The Take down within reality…



Along the paths of this journey through life, there are things that do need to be taken down, but when we try to take down each other, now this not only hurts the one that is being taken down, but in the end we all hurt, as the take down then affects us all.

This foot bridge within this picture gets taken down when one wants to cross the stream without getting wet, every Christmas we put up the decorations, then after we take them down to make room for the next holiday decorations, there are many things we put up, that over time we need to take down, to clean or repair from time to time, put up…take down…put up…. take down, seems pretty repetitive, but this is simple for us all as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

What is hurting not only ourselves but all those around us, is the taking down of each other, just so we ourselves can look more important than all that is around us. When one searches out another to try to disrupt their path of their journey, simply means one thing, that the one trying to do the take down, has more hidden issues, than they care to admit to themselves.

All the Drama within the NFL these days with Tom Brady and now Peyton Manning, simply proves more than ever that, when we see others around us having success, we will stop at nothing, to take them down and ruin all their credibility., simply because we are jealous of them. The fact is that we have become so lazy within our own little Worlds, that we don’t want to put in the hard work, be determined to achieve greatness, instead we will take down whoever that is around, just so we can seem at first glance, that we are just as important as the next, so we then become lazy for whatever that may cross our paths.

We have not only become jealous of the Sports Celebrity, we have become jealous of all who is around us and even more so, within this Society of today, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Life is hard enough to learn all of its lessons, we don’t have to make it harder, as we disrespect and take down one another”

” Part of the lesson we learn within our lives, is to treat each other with respect, without any taking down of anything that is around us”

” we all throughout Mankind need to be better at respecting each and only take down the picture frame to clean it”

” The take down isn’t some Wrestling event that everybody is all about me and acting like they are better than the rest”


2015 in review

Thank you to all those who have read my words, may my creativity of words help create more Reader’s, as 2016 will be better and may my words keep flowing from my fingers, to my keyboard, so all of you can keep enjoying my creativity of words.

Bowling chef




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Good decision/bad decision…Hmm!!!

story idea



The decision for Bill Belichek to kick away the ball at the start of overtime in last nights game, totally lies on him to do so and with his track record over the last fifteen years as the Coach of the New England Patriots, who are we to second guess his decision?

These pictures here are of two totally different paths, just like in life you also have different paths in sports to get to where you want to go. with the way the Offense played last night, compared to the way the defense played, clearly was part of the way Bill made his decision and all these theories we are hearing today, totally lie with the sports media, in trying to stir up as much drams as they can, so they can have a job to stir the drama with. Bill has brought four Championships here to new England over his tenure here, why should we stop trusting him now? Even Tom Brady came out and said the defense played better and he is the common denominator in all the different teams that Bill has coached here.

Talk about the media creating drama in sports, there was a report of Peyton Manning using HGH in the year 2011 after his neck surgery, which this report was later recanted when the reporter came out and said he was wrong, but now the seed of drama is planted and a very hard seed to dig up like the weeds in your green grass. Tom Brady came out in total defense of Peyton, as he is going through the same seed of drama with the deflate gate crap and can totally feel what Peyton is going through. This is, what is wrong with our Society of today, here you have two of the best Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL and there are some out there through jealousy, that will try to take them down, instead of sitting back and enjoying the show that they are putting on, year after year.

True we here in New England may not of liked the call to kick the ball away and pass up the chance to end the game with the offense scoring a touchdown like the Jets did, but when you sit back and review the game inside the game, you can see clearly why Bill made this decision, as the defense out played the offense in last nights game, it is just that it didn’t work out for the Patriots like in years past and with all the injuries to key players, shows that even the mighty Patriots fall Victim to the bug of an injury ridden season, like all other teams throughout the NFL.

With Bill Belichek and Tom Brady, the Patriots will always be in the talk of which teams will go to the Superbowl, but when key players around Tom fall to the injury bug, makes it that much harder to get there and that much harder a pill to swallow, for all the fans around New England to accept. The legacy of Bill and Tom here in New England is winning, but without all the key supporting players around them makes it that much harder to overcome adversity and keep the legacy of winning alive, I can say I was disappointed at the call also, but when I looked at the game inside the game, I clearly saw the reason why he made that call and totally respected Bill for making the call. #inbillwetrust Let us all here in New England always trust in Bill as his track record speaks for itself.


