Victim of circumstance


” Victim of anything will take away a big piece of who we are”


We all throughout Mankind have been Victimized at some point in our lives and from anything/anyone as we walk our paths along this journey through life. With all the talks of the group ISIS and their sick and twisted ways in which they operate, never once have I heard any talks of the Victims they are creating each and every day but when we become a Victim , we shut our selves down simply because we hurt deeply inside and when we try to move forward, we suppress all the pain and do not communicate anything of the pain, cause we are afraid to admit to anybody of what has happened cause we think all will look at us as weak?

There are many Victims created everyday around us as we speak, could be something simple and trivial, or it could be something very major, to which changes the lives of the Victim drastically, as they try to move forward on their paths of their journey through life. There is a strong chance that the ones creating the Victims, have also been a Victim at some point in their lives? With that said…… Shows just how much this Society is hurting deeply, to which makes this a broken Society in need of a major fix, in a big way. The only true way for a Victim to be better and stronger from their Victimization is, to talk and communicate about it, reach out for a helping hand instead of hiding deep within themselves, sometimes there are things that we need to communicate with someone we trust, so we don’t carry around any unwanted luggage, that drags us down as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

When we watch the news and see tragedies every day, true we may look and feel sad at what happened, but we don’t show enough empathy for the Victims of that tragedy, because we think that it didn’t affect me, so I won’t think about who may be the innocent Victim and the Victim may never communicate of what happened, simply because they don’t want to be looked at as weak. What we all take for granted is, not only do we hurt from being a Victim, but that little Child within us all, hurts even worse than that of the Victim themselves. That Child within us all is affected in ways we never see, cause we don’t acknowledge that Child, we don’t take care of that Child, like we do ourselves and when we don’t take care of that Child, then we never grow to our full potential, which then the end result is we throughout Society as we walk our paths of our journey through life, simply wander in the clouds of our judgements, with no true direction to where we are going.

A Victim is created in a couple different ways, either they are targeted  or they are created by circumstance, from something or someone out of their control. No matter which way the Victim is created, it brings much pain and hurt to the Victim and that Child deep within their core, plus the Victim then becomes someone they truly are not, simply because they are hiding within themselves and have created this fake self that they portray to others, in order to try to escape the real pain and hurt. The only way to truly escape the pain and hurt, is to communicate about it and reach out for help, it takes a stronger person to know how to reach out when they need and when we reach out correctly, then we all can walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully and with a smile instead of a daily frown.


” To reach out for help correctly only helps us all become stronger and better moving forward”

” True Communication is key to all of us moving forward, it helps us all stay true to who we are, as we walk this journey through life”

” A Victim is created by another Victim who is hiding their pain and hurt deep within the core of their being”


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