What’s in the public water supply?

There is way too much ugliness happening within our Society today. When ever you turn on the television and turn to the news channels, all they talk about are stories that do nothing but show this ugliness, in order to bring even more drama to our Society. There is very little good stories in the news today and if there is a good story, it is usually for a short time, as this doesn’t create enough drama.

The Terrorist group called ISIS, is quite simply a group with no empathy or remorse of everything around them, they are all sick twisted Individuals, that have so much pain deep within their core of existence, that they operate the way in which they do, simply because they don’t want to acknowledge their pain and work hard at fixing themselves, so they can operate normally within this Society we all walk.

There are other Individuals that operate solely by themselves, that inflict much pain and fear to all of us everyday, these Individuals like the group ISIS are also sick and twisted, just that something or somebody has influenced them in the wrong way, because of this bad influence they have brought harm to everything around them.

The news media not only reports and brings us this drama everyday, but they keep on reporting many times throughout the days and weeks, which shows us nothing but to dwell on everything around us, instead of listen, learn,fix and then move on, so we can walk our paths of our journey of life in peace, while we become stronger and better to handle anything that may cross our paths.

You also have these Individuals to which we the people vote into office, that say what we want to hear just to get our vote, then they stab us in the back, by doing the complete opposite so they can push through their own agendas, instead of whats good for all that have voted for them, so they can live of our hard earned money with the tax dollars we pay in.

Government whether State or Federal is suppose to work for….We the people, instead our elected officials have twisted their job into, a complete power game in which they want all the power and leave us (we the people) in the streets to fend for ourselves. This power game shows up big when it’s time to make their budgets for the coming year, each of the elected officials want the other to have their budgets  slashed and not their own, but every year what always gets cut, just to make the budget balance, is something we need to help stop all this ugliness and drama within our Society today, that something is Mental Health.

Mental Health and the facilities are so under maned, simply for the reason that,our elected officials just don’t see the sickness that is in the public water supply. This sickness are the Individuals that bring fear and violence to our Society, simply because they have had some bad influences and suffer some major pain in their lives,  then they act out to try to lift their pain away from themselves which only brings it to the rest of us within our Society and furthers the fuel for the media, to bring us more unwanted drama, for them to repeat daily and weekly.

This sickness within our Society is right there in front of our eyes, we see it everyday just that nobody wants to acknowledge it, so it can be fixed and we all can walk our paths along our journey through life peacefully, then we can truly be better and stronger for whatever that may cross our paths.

” Mental Health is a sickness,  like all the different cancers out there, Mental Health will eat you from the inside out”

” Depression  is a form of mental health, look at the great Robin Williams, he might of made us laugh daily, but he was hurting deeply inside”

” Mental Health may not be curable, but when handled correctly it can be controllable, we just have to better understand so we can fix ourselves and bring peace to ourselves and our society”

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