Last walk along the lighted path, where it goes no one knows.

Dock            The deep blue color of where the sky meets the ocean, looks like they flow smoothly into each other. The shapes of the clouds look so cool and mesmerizes us into a fog. The cloud in the middle is kind of like an opening to a tunnel, if you look closely on the right side of the opening, could this be Jesus welcoming us through the Pearly Gates? You see what is a slight impression of a face and with this lighted walk that looks like it is headed into the tunnel, just maybe this is what the entrance to Heaven is?

Death is a subject that nobody wants to bring up or chat about, but yet as we walk our paths along this journey of life, it is a subject that stares us all in the eyes sooner or later. When death happens to those close to us, whom we love dearly, it becomes a very painful subject for us all, it also brings many tears of sadness as we miss our loved ones dearly, no one wants their loved ones to die and even though we know that the day will come, we never are ready for that day.

There was a time I moved away and had a job at a resort many miles from where I was born and raised, while I was there my Papere passed away. This was a man I had total respect for, I could talk to him comfortably and he always treated me with respect back, I loved him dearly and when he passed, I didn’t have the money to come back home, so I didn’t have the proper closure. When I did come home and walked into the house in which he lived, to see his wife and my mamere, That is when it hit me and I broke down when he wasn’t sitting in his favorite chair and my mamere was there to console me. We never want our loved ones to leave us, we know some day it will come, but we are never ready for it, which it pains us greatly and why we need that proper closure, so we can keep moving forward, as our loved ones would of wanted us to.

When a person dies do they walk this lighted path into the tunnel within the clouds in the sky and where Jesus welcomes us through the Pearly Gates? Nobody can say with 100% certainty, cause if they could, this would mean they have died and came back to walk their path along this journey of life. Nobody truly knows what happens after death, we can speculate, but this is only fiction and not fact. What we do know of death is, for the ones who lose a loved, it is a very painful time to get through,  to which having proper closure is very important for each of us, so we can keep moving forward as our loved ones would of wanted us to.

There are many things that will trip us up on our paths along this journey through life and death of our loved ones is at the top of the list, we all say they are above us looking down on us and with this cool picture, just maybe they truly are? The clouds in the sky have many different shapes and sizes everyday we look at them, with this lighted path that looks like it is headed toward the opening within the sky, definitely gets our minds to wander of something like this. Death is something that will knock us down and hold us down, til we have proper closer and better deal with our pain, yes we all feel this pain deep within our hearts and souls, some may try to hide it from others, as they don’t want to be looked at as weak, but the true weak ones are the ones that don’t deal properly with death itself.

To see this lighted path for what it truly is, with the opening within the clouds in the sky, we have to have complete faith in ourselves and complete faith in Jesus Christ, as he was the one that came and walked his journey with us and taught us just how to get to the path of righteousness. The path of righteousness is the light at the end of a dark tunnel and just maybe this lighted walk way, is truly the end of the path into eternity for all?  We all walk this path along this journey through life, we need to have complete faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, so when we feel any pain deep within us, we can continue to move forward, with the confidence to be better and stronger in all we do.

The path of righteousness comes to all of us when we keep the faith and stay confident, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”

” Clouds may come in all shapes and sizes, but do we truly know why they do, or do we just look at them to interpret their shapes in our own way”

” do we walk a lighted path into a tunnel in the clouds? To have the true answer to this, we have to have complete faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ”

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