The road to a Championship



The road to any Championship within any sport you may play, are full of unknowns, trials and tribulation. Now I am a New England Patriot fan not just of long standing, but I am what is known as the hometown Homey, with that said…….. I have also lived through the toughest of times when these Patriots lost more than they win, now with these Patriots of the last fifteen years winning more than they lose, I have earned the success this team has given me.

Since Bill Belichek and Tom Brady took the reigns of this franchise, the New England Patriots have become one of the best teams within the history of the National Football League, not too mention the best Quarterback/Coach tandem as well. You had the Steeler’s of the 1970’s, the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s that were great dynasties of their time and right now it is the New England Patriots who have become that great dynasty. Unfortunately with success comes the hater’s and in today’s World, the haters are ten times worse than of any other time. You also had the New York Yankees throughout their winning days within Baseball and became the most hated team within their sport, it happens because when a team gets so dominant and beats regularly other teams, it’s the fans that bring out this hatred of the team that their team can not beat.

” a team can only be a Champion when they step up to the plate and beat a true Champion with regularity”

I get the fact that the fans want to play and pick these fantasy teams to compete with each other, but these fantasy games have completely ruined all sports and completely took away any integrity that these sports had.  ” Let the real players stand up and play the game they love to play”. These fantasy teams that the fans pick, are just that fantasy. They are not real teams and from what I see all the other owner’s throughout the NFL, want these fantasy teams to make it look like their teams are doing okay? Roger Goodell the Commissioner of the NFL, is in power from the board of directors of the league and who are these directors? All the owners of all 32 teams in the NFL. When it comes to the New England Patriots, all the other Owners are the ones that have hated on this team the most, simply because they have made their teams look completely silly throughout all that watch the NFL. What I say to these Owners is, time to step up to the plate and beat a real Champion (fair and square) that the Patriots have become, so your teams can have a share of what being a Champion truly feels like.

It is not about the Patriots laying down so other teams can catch up to the curve, it is all about the other teams of the NFL catching up to the Patriots on the field fair and square. These Patriots throughout their history in the NFL have seen times where they lose more than they win, they didn’t whine and cry like the teams of today, no!! They just stepped up to the plate and with much hard work, became one of the best Franchises in the history of the NFL, it’s time the other teams follow the path of these Patriots, so maybe one day they to can become a True Champion.

” A True Champion doesn’t just happen, first there comes dedication, hard work and perseverance”

” instead of whining and crying and creating hate of a team, step up to the plate to beat a true champion and become the champion”

” Hard work is what defines Tom Brady and the number one reason why he has been so good for so long”


” The keeping up with the Jones”…



Who are the Jones? And why do we need to keep up with them?

Who knows when or even why this saying has been around so long? All this saying does is turn each of us against each other and stops us from truly being who we really are. Just like the saying of ” having the American dream”, we all think we know what this is for example, big house, white picket fence, two cars with garages, wife/husband, children, wealth and our own piece of the pie. Unfortunately throughout this Society of today, this American dream has caused us to step on each others shoe shine, to the point no matter what we do, nothing shines around us anymore. We all have our issues and our struggles throughout this journey of life, we all want the American dream and keep up with the Jones part of the pie, but unfortunately we have all gone the wrong way and find ourselves exerting all our energy at swimming up the stream of the waterfall, instead of making it easy and simply flowing as the current down this stream within this picture.

It is okay for some good fun and competition between us, but when this good fun and competition turns to ugliness, like we see around us today, you think we need to truly change and look deeply into everything that is around us? Competition between two Sports Teams is part of the game and the magic word is “game”. We as Individuals who watch these teams, have taken this competition to an all new level, a level that has turned us all against each other, cause we don’t see it as a game anymore, we see the friendly competition between two Teams and have turned this competition into, an ugly competition that has forced us to walk our paths throughout this journey of life, without truly being who we really are.

