We all need to stand up to all this ugliness together.


”                           YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY HATRED

Friday night, you took an exceptional life — the love of my life, the mother of my son — but you will not have my hatred. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know, you are dead souls. If this God, for whom you kill blindly, made us in his image, every bullet in the body of my wife would have been one more wound in his heart.

So, no, I will not grant you the gift of my hatred. You’re asking for it, but responding to hatred with anger is falling victim to the same ignorance that has made you what you are. You want me to be scared, to view my countrymen with mistrust, to sacrifice my liberty for my security. You lost.

I saw her this morning. Finally, after nights and days of waiting. She was just as beautiful as when she left on Friday night, just as beautiful as when I fell hopelessly in love over 12 years ago. Of course I am devastated by this pain, I give you this little victory, but the pain will be short-lived. I know that she will be with us every day and that we will find ourselves again in this paradise of free love to which you have no access.

We are just two, my son and me, but we are stronger than all the armies in the world. I don’t have any more time to devote to you, I have to join Melvil who is waking up from his nap. He is barely 17-months-old. He will eat his meals as usual, and then we are going to play as usual, and for his whole life this little boy will threaten you by being happy and free. Because no, you will not have his hatred either”.


****Antoine Leiris****



This was a FaceBook status from, a Husband with a 17 month child, of one of the Victims in Paris, France. This was written to an unnamed person or group of people in the second person.

This is exactly what is needed to be done of all the ugliness around us. We all need to stand up and be counted against all this ugliness and not just sit around to do nothing, or live in fear from this ugliness.

Jesus did not come to us and walk his journey with us, so some could try to take control of all others, by using fear and weapons. Jesus came to us to teach us just how to walk our paths of this journey of life in peace, with happiness of everything around us. Jesus also sacrificed himself, suffered and died for us, then rose again to be seated at the right hand of his Father, to show us that when we walk our paths of this journey of life correctly, we to will rise from the dead, to be in a World of love, with no signs of any hatred.

” Hatred is only temporary, as love is for ever, to be achieved by each of us who walk a path through this journey of life”


These Terrorists can only operate strongly when the fear they bring to our Society is as strong as it is now, they will continue this ugliness and senseless tragedies as long as we fear them and do nothing to end their reign, when we stand as one and look these Terrorists in the eye and putting this fear right back into them, just like we deal with Bullies along our paths of this journey, then the Terrorist just like the Bully, will cower away like the true Coward they are.

I can’t explain exactly why these Individuals act in this way of a Terrorist, I can only come up with a theory that may not be far from the truth? This theory is, these Individuals have hidden deeply their true feelings and emotions, simply because they have been hurt deeply themselves in some way? For them to move forward without dealing with their own pain, they take to putting fear in all that is around them and making everybody else go through much pain and hardship. The Terrorist is merely an Individual that has lost their true feelings of empathy and remorse, an Individual because they have lost truly who they are, have twisted their views and are now trying to push their twisted views on the rest of us and if we don’t follow their ways, then well we all know what their end game is.

The time is now to end all this ugliness that is around us everywhere, time we all stand as one, showing these Terrorists we don’t fear them anymore, so they can cower away like the true Cowards they are. God did not create Mankind, or did he send his only son Jesus to us, for us to show this hatred of each other, God wants us all to walk our paths of this journey showing our love of each other, so we all can walk in peace and happiness everyday of our existence, then when we walk our paths correctly and our journey here ends, we to can be in a World full of love, as Jesus showed us when he had risen from the tomb in which he lay.


” Empathy and remorse is within us all, when it gets buried then we bring ugliness to all that is around us”

” We all struggle with issues at times in our lives, these struggles bring much pain, but when we fix these issues correctly, then the pain goes away and we can feel our love that’s within us and share this love with each other”


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