” just as in life, sports has different paths to follow to get to your true destination, hard work and determination shows you the true path to follow”

” Decisions are made everyday in life as well as sports, just that all the decisions made don’t always work in your favor”

” The New England Patriots with Bill and Tom will always be considered a favorite in the NFL, its the right supporting cast around them that keep them one of the favorites”


Family values…..Family foundation


” In the eyes of God we are all one Family here on Earth, when our journey ends we then go to our bigger Family within Heaven”


We are all born into our Families by two loving Individuals, this Family we are born into is our foundation, to which helps us walk our paths through this journey of life.

God came to Mary to ask her to bear the fruit of their love of each other, so the son of God can teach us just how to build this foundation and walk our paths of this journey, with strength to be better while we show our love to one another, helping each other to be better and stronger as well. Mary came together with Joseph, to be the Foster Father of her son with God and named that son Jesus Christ, the two of them followed God so he would guide them along the way, then teaching Jesus of this Family foundation, so he than can teach us how to build this same foundation and  share our love with each other, so we can all walk our paths in peace and happiness always.

We all go through some rough patches with our Families, just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph had their rough patches, this was part of the building of a strong foundation, which keeps us safe from all harm when we need to seek shelter along this journey. When Mary and Joseph’s faith in God became weak at times, yes they failed to see the true light of the path of righteousness at times, which led to some rough patches along their journey and led to some cracks in the foundation, then God helped them regain their faith so they can then teach Jesus, that with faith anything is possible and any path you choose, will lead you to the path of righteousness, while showing your true self and sharing your love, with all those around you.

Strong Family bond, staying true to who you are, feeling the love of God within you then sharing it with all those around you and having faith in not only yourself, but in Jesus Christ our Savoir,  will help build that Family foundation so strong, that nothing will penetrate it and we all can walk our paths together peacefully, as we smile with true happiness and love one another as we love ourselves.

Jesus Christ…… The son of our Creator and everything around us throughout Mankind, came to us and walked his journey together with us, teaching us many things, while he showed us that with love, hate will never exist. Showing us that when we build a strong Family foundation around us, there is nothing that will break that foundation, giving  us a safe and strong shelter, to rest from our paths we walk throughout this journey of life.

Today within this Society, we take for granted these Families we are born into, which then leads not only to broken families, but a foundation that has many cracks and is leaking with weakness, instead of being sealed with strength and confidence. We all have our issues, we all have our troubles, part of the Family values and Family foundation, is for us to become better and stronger moving forward on our paths and not stepping backwards, becoming weak and less confident, in not just ourselves, but all those that are around us. Our Families which we are all born into are there to teach us as Jesus did, to help bring out the love of God within us so we can feel it and then share it with all those around us, through this love we also never lose the faith in God and more important, we never lose the faith in ourselves as we walk these paths along this journey through life.

Our Families not only help us form a strong foundation, so we can walk our paths with confidence and strength, they also teach us many things as Jesus did when he came to us and walked his path of this journey through life, without these Families we become broken, lost and weak, which then turns our Society into a product of what we have become. Everything that comes to us along our paths happens for a reason, it is up to us to find that reason and it is our Families that teaches us, just how to find the solution, to the reason of why things happen to us.


” A Families bond when the foundation is strong, is the strongest thing of all that is around us”

” When the foundation becomes cracked, the family bond then becomes weak and broken leading to many issues and troubles”

” To build a strong foundation doesn’t happen over night, it is layered together over time, becoming something that nothing will ever penetrate”


Life cycles throughout the journey of life



As we walk our paths throughout this journey of life, what we take most for granted is, everything that happens within life, no matter what Era we are in, keeps revolving throughout the cycle of life. The Cycle of life is just a big circle that keeps repeating itself over time, sometimes within the circle there may be times that the links of the chain that hold the cycle together may weaken over time, but we as Individuals have to for see the weakness and change the links, to make the cycle of life better and stronger.