We all have a purpose in life, we all set our goals so we can find what our purpose truly is. I understand we all have our issues and struggles along our paths, but when we don’t address and fix these issues, the struggles will never end and we will never find out what our true purpose really is. Life is a journey that we all walk along a path, the journey may be the same, as the path and the purpose are all different to each of us, not everybody has to keep up with the Jones to achieve true happiness, as well as not everybody will achieve the American dream for true happiness also, true happiness comes from each of us, addressing the issues and fixing them, so we all can find our purpose and walk our paths in peace, with true happiness along this journey of life.


” The journey through life may be the same, but the path and the purpose is much different to each one of us”

” The struggles and issues of life may have us swimming up stream into the waterfall, but addressing the issues and fixing the struggles will have us swim down stream, making our paths more peaceful with happiness”

” good competition between us is okay, but when it turns ugly is when we have to change the game, to make the competition fun again”


Trekking through the Wilderness


As we wake at the crack of dawn and get ready for what lies ahead in the days journey, we first take solace, listen and look at what is around us. We then put a couple logs on the hot coals from last nights campfire, so we can put on some coffee and make some breakfast to fuel our inner tanks for the coming journey. It’s a beautiful morning with the morning sun reflecting off the branches and landing in spots along the Earths floor, as I put the pot of water on the fire to heat up for coffee, I suddenly hear some crackling of branches in the distance from where I am, Hmm!!! What could it be as I thought to myself? I stepped away from the immediate area of the campsite and became one with the surroundings around me, as I waited for whatever was there to show their head, I continued to hear the crackling of the branches getting closer and as they got closer I knew whatever it was was bigger than a little Critter like a Chipmunk. I waited still to see what was out there and as I waited i could see the steam coming from the pot of water on the fire, signaling that the water was ready for the coffee, but I didn’t want to give away my location to what was there and stayed put for now. What seemed like eternity of a wait, was in reality about thirty minutes of waiting and then out of the brush comes this thin legged animal, maybe about 150 to 200 pounds, and had its head down sniffing all in its path, it was a Deer, a female Doe to be exact, what a beautiful site and to think she didn’t know I was there, as she hadn’t sniffed my scent cause the breeze was going in the other direction, so I sat there and watched as the Doe did its thing before it headed back into the thick brush of the Wilderness it came from. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful way to start the day, as you get ready to take on the days journey yourself.

We all walk our paths along this journey of life, true there are some things that will derail us along our paths, but there are many more beautiful things that will have us in awe as we walk these paths of this journey. unfortunately when we get derailed along our paths, we lose sight of what is in front of us and we don’t look deeply into what we see. Instead we wander out of focus until we address what we need to, so we then can continue forward and truly look deeply into all that we see.

You don’t have to be within the Wilderness to see any beauty at all, you simply have to look deeply into what you see, so you than can see beauty, no matter where you are, or whatever you are doing. True beauty is all around us everywhere, but unfortunately through all the ugliness and we ourselves not looking deeply into what we see from the parts of the path that derailed us, we never give ourselves a chance to see this beauty and move forward blindly, with no true direction of where we are going.

We trek through the Wilderness to see all of Natures beauty, but everything that is around us, is the creation of God and he created all this, so we all can see true beauty everyday, as we walk our paths along this journey through life.  This ugliness we see today is the creation of we the people of this Society and we the people can stop this ugliness, just by stepping back, viewing all that is around us and instead of just glancing at what is around us, look deeply into what we see, fix what we need to fix, so we to like the Deer can continue along the path, through this journey of life.


” Beauty is everywhere around us, we simply have to look deeply into what we see”

” Waking at the crack of dawn to some is unthinkable, but it is where we focus on the true beauty of what is around us”

” When we don’t fix what we need to fix, we then get derailed along our paths we walk, which then creates all the ugliness we see around us”





“Thanksgiving is a word that when pulled apart has two separate meanings, but when joined together makes for a special and joyous time for us all, as we become thankful for who we are and give ourselves to those around us”


Thanksgiving is a time for us all to take stock in our lives, be thankful for who we are and for who helped us get to this point on our path of this journey through life. When we are thankful for all we have and to who is around us, we then can truly give our love to all those around us and truly share the warmth of this love.

