An era we should never forget.

  ” The Classics of our past, which we should always remember as we move forward, better and stronger on our paths of our journey of life”.

This car in this picture for those not familiar with it is, a 1939 Citron from the Country of France. This is more than just a car, as this shows just how those of that Society, walked their paths of their journey of life. All the Societies throughout Mankind, have had their ups as well as their downs, they also created many things that not only helped themselves be better and stronger, but also helped those around them to be better and stronger. Each Society has had their problems as well their good, just as we today may struggle in ways of hardship, lack of respect, irresponsibility and not doing to our neighbor as we would want them to do to us? We do have a lot of good that we bring to our Society like, all the technology, the social media networks so we can stay in touch with those around from anywhere, but instead of the technology and the social networks working to help us, we use them in ways that do nothing but create much hatred around us.

With things like this car and all the beauty that is around us, it is sad that we over look these things and let the ugliness and hatred consume who we are today. This was not God’s vision when he created Mankind, only we the people who have created all this ugliness and hatred over time throughout our journey. Sometimes in life along our journey we have these life events that cross our paths, with these events and as we try to move forward with no pain, we then proceed to suppress all the pain and while doing this we also suppress a huge part of who we are. When we hide deep within ourselves who we really are, not even we ourselves know who we are? We then do what ever we need to do in order, to keep this pain hidden within us, but what we don’t realize at the time is, the pain doesn’t stay hidden forever and will come back to us when we least expect it.

Life along our journey doesn’t have to be sad, ugly, or full of hatred, like Jesus showed us when he came to us and walked his journey, we to can get to that path of righteousness, walk our journey’s in peace, as we all love one another. The power is deep within our core in the name of the Holy Spirit. We all have this Holy Spirit within us, we just have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s true power. When the whoa’s of your life seems heavy and never ending, the power of prayer will always lift that heaviness right off your shoulders, as we stay true to who we are and have complete faith in Jesus Christ, cause he to feels the heaviness of the weight on our shoulders and will always forgive us no matter what, then as we trust in him and ourselves, he will always guide us towards that path of righteousness.

” 1939 Citron was and still is a beautiful car, we just have to look past the dust, like we look past the ugliness to see all the true beauty in everything we see”

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