A Year in review


Every year on January 1st we welcome in a new year, true the year may be new, but how new is it really? If we don’t change our ways, so the new year can truly be new like we envision it to be.

We all go through many issues and these issues can change who we become if we let them, but if we don’t change who we become, then each new year and with these issues, each year then never changes as it should when we ring in each year.

Each issue we face can change who we are if we let them and don’t fix what needs to be fixed, sometimes these issues bring great pain and the pain keeps us from attacking the issues head on, which we then bury the issues deep inside, to escape the pain they bring, it is when we bury this pain, that turns us into someone we truly are not. Then as we try to move forward with all the hidden pain, we then simply start the lie of ourselves to all those around us.

When we bury all the pain of the issues and not truly communicate these issues, then every new year will then simply become just another year, instead of becoming a new year full of true happiness. To communicate and fix these issues properly, the pain we hold inside from these issues, are what totally keeps us from enjoying a new fresh happy new year, sometimes the pain we try to bury, never really gets buried, as we then become someone we truly are not and the pain of our past issues, gets even more complicated, as we then pile more pain on top, without fixing what needs to be fixed, to heal each pain from the one before.

Each new year that comes to us, can truly be a happy new year when we fix properly our past issues and give the pain that is within us a chance to truly heal, but when we just compile pain on top of pain, then each new year simply becomes ” just another day”. Sometimes pain within is hard to communicate properly and with this pain it then becomes hard to trust another, so we can communicate properly our issues and fix all we need to fix, so we then can truly enjoy and be happy each and every new year we face, as we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” Happy new year can truly be happy, when we all are truly happy deep within the core of our being”

” pain of any kind hurts deeply, pain that gets buried with other pain, hurts greatly which leads to trying to be someone we are not and is only a temporary fix to true happiness”

” A new year isn’t truly a new year, if we can’t fix what we need to fix, heal the real pain within us, so we can truly be happy along our paths of this journey through life”


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