Thanksgiving has become one of the busiest travel holidays we know, with everybody traveling back home to their loved ones, or visiting friends for which they have lost touch with, we have all lost from where this Thanksgiving Holiday came from. The Pilgrims also traveled from where they came from to the new land, known as the North American Continent, they met the Native Americans here on this new land, as they greeted them and welcomed them to build their new settlement. The Native American showed the Pilgrims around their new home and the two shared many things with each other and to show just how thankful they were, towards their new friends the Native American, the Pilgrims took the fruits of their labor in their first crops for which they planted, invited their new friends over for a big feast, which today we know as Thanksgiving.

True today we all may gather with loved ones or friends we have lost touch with and have a big feast with them, but we have lost what the true meaning of what this Holiday truly stands for. Some of us may take to standing in a line way too early for a department store, so we can get the big deals of the start of the Christmas season (which this is another Holiday we have lost the true meaning of), instead of being truly thankful for who we are and for what is around us, not too mention for those who fought the good fight, so we ourselves can live here in the new land, safely and freely, to wander as we want to wander along our paths of this country and of our journey through life.

When we are thankful for all that is around us, shows that we respect and love all that is around us, like the Families which we are a part of, having a roof over our heads, that keep us fed and clothed each and everyday of our journey, being thankful towards God the creator of all Mankind and when we acknowledge him, he will guide us along this journey towards the path of righteousness. There is a lot for us to be thankful for, so we can walk our paths along this journey, but being thankful for all the right things and not just for the stores to be open, so we can shop and get the specials or sales?

As we all come together for yet another big feast, let us be truly thankful for who we are and for everything that is around us, so we can enjoy this big feast in happiness, while we enjoy the comfort and love of all those around us. Let us celebrate this Thanksgiving for all the right reasons and not just because we have to or are forced to come away from our little Worlds for a day, let us come together not just for a day, but for everyday of our existence, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Thanks/Giving…….. Two words put together with different meanings, that bring us all together in love and happiness always”

” The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to a big feast, which we know today as Thanksgiving”


The many paths through this journey of life





Throughout this journey of life there are many paths to explore and choose for each of us throughout Mankind. These paths are either charted or uncharted? Which is the best part of the exploring, there is nobody that knows what lies ahead of these paths except one, which is God  himself, the Creator of all Mankind. Every path may look the same as another, just like we are all unique to each other also, as we walk these paths we can clearly see that, yes there are similarities, but for the most part these paths are very different from each other.

Each path throughout this journey with it’s similarities, also has far more differences than we truly look deeply into. “We don’t look deep enough into what we see”. Simply because we are too busy to look at all the details that is around us, we get so caught up in all the drama, that we forget what reality really is, then as we trip over the obstacles of the path, like the life events that happen to us, we then try to brush off the pain and just “try to” move forward, which we then just bury the pain and hurt and while we do this, without us realizing it, we then bury our true feelings and emotions and become someone we truly are not. A lot of all the ugliness we see around us, comes directly from all of us tripping up and instead of truly fixing what we need to move forward, we just get up like nothing happened, try to bury the pain and hurt, cause we are to embarrassed or shamed to admit we tripped or have fallen, which then leads to a troubled Society that hurts deeply and ones trying to push their views on others, just so they can seem more powerful than others.

Until we all focus on truly fixing ourselves from tripping over the obstacles along the paths of this journey through life, not just brushing ourselves off to try to fit in, or developing these twisted views of what this journey is of and then pushing these views on each other, just so we can come across as more powerful than the other? This Society will always be broken as we all walk our paths along this journey through life.

These paths along this journey of life are very similar, but yet very different to each other. Each one holds their challenges as we walk them, these challenges are what makes us better and stronger moving forward with this journey of life. When we walk these paths we never admit to our faults and we then develop our own views of this journey through the paths, which we then try to push our views on each other. ” A view of one may not be a good view of another”. If we only looked at our struggles along our paths, as success for ourselves, then offered our success as advice, instead of pushing them as our views are the only way, just maybe we all can walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully and with much happiness throughout our existence here together.

