The Beautiful natural colors of Mother Earth, we all take for granted.

Nature Hearts           “There is so much beauty around us as we walk our paths along this journey of life, all we have to do is open our eyes, stop all the bickering, change our stubborn ways and be more open minded to everything around us”.

We the People within this Society of today, are exactly what is wrong and until we acknowledge our faults, take responsibility of our actions and stop trying to knock each other down, so we ourselves can shine over everything around us, Then this Society will forever be  troubled and we will never learn of our faults, so we all can walk our paths of our journey  of life in peace and become stronger and better than Societies of the past.

This whole Tom Brady vs the National Football League Scandal, proves just how much hatred we have for one another. Tom Brady is the biggest name in Football and he wins more than he loses, for this we have so much hatred aimed at Tom that it just makes me sick. When someone like Tom has so much success, the rest of us simply take the easy way out and hate on him just for being successful. Tom has earned all his success, wins and his fame, it all starts with the hard work Tom put in just to get to where he is today. Work is a new four letter word, that we are all so afraid to say or even do, so we all can enjoy success and fame like Tom Brady does. Instead we would rather hate on Tom or whoever that has succeeded in life, because we have given up and become too lazy to follow the steps of good old fashioned hard work. Everybody today wants to take the easy way in life, we all want to be rich with lots of money, but nobody wants to go to work, work very hard and earn this money then live a comfortable lifestyle, so we instead strip those who have worked hard of their success, by either hating on them, or robbing them of their respect and dignity, not too mention breaking into their homes and taking things that they worked hard at bringing into their lives.

I get the fact that certain life events can and will change who we are if we let them, these events will control every fiber of our being as well, when these events are in control of who we are, we then get lost in the clouds of our judgements and make bad choices within our lives, which leads to us with feelings of low self esteem and empathy of not just each other, but for ourselves as well. It takes hard work on our parts to fight these events from controlling who we are and a lot of times we give up and give in to the sorrow of ourselves, so we then frown at any kind of hard work and learn to hate on everything and everybody around us. This way of life is not the right way to live our lives as we walk our paths of our journey through life, but because we have given up we then become too lazy to apply ourselves to any kind of hard work, then hate on others cause they worked very hard to achieve great success in their lives.

Tom Brady like many other successful People as he is, worked very hard to get to where they are, he is also a Human being like all of us and because of this, we to with hard work can be as successful as he is, we just have to want it bad enough. The work may be hard at the beginning, but when the success comes, the work becomes easier, as all we need to do is sustain the work, so we to can have true success with all the glory as Tom and others like him. The time is now to end the hate, step up to the plate and throw the winning touchdown in the game of life, so we all can walk our paths within this journey of life, as successful as Tom, really enjoy the beauty that Mother Earth has for us all and be at peace with ourselves and all those around us.

” The work may be hard at the beginning, but as we achieve success, the work becomes easier as we sustain and enjoy”

” There is no excuse for this word called hate, it is only us being lazy and afraid to put in the hard work”

” Hate is a four letter word we let control who we are, another four letter word to end the hate is work, when we all work hard there is no time for any hate”

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