Nothing like a good campfire for the ambiance of real camping.

             Real camping is going deep within the Wilderness, away from all the noise and commotion of Civilization, so you can unwind, sit by the campfire and totally relax away all the stress of everyday living. Most people want to camp in places with all different kinds of activities going on around them, a bath house with running water and an electric supply to keep their Techy devices plugged in, so they can check their Facebook statuses. This is not true camping and definitely not getting away from the rat race in order to get true relaxation.

Back in the beginning of Mankind this wasn’t called camping, as this was how early Man survived and kept warm through the cold days of winter. Most people of today can’t even make a campfire, without using a starter log, or maybe some kerosene and a touch of gasoline. Mention the making of a small bow to spin a small twig in and some will respond, ” whats a bow? It is like the bow of a bow and arrow, except smaller, so you can spin a twig within the twine, on top of a flat piece of wood, then you can create enough friction, to get a hot ember, than place it in the campfire, while blowing gently on it to create a small flame, which will then help you build the campfire and the ambiance of real camping.   When you spin the twig fast enough to create friction, you are heating up the twig, then pieces of it fall to the flat piece of wood below and start to smoke, which then turns into this hot ember, from the ember when you blow lightly on it, will then flame and you place it within the campfire you built, to catch bigger twigs and logs, then eventually into a nice campfire, so you can set the ambiance of real camping.

It doesn’t get any better than real primitive camping, a place where there is nothing around you but the great outdoors and the wildlife that live out there with no worries and a care for anything, that we the people take for granted. Once you set camp, gather the firewood from all the dead wood and fallen tree’s, get the fire started, now let the true relaxation of primitive camping begin, as you feel the stress of everyday living simply leave your body. Even better if you have a fishing rod with you, then you can relax by the water, as you try to bring in a couple keepers, then bring them to camp, to clean and filet, so you can cook them over the open fire of the great outdoors.

Primitive camping may not be for everybody, but for the real adventurous types, it is a way to get back in touch of who we really are throughout Mankind,  it is a way to let the everyday stress from civilization just flow out of your body, so we can truly relax, unwind and enjoy all the beauty that is around us. There is so much more to enjoy as we walk our paths along this journey of life, but when we get caught up within our comfort zones, we don;t go outside the box, to truly take in all the true beauty that is around us and this is what true primitive camping really does.

” Primitive camping isn’t sitting around a public campsite with activities and noise around you, it is being so deep in the wilderness, that you can actually here yourself think, as well as all the wildlife that may be around you”

” The campfire is what sets the ambiance of camping, without a campfire you have no ambiance or warmth on a cool night”

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