A path no matter where you walk it, needs to be explored, the way one walks a path is not necessarily the best way of another to walk it, we are all different but unique to each other just like each path, for one to have success, doesn’t mean someone else will have the same success, which is why this journey through life has many paths for us to explore. When you add in the life events that will trip us up along our path and when we don’t fix ourselves properly from the trip up, you now have many Individuals bringing their pain, hurt and their twisted views to a Society of many. We all choose to walk the paths in which we walk through this journey of life, we all have to accept the consequences as well as the good from these paths, we can’t accept anything if we don’t truly fix what is wrong, so we can move forward better and stronger, we also can’t accept anything when we let shame control who we truly are, the only way to truly have the pain and hurt escorted from our bodies, is to never lose who we truly are, always fix ourselves properly so we than can move forward better and stronger. As we all walk these paths properly along this journey of life, now we all can walk in peace with much happiness, while we share our love of selves towards each other with each step we take.


” Each path along this journey of life holds many challenges as we explore them, when we walk the path properly we then walk in peace and happiness always”

” Sometimes in life we have to reach out for help, it’s the shame and guilt that keeps us from reaching out”

” To accept anything in life comes with consequences, it is how we deal with the consequences that determines how we accept anything”



everything flows like the water along it’s path.




We all throughout this Society learn many things along our journey of life, as we learn these things we then develop our own beliefs from what we have learned, even though what we have learned comes from somewhere else, we still try to take what we have learned twist it in a way that, is best suited for ourselves and in a way that is easy for us to move forward in our own lives. Everything we do along our paths of this journey has been learned from someone or something that has crossed our paths, it is what we do with our learning’s and how we enter into a Society of many, that creates all this ugliness we see around us today.

With all the Media we have today whether through the Television, Newspaper, Social Media Etc….. Clearly is the reason why we have a Society full of Drama today. With all this Drama and the way it is brought to us, makes it very easy to get caught up in it, especially because it is everywhere around us no matter which way you turn. With all the different ways the Media comes to us, it takes money to bring it to us, so the Media will bring us anything and everything, just so they can get big ratings, which in turn brings them big money. When the Media brings a story to us, they then embellish that story, which does nothing but create more Drama, to this already big Drama Society.

One of the biggest things all Media does is, when a terrible tragedy happens, instead of letting the Families of the victims grieve properly, they get in their faces with cameras and questions? This practice is wrong and needs to be done away with, cause when we can’t grieve properly, we then can’t heal properly, making our pain and hurt so big that we then do anything, just to relieve ourselves from all the pain and hurt.

This sick and twisted group of ISIS and all the Fear they are bringing to all of us within this Society, you think this is the way they are? This is not the way they are, this is not the way any of us are, ISIS have learned to be this way from someone/something, their sick and twisted views have come from someone/something  within their journey through their lives. When God created Mankind, his vision was not for us to be this way, all this Drama and ugliness is on each one of us and we the people within this Society, are our own worst enemy.

There have been a lot of great and smart Individuals throughout the history of Mankind, these Individuals have brought many things that have made our lives easier from one Society to another, we have learned a lot of great things from these Individuals, but through this Society of Political Correction and my way is the best way? Now we are all learning things for all the wrong reasons and this has been going on for a few Generations, to which now through groups like ISIS, we have twisted our views of everything and anything that comes across our paths through this journey of life. Plus you add in the fact that we all suffer from some kind of life event or tragedy, now you have a Society that is hurting deeply right to the core of their being, unless we start grieving properly, fixing our issues from the events that come to us properly, then this Society will always be a broken Society, with each of us trying to bring down each other.

God did not create us to be this way, he filled our hearts with love, so we can than share this love with each other. You think the Media interviewing someone after a tragedy, really cares for that person? Exactly not, all they care about are the ratings, so they can make the big money and live their plush lifestyles, not too mention bringing even more Drama, to our Drama ridden Society of today. Then as the Media plasters all over the television the tragedy in Paris France and makes these twisted Individuals out to be folk hero’s? Now you have other Deranged Individuals out there trying to out do the other, just so they to can (with their twisted views), become what they think of as being famous. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we learn many things suffer through events and tragedies along the way, but we all need to grieve and fix all our issues properly, so we than can walk these paths in peace, making all our journey’s better and happier throughout our Society of today and future Societies to come.


