From Rags to Riches……


We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our ways and our views of how to walk these paths, just like we all have our views of what becoming rich is, but what truly is being rich? Is it having so much money we get lazy with our lives? Or is being truly rich in our spirits what makes us better and stronger along the paths we walk?

” We all want to be crowned in gold, but when Jesus came to us and sacrificed his life for us, he was wearing a crown of thorns, but was the richest of all of us, in his mind, body and soul”

We all want to be rich with money as we think this will cure the ways of which we live? We think money will give us all the power over each other? But money is the root of all Evil and will never cure us from the clutches of Hell.

We the people of this Society are our own worst Enemies, it is okay to have our own views of the way we want to live, but when we force our views on each other, now you have become a Society scorned and a Society that has become broken, in search of a fix to all our troubles moving forward. Just like the Tree’s in this picture, they have many branches stemming from the main branch called the tree trunk, there are many paths that branch out along this journey of life, there are no wrong paths, just we have to find the right paths for which to follow, without over stepping ourselves as we chose to follow a path. Sometimes we let the views of others shine brighter than our own views, cause we simply don’t have the confidence to follow our views, we think when we see others with more riches, we then think we are doing something wrong and then become something we are not, just to keep up, but as we do this we then get lost within the path of this journey of life.

Jesus came to us and taught us just how to walk these paths of this journey, but through the years and with our clouded views, we have also lost the true teachings of Jesus Christ. When we see much hate of each other, with the senseless tragedies happening around us, you would think we all would recognize the fact that we are doing something wrong? But in this Society of egotism and all about me, we can’t truly see the writing on the walls around us. We can still fix the troubles of Society, we all throughout Society have to come together, put our views a side and  when we come together as one, we then become stronger for whatever battle we may face. We need not rely heavily on our Leader’s as these Leader’s have failed us before, although they to need to join us in coming together, so we all can rid this Society of the ugliness, fix what we need to fix, as we get back to walking our paths in peace and we all have smiles and full of happiness along this journey of life.


” We all have our own views of what is around us, we need not push these views on each other”

” This hatred and ugliness we see around us today can be fixed, we just have to come together as one and become stronger than the hatred and ugliness themselves”


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