Victim of circumstance continued



May God bless the late Stuart Scott and may this quote live on with all of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

With that said………..You can take out the first three words of this quote, replace them with whatever life event you are facing and this quote will be a very powerful display of words. Just as Stuart Scott was a victim to Cancer, we all within our lives have fell Victim to something/someone.

There are many Victims created everyday all around us, we never hear from these Victims, simply because nobody ever want’s to admit of becoming a Victim and even worse, nobody ever wants to admit that they have any weakness of any kind. When we admit of our weakness or becoming a Victim of anything, we then open ourselves up to others for ridicule and being looked at as different as well.

When another person creates a Victim, they do so while hiding their true feelings, emotions and empathy. They don’t acknowledge these feelings simply because they don’t want any remorse for whatever actions they may take. They also don’t want to except any feelings of guilt, as their actions hurt deeply the Victim they are creating. A high percentage of Individuals that are creating a Victim, have also been Victimized at some point in their lives, which forces them to hide their true feelings and emotions and become someone which they truly are not. In this Society we all live, we can clearly see that there are a lot of Individuals around us, that are hurting and hiding deep within themselves, but instead of helping one another, we continue to ignore and turn the cheek to all that is going on around us, because we fear more of becoming the next victim, then we actually care for one another.

When an Individual becomes a Victim, there is so much going on inside them, that they then become lost within the clouds of their judgements, their thoughts become………….like a bag of jelly beans that are constantly being shaken up and a different color keeps spilling out, which the Victim then doesn’t communicate to anybody cause they don’t know how to communicate properly, for the mixing going on within themselves. They are afraid to speak to anybody, cause they become more afraid of what others will think of them? They then think of themselves as less than others and their self esteem becomes lower or disappears completely? They also lose the faith in themselves to even complete a simple task, which then gives them feelings of inadequacy, this leads to a whole host of other issues, which makes them even further lost within the clouds of their judgements.  When the Victim loses the faith in themselves, it is not just the Victim that hurts, it is also the inner child that hurts even worse, yes we all have this inner child and this child when we take care of it, helps us prosper and grow into a healthy and happy Individual along this journey through life. When we become a Victim we then go into this self pity, we get lost within the clouds of our judgements, we lose faith in everything we do, we fear the idea of communicating anything, cause we don’t want to admit to the victimization, we neglect the inner child within us, which then makes the hurt even worse than the being a Victim part. The biggest part of us hurting from being a Victim is, we totally forget how to forgive ourselves, not just forgiving ourselves, but forgiving that child within us, cause that child had nothing to do with becoming a Victim, of whatever you became a Victim of.

When that child within us hurts, we to hurt in many ways. We may not realize the why we are hurting, simply because we get lost within the clouds of our judgements and we do anything to escape the pain of our hurt. When we are hurting deeply inside, we then suppress all our feelings and emotions, deep within the core of our being, become someone we truly are not, so we can try to move forward and try to look as normal as we can, so others around us won’t see us as different, or see any of our hurt we feel. We have to learn to be better at forgiving ourselves, so we can forgive that child within us when things go wrong, when we truly forgive ourselves, is when we have complete faith in ourselves and whatever that may cross our paths along this journey of life.

” There is an inner child within us all, we have to nurture and take care of it as we nurture and take care of ourselves”

” There are Victims being created all around us, the ones creating the Victims have also been a Victim as well”

” A Victim gets lost within the clouds of their judgements so deep, that they then become someone they truly are not”


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