Everything around us travels the same cycle of life and as everything evolves through time, we have to maintain the cycle, much like we do preventative maintenance to our vehicles, so they won’t break down and leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Everything around will break down over time if we don’t maintain it and keep it solid, we just have to understand better of the process and stop being lazy with the work we need to do, so we can move forward better and stronger than the last era, that has walked their path through this journey of life.

There has been television shows throughout my lifetime that has pushed all the issues to the point of controversy and there have been shows that are simply the best of my lifetime so far. The show All in the Family has been the biggest show I know that has pushed the issues greatly and that show would never of made it throughout this Society of Political Correction today, Archie and Edith were great actors together and made that show great as we saw it, then the topics for each episode………. lets just say, the writer’s definitely pushed all the right buttons and the issues that most would never push.  The best show of my life time is NCIS hands down, this show is as close to reality as you can get and the writer’s are simply the best of any writer’s for a show today. The Writer;s take what ever is going on within this World and turn it into a show, from whats happening within the World, to a death of one of the cast members and the writers spin it like it is actually real life and not a show. Gibbs, Dinozzo, McGee, Abby and Ducky are the core cast and totally make the show a gem to watch. With the talent of the cast and the creativity of the Writers, makes this show the best and a must watch for those who have never seen it.

There may have been shows of a different era when TV first came to us that may have been good, but that was a time before I was here to cast an opinion, but just like the cycle of life evolves, Television shows also evolve from era to era, these shows change depending on the times and what is happening within the World, so if they change than why can’t we as Individuals change, so we all can walk our paths within this journey of life, in peace while being totally happy and smiling at all that is around us?  Before Television there was radio and Families would gather around the radio every day and listen to the shows and the news that was happening, these were times that we all looked out for one another, now we could care less of one another and if something happened to someone close, we simply would step over them like they weren’t even there. Families were actually a Family, gathering around the table together for dinner time and actually talked about their day. Communication was a big part of our daily lives and now……. let’s just say there is a big disconnect within our Society today. Now if we want to fix the weak link of the chain of our life cycle today, then lets start by communicating better with each other, so we all can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.


” The cycle of life is a big circle that has links to the chain, we have to maintain the chain to be better and stronger moving forward”

” Communicating properly is the biggest thing for a Society to thrive and be at its best moving forward”

” Archie Bunker or NCIS…….. Two of the best shows of their prospective era’s”

OH!!!! What a tangled web we weave



” OH!!! What a tangled web we weave, throughout this journey of life we all embark on”


Life sometimes isn’t all green pastures and smooth meadows, life will throw us curve balls, with a lot of rough terrain, that leads us to a lot of gasping for air with no place to catch out breathes. We all want to walk a path layered with Rose pedals and Gold, be pampered at every step we take, while others serve to our every needs. This kind of stuff only happens in Fairy tales and Fantasy, even when we work hard to get what we want, we still have to keep working hard to maintain everything we have. There is nothing in life that comes easy as much as we may think, sometimes there may be a path that has been cleared for us to walk, we then take everything for granted and  expect it to be like this all the time? We may get lucky at times and wander into a green pasture with a smoother meadow, that’s when we get complacent and fall into a comfortable rut, then have no idea of how to get out of it.

When we do find that green pasture and smooth meadow, it never lasts as when we come to the end of the path, we then have to blaze another path for which to walk, so we then can find another green pasture and smooth meadow once again. The journey of life is like that and it keeps evolving around us, which we need to evolve with it or simply get left behind, with no sense of direction of which way to go. When we get left behind and lost in our own little world, than all the paths we see look like rough terrain to walk, so we then stop walking and explore no more of what is around us.

Life is not for the tired or weary, it takes a lot of work to clear a path of your liking, then maintain that path daily like the green pasture and smooth meadow in our thoughts and dreams. While we are young and learning of this journey through life, is where it all starts for each of us to find our green pasture and smooth meadow. When we are taught more wrongs than rights and are taught of the ugly word Hate, over the beautiful word of love, now you will never see any green pastures and never mind the smooth meadows. Okay…………. Maybe we can get to the green pastures and smooth meadows eventually, but not without willing to work very hard at digging ourselves out from the complacency and the rut we put ourselves into.

