In a Society we come together to be stronger and better…

                  “A Society is a group of Individuals that have come together as one, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while becoming stronger and better, for whatever may cross our paths”.

Today within the United States our highest court just ruled saying that, it is okay for those of the same sex to marry and become one, so they can be treated equally as a marriage between a man and a woman? will they truly be considered equal in the eyes of God? Or is this their way of pushing their views on the rest of us?

“For a Society to truly work as it should, we all need to be on the same page, not a few trying to push their views on the rest of us”.

When God created Mankind, he did so with creating a Man and a Woman to coincide with each other, the man and the woman come together as one, to love and cherish one another, so our Society can grow while we show this love to each other, to become stronger and better moving forward. God didn’t create a man and a woman for us to become divided and for some to push their views on the others.

Now what some may do behind closed doors, is their own thing and should never be pushed on others that want nothing to do with it. I understand we are an open Society, but what you do behind those close doors, is not the open that was meant to be of a Society. There are some that we never hear from that live their lives their own way, to which helps our society coincide together, but within this open Society you will always have a few, that stop at nothing, just to push their ways and views on the rest of us within the Society, which does nothing but divide our Society even further.

We all walk a path along this journey of life, when we push our ways and views on each other, makes our paths become full of ups and downs, to which the journey gets a bit rougher than it really has to be, I understand that some may feel they are different than others, but is this in the eyes of God, a good enough reason to disrupt what a Society is suppose to be? God created all Mankind to be unique to each other, he did not vision that we would take it to this level, instead of our highest court or our Government leaders working on topics like this, just maybe they could actually work on more important issues, that would help grow a Society to be better and stronger for all. The issue of same sex marriage, does nothing but truly take away the sanctity of the marriage between a man and a woman. Let’s not forget that a Society is all of us within Mankind, not just a few that push their views on others, when we all walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully, we all can grow within Society to be stronger and better, from one society to another.

” Marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman in the eyes of God, anything else means you truly don’t respect or believe in God our creator”

” The journey of life for all mankind is for all to coincide, not for each of us to become divided throughout the journey”

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