, really means all of us throughout Mankind, just that we in this Society are too afraid to acknowledge anything that has to do with God. We have a lot of doubters amongst us and simply because we can not see him, so we then forget that he is within us and all we have to do is, feel his love and presence deep within our Hearts and Souls.

” Liberty of Captives”? This has nothing to do with setting free any Prisoners, it has everything to do with setting ourselves free, so we can truly feel God’s love within us, then spread this love with each other. We all go through many issues along our paths of this journey through life, to truly set ourselves free has everything to do with, knowing and understanding of how to truly fix ourselves of these issues, so we than can feel God’s love within us, feel his presence within us, so we then  acknowledge not just what is around us, but we acknowledge who we truly are, instead of walking a Path that portrays someone we truly do not know. We ourselves are the real Captives, only because we let ourselves be so, instead of fixing what we need, so we then can truly be who we are and share the love of God from within, to all those around us, as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

We are all blind to seeing God in our lives, but how we recover our sight towards him is, having complete Faith in him and ourselves, so we than can feel his love deep within our core and as we feel his love, we then can share this love with each other. We are also Blind to what or how we see things around us, like we see someone in front of us, he/she may have  a missing body part, or maybe a little slower then we are? This does not mean they are different to us at all, it only means that we don’t truly look deeply into what we are seeing. To truly recover any sight to what we think is blind, means we truly have to look deeper into what we see, then we can see all the beauty that is around us.

The one we are truly setting free is we ourselves, we are letting go of all the crap we hold inside, so we can truly be who we are and walk our paths in peace, while we become better and stronger throughout this journey. These paths don’t have to dictate how we walk them, when we stay true to ourselves, have Faith in God as well as in ourselves, we then can dictate how we walk these paths and how we choose these paths in which to walk. This journey through life may seem hard to us, but it is quite simple and it is the issues that come before us, that makes this journey seem harder than it really is.


” The spirit of the Lord is within us all, all we have to do is feel him and have complete faith in him”

” we choose our paths we walk within this journey of life, we are the ones that can fix things that go wrong”

” the spirit of the Lord is within us all, we just have to acknowledge him and truly feel him deep within us”

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