Who are we truly measuring up too…………..

Creek ” The stream simply flows with no worries or cares nothing of what anything around it thinks, unlike we throughout Society that put up a front to show all is good, even when we are struggling”

The pressures within life is nothing new for any of us from one Society to another, only within today’s Society with Social Media do we get stomped on by life’s pressures. You add in the life events that happen to us throughout our journey of life, now you have a lot of hidden pressure for which we all struggle with everyday of our existence.

A Child growing up has not found their path within their journey of life, they simply are a sponge soaking in everything around them. Sometimes what a Child soaks in is all good, sometimes it is all bad, but most of the time it is a combination of both. A Child doesn’t know what the difference between right and wrong is? They learn this as they grow, a lot of times they learn the difference after some events have already happened, so now they live with a lot unnecessary pressure, that they don’t know truly of how to deal with it.

When things happen to us at a young age, we simply bury these things deep within, cause we are afraid to reach out for help when we truly need it, instead we try to move forward like there is nothing wrong? We also try to over achieve at everything we do, to simply make it like we are living up to what others expect from us? But are we truly trying to live up to others expectations, or are we just trying to simply live as others around us are living? If only we lived in a perfect World with no life events happening, we to could flow with no worries, like the stream in this picture.

When a life event happens to us and we try to suppress it deep within our core, all it truly does is fill us with much shame and guilt without any way of getting rid of it, or should I say any way for us to truly reach out for help, cause we don’t understand the reason of why this happened at all? When ever we suppress anything deep within our core, we lose a huge chunk of who we truly are, we become clouded in our own judgments, we get lost among the many others that are hiding deep within themselves also. Who ever that crosses our paths and that seems like they are living the good life? They truly are not and are also hiding deep within themselves, it is only when we learn to reach out for help the proper way, that we can finally undo all the suppression, finally forgive ourselves for not reaching out sooner and it is when we forgive ourselves that helps the pain from the events go away, Nobody lives in a perfect World, we all have our struggles, we all suffer some kind of an event? When we do struggle we then put to much pressure on ourselves, which we then get engulfed in over achieving, in order to look as normal as we possibly can. Within today’s Society and through Social Media these pressures of life become times 1,000, cause now we get bombarded from all angles and for some, these pressures become so great that we then think of an end game and we all know what that is?

We all go through these life events, we all struggle at times within our lives, instead of trying to hide within ourselves, just maybe we all should just simply flow within life like the stream in an open prairie,   As a Child when we soak everything in, just maybe we could soak in of how to forgive ourselves more, so we don’t have to try to live up to anything, or maybe get lost within the clouds of our judgements, life isn’t as easy for anybody even if they make it seem to be easy, we all have to learn to adapt to everything around us, or whatever that may cross our paths, We simply have to learn to adjust, learn to reach out for help instead of living with shame and guilt, so we can truly walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become stronger and better moving forward.

” When life’s pressures seem to over come you, learn to reach out for help instead of suppressing things, to make ourselves seem to be issue free from all others”

” Life events will bring shame and guilt to our lives, we need to better understand this so we can forgive ourselves more, to rid all the shame and guilt from our lives”

” Life along our journeys comes with much pressure, we need to learn better of how to understand these pressures, so we can deal better with our lives along this journey”

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