Sports has changed throughout the years……..

“Sports from when I was a child to the present has changed in many ways, in some ways for the better and in other ways sports has become worse than ever before”.

Sports of yesterday was played for the love of the game no matter what sport you played. The sports of today is all about getting the big pay check, for which the greed has changed all sports into a sour atmosphere. Let’s start with the sponsors of not only the teams, but of the leagues in which you play and then there are the sponsors that pay big money to the Individuals, just to represent them and wear their logos everywhere they go. You also have the TV scenario, which involves advertising of many products and theses advertisers pay big money to the leagues, just to advertise during the playing of whatever sport you are watching. Now we have each Individual player of these sports, each team that brings them in, pays big money to them, along with their endorsements of their sponsors, so now you have Individuals playing a game, not just because they love the game (or they say they do), but they play just to get the big pay day and then squander it in foolish or selfish ways. Sports has become in many ways a business, instead of playing a game in which you love playing and have much fun at the sport you love.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many players in all sports that do it right, they play for the love and fun, with the money being secondary, but these players today are far and few between. I remember playing a sport as a child and idolizing certain player’s then pretending your them when your playing, this not only shows respect towards these players, but it also teaches us to have fun at a sport we play and develop a love for that game. In today’s sports there is no more love, as it’s all about, as a famous movie quote would say, ” Show me the money”.

Just like the tree in the middle of the picture, sports today with all it’s player’s throughout whatever league you may like and even the team played sports, is all about Individualism first and team second, cause each player looks out for his own just to receive the big bucks, not all players are this way as they work hard and let their actions determine how much they are worth? But a large majority of the players today are all about themselves for the big money they want, then all they do is play for the money, instead of the love of the game they play.

I remember as a child when you played your sport and the team you were on, there were some Parents that would get angry when the Coach wouldn’t play their child enough in the game, but in today’s world of sports this happens way too often, as the Parents push their children to the point, the child loses the love and the interest in the game and either quits, or just plays so they too can receive the big money that the Professional get.  The business side and all the money in sports has spun way out of control, leaving all sports being played for the greed of the game, instead of the love of the game.

“When you play a game or whatever you may do for work is done for the love, now you get rewarded with much fun and have loads of excitement for a sport you love”.

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