A hardened exterior covers a softer, brittle interior.

         Each path through the journey of life, may be similar in where they bring us, but they are very different in what each holds for us, as we walk through along this journey of life. Each path has it’s struggles and has us at times taking the round about way, instead of the direct and quicker route, they also have us twisting and turning as well, with the many hurdles and life events that come before us on these paths, it is the life events that come to us and most of them are brought on by others, that have us forming this hardened exterior, which then has us forgetting about the softer and more brittle interior.

When the events come to us, they also bring us great pain and forces us to do anything in order to rid ourselves of this pain. we try to move forward but the pain becomes so great, that we forget our true selves, bury deep within who we truly are, form this hardened shell around us, which hides our true identity and protects us from further harm that may bring more pain. We may not look like this rock in the picture, but this rock is exactly what we would look like, if the hardened shell we put up around us, was visible to each of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

There are some who will come to us along our paths and shame us in many ways, without showing any empathy or remorse for who they are shaming and when they are finished shaming one, they than move on to the next victim in which to shame. We all in one way or another have been shamed and victimized at some point throughout this journey, It’s when the victim is of a young child, now you may be looking at a whole lifetime of heart-ache and pain, for which the hardened shell, really hides the softer more brittle side that is deep within each of us. Sometimes that young child gets taken from us, as they then are not aware of any kind of shell or anything around them. Just like Martin Richards, who was 8 years old and taken from us way too early, by two sick Individuals that wanted nothing but create fear all around us, at a happy celebration of the Boston Marathon. Then there is little Bella Bond, taken from us by her very own Mom and her Boyfriend? First she was beaten, tortured and ridiculed, before her demise and dropped in the ocean by her mom and boyfriend.  From the acts of these Deranged Individuals you now have two young victims, stripped of their lives and the chance to grow in their lives like you and me throughout Society, The sad thing is, the fact there are many more children like them and a whole lot more living with the pain from the abuse they are receiving which has a huge part of Society with a hardened exterior, without being in touch with their softer more brittle side. Unfortunately these victims suffer through their lives, cause they don’t reach out in their time of need, but the shame of the event makes it harder to reach out, for which they never are relieved of the pain, which forms the hardened exterior, that covers up the true person within us all.

” A hardened exterior is not just seen and felt on the rock, it is also seen and felt on each of us, at different times along our journey”

” We may not look like a rock, but we put forth the same hardened exterior at one point or another, within our lives along our journey of life”

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