” The Media may create all the Drama, but we the people are what buys into all this Drama”

” we all learn many things along our paths of our journey, we all grieve in our own way, it is how we heal away the pain properly”

” The hurt and pain is what helps us become stronger and better moving forward, we need to deal better with this hurt and pain, so we all can walk in peace throughout this journey of life”



We all need to stand up to all this ugliness together.


”                           YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY HATRED

Friday night, you took an exceptional life — the love of my life, the mother of my son — but you will not have my hatred. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know, you are dead souls. If this God, for whom you kill blindly, made us in his image, every bullet in the body of my wife would have been one more wound in his heart.

So, no, I will not grant you the gift of my hatred. You’re asking for it, but responding to hatred with anger is falling victim to the same ignorance that has made you what you are. You want me to be scared, to view my countrymen with mistrust, to sacrifice my liberty for my security. You lost.

I saw her this morning. Finally, after nights and days of waiting. She was just as beautiful as when she left on Friday night, just as beautiful as when I fell hopelessly in love over 12 years ago. Of course I am devastated by this pain, I give you this little victory, but the pain will be short-lived. I know that she will be with us every day and that we will find ourselves again in this paradise of free love to which you have no access.

We are just two, my son and me, but we are stronger than all the armies in the world. I don’t have any more time to devote to you, I have to join Melvil who is waking up from his nap. He is barely 17-months-old. He will eat his meals as usual, and then we are going to play as usual, and for his whole life this little boy will threaten you by being happy and free. Because no, you will not have his hatred either”.


****Antoine Leiris****



This was a FaceBook status from, a Husband with a 17 month child, of one of the Victims in Paris, France. This was written to an unnamed person or group of people in the second person.

This is exactly what is needed to be done of all the ugliness around us. We all need to stand up and be counted against all this ugliness and not just sit around to do nothing, or live in fear from this ugliness.

Jesus did not come to us and walk his journey with us, so some could try to take control of all others, by using fear and weapons. Jesus came to us to teach us just how to walk our paths of this journey of life in peace, with happiness of everything around us. Jesus also sacrificed himself, suffered and died for us, then rose again to be seated at the right hand of his Father, to show us that when we walk our paths of this journey of life correctly, we to will rise from the dead, to be in a World of love, with no signs of any hatred.

” Hatred is only temporary, as love is for ever, to be achieved by each of us who walk a path through this journey of life”


These Terrorists can only operate strongly when the fear they bring to our Society is as strong as it is now, they will continue this ugliness and senseless tragedies as long as we fear them and do nothing to end their reign, when we stand as one and look these Terrorists in the eye and putting this fear right back into them, just like we deal with Bullies along our paths of this journey, then the Terrorist just like the Bully, will cower away like the true Coward they are.

I can’t explain exactly why these Individuals act in this way of a Terrorist, I can only come up with a theory that may not be far from the truth? This theory is, these Individuals have hidden deeply their true feelings and emotions, simply because they have been hurt deeply themselves in some way? For them to move forward without dealing with their own pain, they take to putting fear in all that is around them and making everybody else go through much pain and hardship. The Terrorist is merely an Individual that has lost their true feelings of empathy and remorse, an Individual because they have lost truly who they are, have twisted their views and are now trying to push their twisted views on the rest of us and if we don’t follow their ways, then well we all know what their end game is.

The time is now to end all this ugliness that is around us everywhere, time we all stand as one, showing these Terrorists we don’t fear them anymore, so they can cower away like the true Cowards they are. God did not create Mankind, or did he send his only son Jesus to us, for us to show this hatred of each other, God wants us all to walk our paths of this journey showing our love of each other, so we all can walk in peace and happiness everyday of our existence, then when we walk our paths correctly and our journey here ends, we to can be in a World full of love, as Jesus showed us when he had risen from the tomb in which he lay.


