Well informed decisions within life.

We all walk our paths along this journey of life, There is so much that goes on within these paths, it is very easy to get side tracked or derailed, that we than try to move forward without making better decisions, as we walk these paths along this journey called life.

When you add in other crap like life events, now you become lost along this journey, before you even realize that you have become lost. We as Humans are not perfect, we all make mistakes and bad decisions, but when we fix our mistakes and correct our bad decisions, before they become bigger than they really need to be, this journey through life can be a lot less stressful, than we make it out to be.

With a lot of the other crap that consumes us, we also have to deal with, others who try to push their ideas and their ways onto us, or they try to sell us things that we don’t need, just so they can get our hard earned money, our lives have become filled with way too much drama and unnecessary crap within this Society we now walk.

You also have a position of the President of the United States, with this position comes a lot of sleepless nights, as this person is not only the leader of a country, but a leader of the most powerful country on the planet. Lately I would say the last 9 or 10 terms of this position, it has went from a position with dignity and respect, to a position with no dignity or respect. Just look at the candidates that are lining up to run for this position in the next election.

I like the Busch family and have great respect for them, the Clinton’s lets just say I am over them, which is why I think this country needs real change, which you will not get with a vote for either. Some may want to vote for Hillary just because they want her to be the first woman President, but you think she will really bring the change needed, for us to be better and stronger moving forward? This is a big question we all need to ponder, in order to make the right decision, not just for ourselves, but for each and every member within this great country we live.

There are so many candidates throwing there hats into the ring for this election, it is like going to Barnum and Baily’s circus, which does nothing but take away further, the dignity and respect this position should be getting. The first ones I blame for this is, the liberal Media and the next in line are the Democratic committees and the Republican committees, the three of these groups have turned the office of President, into the ring leader at the Circus.

True we the people have the power of the vote, but when we are swayed into a direction we don’t want to go, with all the propaganda and all the broken promises we hear, makes a lot of the people just give up, cause they think there well informed vote doesn’t matter? We as the Citizens of the United States, need to stand up against all the crap of these three groups, speak out by saying ” we are not taking it anymore”, and basically shutting up these three groups once and for all. The way we do this is, tune out all the negative crap, do our own homework, so we can make a well informed decision, within the walls of the voting booth the next time around.

Do we really want another Clinton or a Busch at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue? Or do we want real change to come to us and change that makes each and every one of our lives, better and stronger moving forward, along our paths of our journey through life. There is a lot more to improving the quality of life to each and every one of us, than for another Clinton or a Busch to get into office, so they can say they are the royalty or that they are the only ones that matter amongst us? Then there is a guy named Donald Trump? that’s for another blog it may take another 600 or so words on this subject? Or maybe just the new hair-do that may start the new fad? We need a President that not only will bring back the dignity and respect to the position, but a President that will actually help us all within this country, be stronger and better moving forward on all our paths, along this journey through life.

” in order to make well informed decisions, we have to be clear minded and do our homework properly, without any pushing from outside sources”

” Real change comes from within, comes from taking a different course, instead of staying the same course, with all the same drama and crap”

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