The Yule log burning on the Christmas fire


“Christmas season is a special time of year that we all take for granted and have lost sight of its true meaning”.


Christmas is not about, “Oh I need to get the best gift that all will be envy of”, Christmas is about the giving of yourself and sharing your love with your family and those around you.

I get the fact that there are others out there that have different Faiths and with that Faith, have different beliefs, it is not about trying to push our beliefs on each other, it is about sharing ourselves with our beliefs, that will make us better and stronger moving forward everyday of the year along our journey through life. Christmas is a special time of year that we celebrate a birth of an Individual that came to us, showed us how to share our love with each other and then that Individual sacrificed, defeated the temptation of evil, and then died for all of us, as he rose from the dead to show us that, yes if we all walk our paths of this journey correctly, we to can rise into heaven, where everything is beautiful, with love being shared at every turn.

We the people of this Society are walking our paths incorrectly, we are giving into the temptation of evil and have become so self centered, that none of us are truly happy within our lives anymore. You walk down the street and people are afraid to say a simple hello anymore, you drive down the roads and literally take your life in your own hands, as others will cut you off, simply because they want to be in front of you, nobody has courtesy of each other anymore, as well as there is no more empathy and compassion. We have lost sight of just how to give ourselves and share our love with each other as we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.

With all the ugliness we see whether through the Media or where ever you may live, it is clear that we have taken for granted the simple task of sharing our love of selves, with each other. We would rather hurt each other to try to make ourselves look more powerful of each other, the Propaganda Media would rather create drama and put money in their pockets from making the rest of us, live within this drama and become someone we truly are not.  We the people are the ones that can change from all the ugliness, to showing our love of selves with each other, “hatred is learned, love is within us all”, we just have to acknowledge this love, so we than can share it with all that is around us.

Christmas is a special time of year that not only do we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we also acknowledge our love within us and then share it with all that is around us, so we can truly give ourselves to each other, then we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace with nothing but happiness everywhere we turn. The true Christmas spirit is not just of this time of year, it should be spread throughout every day of the year, so we all can be much happier, throughout our journey of life.
” The True Christmas Spirit is the sharing of the love within us, towards each other everyday of the year”

” Jesus Christ came to us and showed us how to walk this journey through life, the rest is up to each of us to do it correctly”


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