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The true facts of life as we walk a path along this journey through life.

Hope, Faith, Feelings, Emotions, Prayer and Miracles.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, with this journey comes many obstacles to over come, many twists and turns and cross roads, that we make many choices all the time. We also have different kinds of life events that cross our paths and these events can change how we walk our paths, or even change who we really are and what we may become. When we stay strong to who we really are, stay in touch with our true feelings and emotions, fix what we need to fix with hope and faith of what we are doing, then we will never lose our true feelings and emotions and as we pray for forgiveness to continue loving ourselves, we will always have the miracle of walking our paths of this journey in peace, while becoming better and stronger moving forward.


Faith is having the strength to over come anything that may cross your path, we all have this Faith deep within our core, we just have to acknowledge it so we than can unlock to true power of this faith. Sometimes in life we lose touch with this Faith, simply because we let other issues control us, without Faith we then walk our paths within the clouds of our judgements, we wander along our paths with no true direction of where we are going. When we keep Faith of who we really are, there is nothing we can not do, there is no issue we can not conquer and as we walk our paths in Faith of ourselves, this journey we are all on, will be that of peace, while we become better and stronger moving forward everyday of this journey through life.


Maybe I should of put Hope first, cause you can’t have Faith without Hope, but both of these are one in the same as you can’t have Hope without Faith and you can’t have Faith without Hope. Hope is also deep within our core and it is what gives us the strength to see what is in front of us, so we than can take care of what we need to, then with the Faith of ourselves, we can over come anything along our paths, as we move forward with the strength and turn our hope into reality, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


We have a wide range of Feelings within our hearts and souls, these Feelings help us stay true to who we are. When these life events cross our paths, they then bring much pain and harm to our lives, we then suppress these Feelings so deep within us, that we then hide a big part of who we are, just so we can escape the pain and harm from these events, Unfortunately we then wander instead of walk our paths through the clouds of our judgements. When we bury our Feelings because everything around us becomes so bleak, we then struggle with everything that crosses our paths, without being in touch with our Feelings we then lose Faith and have no Hope for anything that may be around us. Showing love and empathy of ourselves towards one another, is a huge part of not only our Feelings but of who we truly are and when we stay true to who we are, these feelings will never leave our hearts and souls, as they make it that much easier to fix what we need to fix, without losing sight of who we truly are. Then as we stay true to ourselves with our Feelings in tact, we will find that there is nothing we can’t do, as we walk our paths along this journey of life.


When we think of Emotions the first thing we think of is crying, then within this Society we live today we don’t cry properly, because we think crying is a sign of weakness and fuel to feed the fire of ridicule from all those around us. Some may poke fun at others when they cry especially when others are around, simply because they to don’t want to be perceived as weak, but those that poke fun are only hiding deeply their pain and simply being someone in which they are not. You can have happy Emotions as well as sad Emotions, you can have such a wide variety of Emotions that it is very easy to confuse them especially if you lose touch with who you truly are. Like Hope and Faith, Feelings and Emotions are one in the same and you can’t have one without the other, but yet to truly be true to who you are, we need to keep clear our Feelings while we stay emotional of all that is around us, so we then can have Hope to keep our Faith of ourselves and all that is around us.

Prayers and Miracles

Prayers and Miracles go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. It is the power of Prayer that keeps alive any Hope of any Miracle. To some that don’t believe in God have no clue of what Prayer is? Which they then have no idea what a miracle is, only that they look at it as a coincidence? God is who created Mankind and that higher power we Feel deep within our hearts and souls, that is God himself within each and every one of us. Those Feelings of love and empathy within us, they come from that higher power within us so we than can be true to who we are. When we wonder if someone is listening or if there is someone for which to Pray to? This is why we all have this Higher Power within us, so our Prayers can then be faxed to God in real time and with Hope and Faith, we can then have our Miracle to help us walk our paths of this journey through life, not only in peace but to be better and stronger moving forward throughout our lives.

” Prayer, Miracles, Feelings, Emotions are all within our hearts and souls, but without hope and Faith we will never acknowledge them and lose touch of who we truly are”

” We all struggle throughout this journey of life, when we stay true to who we are these struggles will always be short lived”

” Without Feelings there are no Emotions, without Hope there is no Faith and without Prayer there will never be any Miracles”

Mankind started somewhere

everything flows correctly when we fix what we need to

the roads of the journey through life

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