There is much more to see, than just looking at what you see.

                    ” To look deeply into what you see and not take anything for granted for what is around you”

We all walk a path along this journey through life, neither the path or the journey are perfect as much as we want them to be. We will always have hurdles to overcome, choices to make at the crossroads, bumps on the path to make smooth for us to walk, life events to get through as we walk this path, these events may come natural or from another along our path? These events also will bring much pain and hurt to our lives and when we don’t handle them correctly, they will forever follow us, til we fix the issues, so we can move forward with strength and confidence, then walk our path along this journey of life in peace and happiness.

When we are hurt and feel great pain from these life events, we will do anything to escape the pain, the thing we do most is, suppress all our true feelings and emotions so deep inside ourselves, that not only do we not feel any pain anymore, but we then become someone we are truly not. We put up this fake person towards others, so we then don’t feel anything else that may come across our paths, we also during any kind of tragedy feel nothing emotionally, as we have hidden these emotions deep within. Empathy? Forget that cause like our true feelings and emotions, this to is hidden deep within us, with no Empathy than how can we actually care for ourselves, let alone anyone we may meet, along our paths of this journey through life.

When we don’t acknowledge these feelings, emotions and empathy, we then portray this fake self towards others so we can protect ourselves from further harm that may cross our paths. We all deal with issues along our paths of this journey, some being small while others being great, the greater the issue, the harder for us to deal with it properly, when we don’t deal with these issues properly, we become lost within the clouds of our judgements, we forget that we have an inner child within us and don’t give this child a chance to grow within us, even though some of our issues may not be our fault? We still forget how to truly forgive ourselves and that child within us. This journey through life is not perfect for anybody and we all hide within ourselves, to protect ourselves from any harm that may come to us, this is natural for us to do and nothing wrong with trying to protect ourselves, but when we become someone we are truly not, now we are losing out on a big part of who we truly are, plus we are stripping ourselves from being truly happy and walking our paths of this journey through life peacefully.

Sometimes it takes a major tragedy to happen to us, for the true empathy, feelings and emotions that we have hidden deep within ourselves, to become unlocked from the vault within our core, then it is like being hit with a storm of emotions that hit us all at once and if we don’t reach out for help, then we become even more lost within the clouds of our judgements, because we can’t handle these feelings properly. As much as we think we are invincible, we are not and we all need to reach out from time to time, just to keep our true feelings in check and better understand any issues that may cross our paths of this journey through life.

we all have this inner child within us no matter how old you are, just like we take care of ourselves, we need to take care of this child also. When we don’t properly take care of this child, then the child will not grow properly, it also becomes very sad and unhealthy, which then makes us very sad and unhealthy and until we all acknowledge this child, we will never be at peace with much happiness along our path of this journey. When we hurt and have hidden our true feelings deep within the vault of our core, we then don’t know how to cry or become emotional in the correct way? When we cry the correct way, it is like a natural healer for all our pain, crying is not a sign of weakness, as it makes us stronger moving forward along our path of this journey through life.

” We all want to look strong to all that is around us, but when we are afraid to cry properly we then become weak to all that is around us”

” Crying is not a sign of weakness, as it keeps our true feelings and emotions out of the vault deep within our core”

” when our inner child is hurt, sad and unhealthy, then we all become hurt, sad and unhealthy”

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