When we carve out our paths along this journey of life correctly, is when the really hard work ends and the everyday work of, maintaining what we have begins. Life isn’t always going to be lined with Gold, with Rose pedals to comfort our feet as we walk our paths, sometimes the paths of life will look like this picture, with rough terrain everywhere we walk. When we walk our paths through this journey of life correctly, then we all can walk in peace, as we smile with true happiness always.



” The green pastures aren’t just for the Cows to graze, it is for us to rest from the rough terrain of the paths through the journey of life”

” When we walk our paths while thinking to much of the Fairy Tales, we then take for granted all that is around us”

” To carve out any path takes a lot of hard work, to maintain the path takes a bit less work, so we can see clearly of where we are going and we can be at peace and happiness always”


Victim of circumstance continued



May God bless the late Stuart Scott and may this quote live on with all of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

With that said………..You can take out the first three words of this quote, replace them with whatever life event you are facing and this quote will be a very powerful display of words. Just as Stuart Scott was a victim to Cancer, we all within our lives have fell Victim to something/someone.

There are many Victims created everyday all around us, we never hear from these Victims, simply because nobody ever want’s to admit of becoming a Victim and even worse, nobody ever wants to admit that they have any weakness of any kind. When we admit of our weakness or becoming a Victim of anything, we then open ourselves up to others for ridicule and being looked at as different as well.

When another person creates a Victim, they do so while hiding their true feelings, emotions and empathy. They don’t acknowledge these feelings simply because they don’t want any remorse for whatever actions they may take. They also don’t want to except any feelings of guilt, as their actions hurt deeply the Victim they are creating. A high percentage of Individuals that are creating a Victim, have also been Victimized at some point in their lives, which forces them to hide their true feelings and emotions and become someone which they truly are not. In this Society we all live, we can clearly see that there are a lot of Individuals around us, that are hurting and hiding deep within themselves, but instead of helping one another, we continue to ignore and turn the cheek to all that is going on around us, because we fear more of becoming the next victim, then we actually care for one another.

When an Individual becomes a Victim, there is so much going on inside them, that they then become lost within the clouds of their judgements, their thoughts become………….like a bag of jelly beans that are constantly being shaken up and a different color keeps spilling out, which the Victim then doesn’t communicate to anybody cause they don’t know how to communicate properly, for the mixing going on within themselves. They are afraid to speak to anybody, cause they become more afraid of what others will think of them? They then think of themselves as less than others and their self esteem becomes lower or disappears completely? They also lose the faith in themselves to even complete a simple task, which then gives them feelings of inadequacy, this leads to a whole host of other issues, which makes them even further lost within the clouds of their judgements.  When the Victim loses the faith in themselves, it is not just the Victim that hurts, it is also the inner child that hurts even worse, yes we all have this inner child and this child when we take care of it, helps us prosper and grow into a healthy and happy Individual along this journey through life. When we become a Victim we then go into this self pity, we get lost within the clouds of our judgements, we lose faith in everything we do, we fear the idea of communicating anything, cause we don’t want to admit to the victimization, we neglect the inner child within us, which then makes the hurt even worse than the being a Victim part. The biggest part of us hurting from being a Victim is, we totally forget how to forgive ourselves, not just forgiving ourselves, but forgiving that child within us, cause that child had nothing to do with becoming a Victim, of whatever you became a Victim of.

When that child within us hurts, we to hurt in many ways. We may not realize the why we are hurting, simply because we get lost within the clouds of our judgements and we do anything to escape the pain of our hurt. When we are hurting deeply inside, we then suppress all our feelings and emotions, deep within the core of our being, become someone we truly are not, so we can try to move forward and try to look as normal as we can, so others around us won’t see us as different, or see any of our hurt we feel. We have to learn to be better at forgiving ourselves, so we can forgive that child within us when things go wrong, when we truly forgive ourselves, is when we have complete faith in ourselves and whatever that may cross our paths along this journey of life.

