Through the meadow the wild flowers grow, as the creek goes with the flow

Creek              Walking through a Meadow you will find many varieties of wild flower’s, you may also see different species of wild animals, with the creek going with the flow of what is around it. With all the beauty that is Mother Nature and all that coincides within it, makes you wonder why we all throughout Mankind can’t get along with each other.

We may walk in one direction even though there are many directions in which too travel, we get so involved in walking in a certain direction that we then think this direction is the only direction? When others around us walk in their direction, we immediately respond with ” you are wrong and I am right”. There is no wrong direction, as their are many directions to travel along our paths of our journey through life,

While we are young and growing up into Society, there are many groups or cliques that each one operate in their own way and force us to be like them, or we will never fit in within that group? There are cliques like the Stoner’s, who do nothing but hang out and do drugs of all kinds, then there are the Jocks, who are into playing their sports and try to be the most popular of all around them, then you have the Geeks, that are the least popular and wear their nerdy glasses, as most of them are busy with their studies, cause the other cliques won’t let them within their space, but these Geeks most of the time are the smartest clique of them all. Just as everything within the World of Mother Nature, is full of many varieties and travel their direction, we all throughout Mankind have variety and travel many directions along our paths of our journey of life.

The journey of life has many varieties within it, we throughout Mankind just have to find what is best for us, so we can be better and stronger and then learn to coincide with others, so we can teach and learn from one another, instead of being against one another, when we enter in the world of the cliques and they try to force us to be something or somebody we truly are not, then that clique is not for us, when we are forced into anything we then develop a hatred for whatever is being forced upon us, what is even worse is that we then learn to rebel and pull back from all those around us.

There are many varieties of anything as we walk our paths along our journey of life, there are also many directions in which to go, we will only find the right direction and we  will find which variety that is right for us, only by exploring what is all around us, when we explore all that is around us, we then become better at accepting what is around us, instead of staying within the clique and developing a hatred for what may look different than we ourselves. .

” A clique is a group of Individuals, what a clique shouldn’t be is, surrounded with hate for whatever is around them”

” just as their are many different varieties within mother nature, there are also many different varieties within mankind as well”

” through the meadow the wild flowers grow……. as the creek goes with the flow”

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