Where there is fire you will get burnt…..

“The Journey through life has many ups and downs, but when the journey is traveled correctly, makes for a peaceful and happy journey for all throughout”.


I get the fact that we all want to not offend each other, or bring any more harm to each other, but this Political Correction Society we all live has gone way beyond protecting and is totally harming us and bringing more hatred towards each other as we walk our paths along this journey.

I know Donald Trump is saying things that needs to be said and his delivery of his words……….. let’s just say are a little rough around the edges, but what he is saying is exactly what a lot of us want to say, but are afraid to say them. So far what he is saying is right on the money as much as we all want to admit.

For example, I totally get the fact that this Country was built on Immigration, but Immigration done the correct way and when there is the word ” Illegal” before, then common sense says you are doing something wrong and we as a country needs to fix the problem. We also know that the Terrorists are getting into the countries via groups of Refugees, then why are we not screening these groups more in depth and why not shut the borders for a short while, fix what needs to be fixed ( like other countries do) then open them back up once we are better equipped to handle any situation.

We all throughout Mankind as we walk our paths through this journey of life, no matter what faith, or what your background is, deserve better than a leader that wants nothing but total control of everything/everybody within their area they are trying to lead, but what gets in the way of a particular leader is his own head and the inflated ego within it. Nobody ever wants to admit their faults but when we do, we are all better and stronger for it. When a Leader gets engulfed in his/her own ego, the ones that hurt the most from it, are the regular folk and want nothing more than to get out of that area they are in, they want a better place to support their families and an opportunity to grow as they walk their paths of this journey through life.

The Terrorists are a group of Individuals that are burying and not acknowledging their own pain and hurt, so they take to hurting the rest of us and think they are right with their actions. It is like when you tell enough lies, eventually even you yourself become the lie and your life revolves around the lies you tell.

Donald Trump may have a rough delivery with his words and doesn’t believe in Political Correction, but so far he is right and saying what needs to be said. Now will he make a good President for the United States? The Jury is still out on this one, but the Verdict is definitely swaying in his favor? With the way the career  Politician has run things so far, it is time to get some new blood in their, to do things differently and bring ” real change” to each one of us throughout Mankind. Trump calling for a ban on Muslims in this Country, this has created a big up roar among us, some calling him a Racist, but lets look at the truth and what ” radical Islam” is doing throughout our Society. I get the fact that not all Muslims are “radical”, but seriously how do we know who is who? The only way to truly fix what has to be fixed is, close the borders for a short time, deport all ” Illegal Immigrants”, fix our economy, so we as a country can be better and stronger moving forward and then re open the borders, the right way, so more can walk their paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness always.


” The difference between Illegal Immigrants and ones that do it correctly is, the word “Illegal” and means you are doing something wrong”

” A Terrorist is within a group of Individuals that hurts deeply inside their core and takes to inflicting that hurt on the rest of us”

” Sometimes for real change to come to us, we ourselves have to change so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”


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