The Dark clouds that circle over this Society………….

           We the People throughout this Society and throughout all of Mankind, are the biggest problem of what this Society is turning into. All the drama and troubles that come before us at the cross roads, along our paths of this journey through life are first and for most, the fault and responsibility of each and every one of us.

” The dark clouds that loom over head, can disappear when we all acknowledge our faults and take responsibility of our actions”

We all dream and want that perfect wedding, we want this so bad that we enter a chapter into our lives, without really knowing of the one we enter it with? This is exactly why the Divorce rate is so high and the days of “til death do you part”, are gone from all our lives. We the People dream of that fairy tale wedding so much, we then become clouded by the dark clouds within our judgements. True that when we meet someone and date each other to learn of each other and as we  get involved in that person, then we think that this is the one? But do we really know the true person deep inside, or is this the fake front they perceive on the exterior? Then instead of basing our judgement of each other on becoming friends first to build a solid foundation in a Friendship, we first base it on is this person good enough in bed to satisfy my needs? A good solid foundation of a relationship, starts first with solid foundation of a friendship, a man and a Woman having a clear judgement, so they can become one with each other, not living with each other so they can look good to those around them, or a feeling they get when they spend the night in the bed with each other. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert entered this chapter of the fairy tale wedding, everybody around them thought they were meant to be? But now as we hear of their Divorce, we learn that one cheated on the other, just for that cheap and brief feeling we get from from the bed that really doesn’t last all that long. We are driven by this short lived feeling within this Society, instead of being driven by our true feelings, that will last for as long as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

This dark cloud that looms over our heads is simply the clouded judgements we make, because we don’t truly understand how do deal with all the issues we face everyday of our journey through life, life will always throw us a curve ball and we will always have these life events that try to throw us off our game, when we don’t handle these events correctly and truly understand why these events have happened? We will never hit the curve ball out of the park, so we than can be on top of our game, nor will these dark clouds of our judgements disappear from above our heads. A lot of times through the darkness of the clouds, we get caught up in the feelings of loneliness, that further our true feelings deeper inside us, then forming these fake feelings so others will think we are okay? When we get too close to others around us, or what we may think as that special person for us? We then enter into a chapter of our lives, that we end up getting out of at a later time in our lives, because we learn later that we have entered the wrong chapter at the wrong time.

We all have our issues, we all suffer through these life events that come to us even when we don’t want them to, but what we don’t do is, fix these events before the black clouds of our judgements, circle over our heads and trap us into becoming someone we truly are not. Then as we enter into a new chapter in our lives with someone who we think is right for us, or anything we may set out to do? We can make better judgements with our true feelings, instead of the fake feelings we portray so we can try to live a happy and healthy life. Marriage between a Man and a Woman is the most beautiful thing we will ever do as we walk our paths of our journey through life. when we enter into this chapter not only will we feel feelings like no other, but we will also live as one “til death do us part”,  then we all can walk our paths of our journey through life in peace and the darkness of the clouds will turn to brightness and happiness.

” The dark cloud that circles above us, will always disappear when we all fix our issues correctly and walk our journey through life being happy and true to ourselves and those around us”

” Dark clouds are not only in the sky above us, they also consume our judgements when we don’t fix our issues correctly and bury our true feelings deep within”

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