” Empathy and remorse is within us all, when it gets buried then we bring ugliness to all that is around us”

” We all struggle with issues at times in our lives, these struggles bring much pain, but when we fix these issues correctly, then the pain goes away and we can feel our love that’s within us and share this love with each other”


From Rags to Riches……


We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our ways and our views of how to walk these paths, just like we all have our views of what becoming rich is, but what truly is being rich? Is it having so much money we get lazy with our lives? Or is being truly rich in our spirits what makes us better and stronger along the paths we walk?

” We all want to be crowned in gold, but when Jesus came to us and sacrificed his life for us, he was wearing a crown of thorns, but was the richest of all of us, in his mind, body and soul”

We all want to be rich with money as we think this will cure the ways of which we live? We think money will give us all the power over each other? But money is the root of all Evil and will never cure us from the clutches of Hell.

We the people of this Society are our own worst Enemies, it is okay to have our own views of the way we want to live, but when we force our views on each other, now you have become a Society scorned and a Society that has become broken, in search of a fix to all our troubles moving forward. Just like the Tree’s in this picture, they have many branches stemming from the main branch called the tree trunk, there are many paths that branch out along this journey of life, there are no wrong paths, just we have to find the right paths for which to follow, without over stepping ourselves as we chose to follow a path. Sometimes we let the views of others shine brighter than our own views, cause we simply don’t have the confidence to follow our views, we think when we see others with more riches, we then think we are doing something wrong and then become something we are not, just to keep up, but as we do this we then get lost within the path of this journey of life.

Jesus came to us and taught us just how to walk these paths of this journey, but through the years and with our clouded views, we have also lost the true teachings of Jesus Christ. When we see much hate of each other, with the senseless tragedies happening around us, you would think we all would recognize the fact that we are doing something wrong? But in this Society of egotism and all about me, we can’t truly see the writing on the walls around us. We can still fix the troubles of Society, we all throughout Society have to come together, put our views a side and  when we come together as one, we then become stronger for whatever battle we may face. We need not rely heavily on our Leader’s as these Leader’s have failed us before, although they to need to join us in coming together, so we all can rid this Society of the ugliness, fix what we need to fix, as we get back to walking our paths in peace and we all have smiles and full of happiness along this journey of life.


” We all have our own views of what is around us, we need not push these views on each other”

” This hatred and ugliness we see around us today can be fixed, we just have to come together as one and become stronger than the hatred and ugliness themselves”


Senseless tragedies have no justification within any Society

1398913762364          For as long as there are senseless tragedies happening within this Society and no matter where you are, This picture of young eight year old Martin Richards, who was taken from us, in the act of a senseless tragedy, will always be resurrected for the saying he wrote, ” No more hurting people peace”.

First and for most, may all our Prayers and thoughts go out to the Families of this senseless tragedy in Paris, France. There is simply zero tolerance and no justification for any group or Individual, that would operate in this way showing no empathy or remorse for anything around them. These Terrorists and yes anybody that does such a terrible act is a Terrorist,  as they put the fear of God within us all and make us all afraid to even go outside, all they want is simply having the power and a self recognition of they are the most powerful over everything and anything on this Planet Earth.

A Terrorist is merely no different than a Bully we all once grew up with, except maybe in today’s World these Bully’s have evolved in a very sick, twisted and deranged manner. They want to have control and power over everything and will stop at nothing to get it. We all use Social Media to stay in touch with our loved ones who have moved so far away, these Terrorists also use this to recruit and train, all the Deranged Individuals around the Globe, just so it can seem to all of us within this Society that they are everywhere and inflict the most fear on a greater scale. We all within this Society think that it is all Muslim’s that are Terrorists? There may be a large number of them yes, but a Terrorist comes from all walks of life and all backgrounds. The Taliban or the group ISIS might of originated in the Middle East, but with the use of Social Media they are everywhere around us and targeting our children, right from beneath us. ” The weak prey on the weak”, yes all Terrorists are weak and all we have to do is stand up to them, look them straight in the eyes and put the fear of God that they give us, right back at them, so they can cower away, like the true Cowards they are.