” There is an inner child within us all, we have to nurture and take care of it as we nurture and take care of ourselves”

” There are Victims being created all around us, the ones creating the Victims have also been a Victim as well”

” A Victim gets lost within the clouds of their judgements so deep, that they then become someone they truly are not”


The true magic of Christmas


” The bright radiant colors of the flowers, bring out the beauty of all that is around them, like the true magic of Christmas fills our hearts with warmth”


Every Christmas we see all the old Classic Christmas movies and within these movies they bring our attention to the Magic of Christmas, the Christmas miracles and all the lights around us. The true magic of Christmas doesn’t just happen at Christmas time, the real magic happens everyday as we walk our paths along this journey through life. The magic happens inside each one of us and we just have to feel the warmth within our hearts, acknowledge the true power of the magic, as we let the warmth of God’s love fill our hearts and souls, then share this love with each other.

The magic of Christmas doesn’t just happen at Christmas, it happens everyday as we walk our paths of this journey through life and all we have to do is acknowledge the love within us, let it fill our hearts with warmth and share with all that is around us.

Some of us may become bitter because we don’t understand the true power of the magic of Christmas, or maybe because we get so consumed with making money at our jobs to survive, we then forget about all else around us, then there are these life events that come across our paths, which changes us in ways that, even we ourselves don’t recognize who we have become? There is so much that can derail us along our paths, that we forget who we really are and don’t acknowledge the love of God that is within us all.

You can see that within this Society we all live and all that is going on around us, it is very easy to get caught up in all the Drama, which shows that we can also simply forget of the true Christmas magic and lose touch of the love that is within us all. ” The hate we see around us today is learned from somewhere and we are not born this way, but the love is within us all”.

The love that is within us all is where the true Christmas magic happens, the real magic can happen at anytime within the year and not just at Christmas time, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power. Unlike going to a magic show where it’s a trick, with the hand being quicker than the eye, the magic of Christmas is no trick and we all can unleash its true power and all we have to do is feel the love within our hearts, then share with all that is around us.

During the day of Valentine’s they say ” love is in the air”. What they are truly talking about is, the love within our hearts is being shared with all that is around us. It doesn’t take a special day for this, it only takes we as Individuals being in touch with who we truly are and not hiding within ourselves, which buries the love within us deeper within our core. The deeper we bury our love the colder our hearts become and a cold heart has no feelings to warm it, as the magic at any time will cease to exist. The love that is within us, is the magic of Christmas, or of anytime of the year, to unleash the true magic is to feel this love everyday, as we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” Christmas is a special time of year which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, his journey taught us how to unleash the magic of Christmas all year long”

” Love is in the air when we unleash the love within us, to all those around us”

” when a Magician does his magic it is only a trick, true magic is felt within the hearts of all of us as we walk our paths along this journey of life”



The true awakening that Christmas brings.

Autumn Leaves

” Christmas is a time for us to give ourselves to each other, just as Jesus taught us when he came to us and walked his journey”


Within this Society of Political Correction, it saddens me that some will try to make me stop saying what I have always said within my life and that is, ” Merry Christmas” or ” Christmas Tree”?  In today’s World we say ” Happy Holidays” or “Holiday Tree”, come on really!!! The ones that started this are totally not acknowledging who they truly are and have moved forward, after they have built this wall around themselves, hiding deep within themselves.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, the journey may be the same, but the path is different and varies, depending on who you truly are. Now how can we walk these paths correctly, if we don’t know truly who we are? We all go through some kind of Life Event from something simple, to something that changes us right to our core. We may not understand the reason to why these things happen, but if we stay true to who we are, have complete faith in Jesus Christ and have really learned of his teachings, then just maybe we can see the light from the path of righteousness? This light can not be taught, this light can not be seen, this light is only felt deep in our hearts and deep within the core of our being. This feeling can not be felt if we don’t have complete faith in ourselves, or have complete faith in Jesus Christ as well.

Through this Christmas season and because some have lost sight of who they truly are, the rest of us are suppose to change our ways, in order to make them happy? I think we all need to simply respect each other more, show more true empathy of each other and quite simply just truly feel the love of God within our hearts and share this love with each other, as we do this through the Christmas season, than why can’t we do this the rest of the year every year? This journey through life at times seems very hard to us, it really isn’t that hard when we walk our paths correctly, we are the ones that make it seem hard, when we don’t acknowledge the love of God, when we bury deep within our core our true feelings and emotions, when we become someone/something we truly are not, when we take everything for granted without looking deeply into what we see and when when we build a wall around us instead of walking this journey in true peace and happiness, so we all can be respectful of each other.

