A Society scorned as the Country becomes torn……….

“We are all to blame for our Society being scorned, as the country in which we live is ripped out from beneath our feet”.

Until we all learn to accept the error of our ways, without pointing the finger away from where we should be looking first, then we will always be a scorned Society, with no Country beneath our feet. When we do something wrong and because we don’t want to accept the ramifications of our wrongful actions, we then point the finger so we don’t have to do anything about it. This is a serious problem throughout all of mankind and everybody within this Society needs to acknowledge this, so we can fix ourselves to be better, as our Society will then become better for all of us.

This problem isn’t just about the Individual, it is also about the Corporate infrastructure, the Government and all the “elected” officials within it, everything from the retail stores, to the petroleum industry, we all want favors from wherever we can get them, but we are not willing to give up anything to get these favors. Corporate companies will pay big money, to sway the elected officials, to vote for whatever they want, In this Society greed controls everything, to which those with the money will get everything and those with no money, end up with nothing and living out on the streets and under the bridges around us.

The Government comes up with a plan to give people health-care, but at what expense are you really trying to make yourself look good for? Then they say if you don’t have health-care, then you will be fined at the end of the year? the cost of this health care plan, who do you think is really going to pay for this? who is this health care act really for? There are a lot of questions surrounding this act, but when you ask these questions, it goes in one ear and out the other, this plan seems to do nothing but give more control to the big Insurance companies, but who do you think pays these Insurance companies? You are correct if you said John Q. Public, he is the one paying into these companies with his outrageous premium bill and he is the one that should have the control of who he see’s and where he goes to be treated. Right now this picture is backwards and really needs to be turned around and straightened out, we the people pay into these big corporate companies, but then we have no say when the service fails us? Come on when are we all going to wake up and really take a look around us? Maybe when it’s too late and we are all to sick and weak to do anything about it, this is what the insurance companies want, so they can keep our hard earned money, go out and live their plush, exotic lifestyles, while each of us are doing anything just to make ends meet.

You have Doctor’s with long time patients for many years, that are closing their practices because the insurance companies are making it harder for them to keep their practices, where are the patients suppose to turn? they can’t turn to the Insurance company, cause before you know it there will be no more Doctor’s in which to go, are we all suppose to die, so these big corporate insurance Executives can enjoy their plush lifestyles alone? Then there will be no more money for them coming in if we all die off, so now where are they going to turn? Everything within our Society is about power and greed, we all want it but unfortunately  we all can’t have it, just like at our place of employment, everybody wants to be the Boss, but if we are all the Boss, than who is going to do the work to for you to earn a paycheck?

There are a lot of questions within my blog today, these questions have no true answers, cause nobody really knows themselves what is truly going on, it is kind of like we are all flying 4,000 feet in the air with no airplane, or a parachute to break our fall, You think we will survive the fall? The fall is coming and when it does we are all in very deep trouble, to which we all may never get up from this one. I would like to say we have a huge election coming up next year, but by the looks of who is joining the race, I have no confidence in any of them. What we need is a Candidate that first and for most, has a proven track record, of taking a broken company ( which is what America is) and turning it around to be better and stronger than it ever has, fixing the broken economy first before all else, just like within our families when they are hurting, you fix your own first, before you venture out to help fix others. Then when your own is better and stronger than ever, you may go out to help others so they also can be better and stronger, there is so much to fix within this Society, I actually feel sorry for the next in line that has this huge responsibility and task to do this job, it won’t be easy and especially when you have to deal with a media, that makes breaking news out of anything that will create drama, so they can build their ratings, which will bring more money to those Executives, which further shows that this Society we live today is all about power and greed, for which we all will do anything to achieve it, but will always neglect what we should be doing and that is, taking responsibility for our actions and showing each other respect and dignity.

” The Insurance companies will always accept our hard earned money, but they never want to pay out anything that will make us better and stronger to walk our journey through life”

” Today’s Society is all about the power and greed, instead of what it really should be about, the taking of responsibility, having respect for and showing dignity of each other”

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