The many paths through this journey of life





Throughout this journey of life there are many paths to explore and choose for each of us throughout Mankind. These paths are either charted or uncharted? Which is the best part of the exploring, there is nobody that knows what lies ahead of these paths except one, which is God  himself, the Creator of all Mankind. Every path may look the same as another, just like we are all unique to each other also, as we walk these paths we can clearly see that, yes there are similarities, but for the most part these paths are very different from each other.

Each path throughout this journey with it’s similarities, also has far more differences than we truly look deeply into. “We don’t look deep enough into what we see”. Simply because we are too busy to look at all the details that is around us, we get so caught up in all the drama, that we forget what reality really is, then as we trip over the obstacles of the path, like the life events that happen to us, we then try to brush off the pain and just “try to” move forward, which we then just bury the pain and hurt and while we do this, without us realizing it, we then bury our true feelings and emotions and become someone we truly are not. A lot of all the ugliness we see around us, comes directly from all of us tripping up and instead of truly fixing what we need to move forward, we just get up like nothing happened, try to bury the pain and hurt, cause we are to embarrassed or shamed to admit we tripped or have fallen, which then leads to a troubled Society that hurts deeply and ones trying to push their views on others, just so they can seem more powerful than others.

Until we all focus on truly fixing ourselves from tripping over the obstacles along the paths of this journey through life, not just brushing ourselves off to try to fit in, or developing these twisted views of what this journey is of and then pushing these views on each other, just so we can come across as more powerful than the other? This Society will always be broken as we all walk our paths along this journey through life.

These paths along this journey of life are very similar, but yet very different to each other. Each one holds their challenges as we walk them, these challenges are what makes us better and stronger moving forward with this journey of life. When we walk these paths we never admit to our faults and we then develop our own views of this journey through the paths, which we then try to push our views on each other. ” A view of one may not be a good view of another”. If we only looked at our struggles along our paths, as success for ourselves, then offered our success as advice, instead of pushing them as our views are the only way, just maybe we all can walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully and with much happiness throughout our existence here together.

A path no matter where you walk it, needs to be explored, the way one walks a path is not necessarily the best way of another to walk it, we are all different but unique to each other just like each path, for one to have success, doesn’t mean someone else will have the same success, which is why this journey through life has many paths for us to explore. When you add in the life events that will trip us up along our path and when we don’t fix ourselves properly from the trip up, you now have many Individuals bringing their pain, hurt and their twisted views to a Society of many. We all choose to walk the paths in which we walk through this journey of life, we all have to accept the consequences as well as the good from these paths, we can’t accept anything if we don’t truly fix what is wrong, so we can move forward better and stronger, we also can’t accept anything when we let shame control who we truly are, the only way to truly have the pain and hurt escorted from our bodies, is to never lose who we truly are, always fix ourselves properly so we than can move forward better and stronger. As we all walk these paths properly along this journey of life, now we all can walk in peace with much happiness, while we share our love of selves towards each other with each step we take.


” Each path along this journey of life holds many challenges as we explore them, when we walk the path properly we then walk in peace and happiness always”

” Sometimes in life we have to reach out for help, it’s the shame and guilt that keeps us from reaching out”

” To accept anything in life comes with consequences, it is how we deal with the consequences that determines how we accept anything”



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