We all throughout Mankind walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles and issues that we need to fix, or they will control every fiber of our being. Most of us do fix what we need, to move forward better and stronger, but there are some that do nothing to fix anything, just bury everything so deep within themselves, that their true feelings and emotions, get buried with all the other crap and become someone they truly are not. When we become someone we truly are not, we then get lost in the clouds of our judgements and as we walk our paths of this journey, we do so walking aimlessly and with no true direction to where we are going. These Terrorists are so lost within the clouds of their judgements, that they have zero idea of what they are doing, then take to Social Media so they can recruit and train the Deranged Individuals to do all their dirty work and these Deranged Individuals are just crazy enough to do whatever of what they ask. Plus the Terrorists are so desperate to gain control of everything around them that, they are targeting all the weak and especially our children, so they can be the Domestic Terrorist, just so they don’t have to step foot on any soil, except the soil of where they live. The situation we are in with all the Terrorist groups, whether Domestic or abroad, is so far out of control that not just our leaders have to fix this, we all throughout Society need to fix this, by stepping up to all the Bullies/Terrorists and simple putting the fear of God right back into them, or else we may never be able to walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, instead we will always be looking over our shoulders.

” A Terrorist is merely a Bully that has evolved and become more sick, demented and deranged, with no feelings or remorse”

” Prayers for all those affected by the tragedy in Paris France, let us all finally end this crap to walk our journeys in peace with much happiness”

” The Taliban and ISIS might of originated in the Middle East, but Terrorists and Terrorism, are everywhere around us no matter where your from or live today”

The 2015 Boston Bruins

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA          The Boston Bruins are a hockey team within the National Hockey League (NHL), they are also my favorite sports team and always have been throughout my life. Win, lose or draw, I will always bleed the black and gold, the greatest hockey talent ever to lace up the skates played for these Bruins and brought two Stanley cups to the city of Boston, his name is Bobby Orr and I idolized him as I played the game growing up. I have been fortunate enough to witness these Bruins going to five Stanley cup final, winning three and losing two. This team has always been competitive each season, with only a few seasons falling short of expectations, the thing most about this team is, throughout the years they have made the playoffs with lesser named players than other teams, could the Ownership maybe change their philosophy of this team a bit and actually spend for the bigger named talent of the league, possibly? But throughout my time as a true Boston Bruins fan, it surely looks like they are more about putting the profits in their pockets, instead of rewarding the true fans with some great talent, for more chances of bringing Lord Stanley back to Boston, where it belongs.

With that said……. My thoughts of Claude Julien is, he is a great coach with a great system of play, with his system he needs all the players on the roster to buy into the the system and execute the system perfectly and in 2011 they all bought in with the result being, they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston where it truly belongs. After winning the Stanley cup (which is hardest trophy to win in all sports), the team got into salary cap issues and had to let go some of the key players that brought the identity to the team, with the result since has been a team in need of an identity. Identity in hockey goes way beyond the talent of the players and has everything to do with, group of players bonding together as one, taking their Individual talents, putting them together and making the entire team stronger, which makes them a difficult team to play against, for any team that they may face. When the entire roster of players bond together and play for each other, the result then becomes they win more than they lose, in 1970, 1972 and 2011 these Bruins showed just what bonding together means and what being a team family really means, these players from these Championship teams were a family on and off the ice, which they had each others backs and played hard for each other each and every game. In 2011 and with the system of Claude in place, then with all the players bonding together as a family and buying into the system, is the biggest reason why they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston and why each and every game of that season they where a hard win for any team that they had faced. The Identity of the team in 2011 was that of, making the other team work that much harder to beat you, while the team/family of the Boston Bruins executed the system of Claude perfectly and piling up win after win. This team of 2015 definitely needs all these young players to buy into the system of Claude and bond together as one, so they to can create this Identity that the past teams of the Bruins have had, as well as the success they have had also, I will always bleed the black and gold of the Boston Bruins and do hope these Bruins can bond together as one, bringing Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston, where the true home of this most prestigious trophy truly is.

” The Identity of any team, starts with all the players of that team bonding together and bringing all their Individual talents together, making them a hard team for any other team to play against”

” when a sports team bonds together they become a family on and off the field/ice”

” Championships don’t always have to be won with the best of talent, they can also be won with a team who has the strongest Identity and who bonds together stronger than the opponent”