Some of us because they don’t truly understand the why’s of these events, then move forward without acknowledging their true selves and lose sight of a big part of who they are. This could explain why some would try to change everything that is around them? But because of that wall they put up around themselves, they don’t see clearly of what their actions will bring.

Christmas is a special time of year and when we all acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas, now we all can feel the love of God within us and truly feel the light from the path of righteousness. With this special feeling within us, we now can walk our paths through this journey of life, with no built up walls, showing respect of not just ourselves but of each other and truly keeping our true feelings and emotions within our hearts, without burying them deep within  our core.

So as our paths along this journey enter into another Christmas season, let us all gather around the Christmas Tree and have a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.


” Let’s be respectful of one another and let’s truly find the true meaning of Christmas, for ourselves as we share with each other”

” Christmas is the celebration of the son of God, who is the creator of Mankind, may we all feel the true meaning of this special time of year”

” Lets never lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, as this is the foundation of who we truly are and the key to all of our existences”

Where there is fire you will get burnt…..

“The Journey through life has many ups and downs, but when the journey is traveled correctly, makes for a peaceful and happy journey for all throughout”.


I get the fact that we all want to not offend each other, or bring any more harm to each other, but this Political Correction Society we all live has gone way beyond protecting and is totally harming us and bringing more hatred towards each other as we walk our paths along this journey.

I know Donald Trump is saying things that needs to be said and his delivery of his words……….. let’s just say are a little rough around the edges, but what he is saying is exactly what a lot of us want to say, but are afraid to say them. So far what he is saying is right on the money as much as we all want to admit.

For example, I totally get the fact that this Country was built on Immigration, but Immigration done the correct way and when there is the word ” Illegal” before, then common sense says you are doing something wrong and we as a country needs to fix the problem. We also know that the Terrorists are getting into the countries via groups of Refugees, then why are we not screening these groups more in depth and why not shut the borders for a short while, fix what needs to be fixed ( like other countries do) then open them back up once we are better equipped to handle any situation.

We all throughout Mankind as we walk our paths through this journey of life, no matter what faith, or what your background is, deserve better than a leader that wants nothing but total control of everything/everybody within their area they are trying to lead, but what gets in the way of a particular leader is his own head and the inflated ego within it. Nobody ever wants to admit their faults but when we do, we are all better and stronger for it. When a Leader gets engulfed in his/her own ego, the ones that hurt the most from it, are the regular folk and want nothing more than to get out of that area they are in, they want a better place to support their families and an opportunity to grow as they walk their paths of this journey through life.

The Terrorists are a group of Individuals that are burying and not acknowledging their own pain and hurt, so they take to hurting the rest of us and think they are right with their actions. It is like when you tell enough lies, eventually even you yourself become the lie and your life revolves around the lies you tell.

Donald Trump may have a rough delivery with his words and doesn’t believe in Political Correction, but so far he is right and saying what needs to be said. Now will he make a good President for the United States? The Jury is still out on this one, but the Verdict is definitely swaying in his favor? With the way the career  Politician has run things so far, it is time to get some new blood in their, to do things differently and bring ” real change” to each one of us throughout Mankind. Trump calling for a ban on Muslims in this Country, this has created a big up roar among us, some calling him a Racist, but lets look at the truth and what ” radical Islam” is doing throughout our Society. I get the fact that not all Muslims are “radical”, but seriously how do we know who is who? The only way to truly fix what has to be fixed is, close the borders for a short time, deport all ” Illegal Immigrants”, fix our economy, so we as a country can be better and stronger moving forward and then re open the borders, the right way, so more can walk their paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness always.


” The difference between Illegal Immigrants and ones that do it correctly is, the word “Illegal” and means you are doing something wrong”

” A Terrorist is within a group of Individuals that hurts deeply inside their core and takes to inflicting that hurt on the rest of us”

” Sometimes for real change to come to us, we ourselves have to change so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”