Signs throughout the journey that guide us along the way.


The paths we walk along this journey of life, has many signs that help us along the way. Taking a vacation and you take to the open road to get to your destination, there are many road signs to follow so you can reach where ever you may be going? If a sign tells you to turn left but you turn right, well now you heading in the wrong direction and who knows where you may end up, as this is similar to the way we walk our paths of this journey through life. We get so caught up in our own little world, we think the the rules and the laws don’t pertain to ourselves, we think they are in place for the other guy? Well before you know it, we all walk our paths with no sense of direction, get so engulfed in doing our own thing instead of following the rules, we then become clouded in our judgements, as we then think everybody else is doing the wrong thing and we ourselves are the cream of the crop.

The rules are the rules and are in place to guide us, not to block our paths along this journey through life, but somewhere in time we have evolved into a self centered Society with no regards to any kind of rules, let alone have any compassion for each other anymore. With all this ugliness out there today shows just how out of touch we are of each other, with everybody wanting to push their beliefs and ideas upon each other.

Groups like ISIS weren’t born to be Terrorists, in fact none of us were born to do any kind of evil acts? This hatred comes from somewhere, as we all were born with the love from Jesus and his Father the Lord God  and this love fills our hearts with warmth. It is when our our hearts become cold, that we then develop the hardest of hearts and we then live within our own little Worlds.

We are not born to hate everything around us, this is only the bitterness of our cold hearts, that keeps us from loving ourselves and all those around us, the hate and the bitterness come from somewhere and that somewhere is that something, which we learn as we walk our paths along our journey through life. Everything we do we learn from somewhere/someone and when we learn hatred, then it is the hatred that we all follow, cause quite simply it is the easy way out and what we think is the best way in avoiding all that is around us.


” When you bite into something bitter you frown, just as we never smile when we become bitter of everything”

” Hatred doesn’t come to us through birth, as it only comes to us with whatever ways we learn”

” It is so much easier to smile and love, than to frown and hate everyday”


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