Looking out into the true beauty that is around us………..

                   There was once a time throughout the history of Mankind, that all of the Earth looked as green as this meadow, a time when Man actually respected the land that God created, now within our Society a beautiful meadow as in this picture, are in danger of being ripped of it’s beauty and built up, just so others can become more greedy than they already are.

“We all have lost respect for everything around us today, simply because we don’t take the time to truly see the beauty that is all around us”. Yes there was a time when the United states wasn’t even a state let alone a Country, a time that it wasn’t even settled, only people we know today as the American Indian called this Country their home. These Indians traveled this territory and saw this beauty everyday, now you have to look deeply into what you see, to even come close to the beauty that this Country once was. With all the Cities and towns of every state within the United States. being built up daily, just so a certain few can become more greedy than others, places like this picture are becoming more and more scarce.

Then you throw in the evolution of us, the Humans or the people of Mankind, the fact that we are all unique to each other, with our own minds and thinking from our minds, the fact that we all want to put our own stamp on this land, before our journey on this land comes to an end, now you have a hard time seeing what’s around you and even harder time looking deeply into what you see.

We all walk a path along this journey through life, we all have to coincide with each other along this journey, but right now we are all divided along this journey and just turn on the news today, just to see how divided we really are. There are some killing others just to push their beliefs on others, or even the fact that they want your shoes? You have some Individuals that use the word “RACE”, as an excuse to do dirty deeds on others? I have a news flash for you!!! “RACE” is a word only used in a foot race, or a Nascar sprint car race to name a few, the word “RACE” doesn’t even exist when you are referring to you and I as Humans, we are all people of this Society, only that we are unique to each other, which is the way God wanted it when he created Mankind.

The true beauty in this picture still exists around us today, we just have to look deeply into what we see. We have to look beyond what is right in front of us, we have to stay open minded and willing to try and do new things, when there is an obstacle in your way, don’t give up and go around it, tackle it head on so you can gain confidence for the next obstacle that comes before you. Life has many obstacles that comes before us, it is how we deal with them, that will determine how you walk your path along this journey of life.

It is hard to imagine this green meadow and how it feels and looks, if you haven’t seen one like the one in this picture, if you keep a close mind and never step out into the reality of life, you will never see the true beauty that is around you daily, instead you will allow yourself to become consumed with all the drama and crap that is in the news, or happening around you? When you allow yourself to get consumed with all this drama, then you yourself will suppress all your true emotions and feelings, just so you can try to move forward without feeling pain of any kind, which is why there is less empathy or remorse from any of us today? If we can’t truly feel any feelings of our own, than how are we suppose to feel any kind of feelings of those around us? We all walk a path along this journey of life, we all need to be able to coincide with each other, instead of being divided amongst each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while we become better and stronger, from one Society to another.

” the green meadow of peace is within each of us, we just have to look deeply into what we see”

” an obstacle is just that, when we attack them head on, not only do we feel better of ourselves, we feel better of each other, instead of avoiding them and lacking in our confidence”

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