Political Correct World in which I we live

Within this Political Correct World  we live today and the fact that we are all hiding deep within ourselves, we have become a soft Society that is afraid of any kind of Reality. We all come from different backgrounds and with these backgrounds, we have our beliefs that we hold dear to ourselves. We all

Song lyrics do inspire

  The music we listen to does inspire us in many ways, sometimes we Hear a song and cry without paying attention to why? Maybe we will hear a song and feel a warm feeling inside? There are songs we hear that gets our adrenaline pumping and turns us into something we truly are not. Music

The Rock that stands alone

The Rock that stands alone in peace with no worries, The Rock says nothing but nothing will talk to it, The Rock is plain looking as it is simple in texture, Rocks come in all shapes and sizes like all else around us, The Rock like everything else tells a story if we listen deeply,

Follow a Path in Ordinary time

  ” The spirit of the Lord is upon me… He has sent me to proclaim Liberty to Captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free”. ***LK 4:18****   Within this quote the word “Me”, really means all of us throughout Mankind, just that we in this Society are

The Globes…The Grammy’s…TheOscar’s…oh my!!!

  Looks like this Duck is staring and Quacking up at all of us throughout Mankind, simply because we pay more attention to Drama and Fantasy, than we do towards actually walking our paths through this journey in reality and just being who we truly are. There are a lot of great movies out there

The PowerBall Mania…

  Power ball is a lottery that is combined from 44 of the 50 states here in America, This Wednesday night will be the highest jackpot in the history of all lotteries on this planet Earth at an estimated 1.3 billion……… Yes that’s a “B” for Billion. As each draw for the last few weeks

The Baptism of Faith

  Throughout this journey of life, when we have total faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, we will always acknowledge and know what the word Baptize truly means. Those of us who actually go to church, what is the first thing you do when you walk in the door of the Church? You dip your

The Journey into the unknown….

  Going hiking to some is just a daily trek up a mountain and then return to the comforts of their home. Hiking for those Outdoor types that like to go from mountain to mountain, is a journey through the unknown and exploring everything around them, as they take in the true beauty of Mother

A Year in review

  Every year on January 1st we welcome in a new year, true the year may be new, but how new is it really? If we don’t change our ways, so the new year can truly be new like we envision it to be. We all go through many issues and these issues can change

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