Camping the great outdoors……

“Camping is a good way to back in touch with the ways of early Mankind”.

When I talk of camping, I don’t mean towing a trailer behind your vehicle and setting up in a campground, that has everything from activities to programs, to a recreation room for board games or even bingo, this kind of camping is basically bringing your house to a different location and sleeping on a comfy mattress.

The type of camping I am talking about, is pitching a tent in the wilderness, away from anything of normality that you would usually do in everyday life, getting back in touch with the early settlers of Mankind, where you had no running water or even electricity  to get plugged into. To sleep you lay a sleeping bag down inside the tent and sleep on the Earth in which we walk, if there is a stream nearby then you listen to the running water and fall asleep in a peaceful setting. During the day going on little walks and exploring things around you, that you normally would never think of exploring, basically getting away from the congestion within our society and stepping out into a piece of serenity, to totally relax and recharge to see everything around us in a different light.

Yes camping in the wilderness in a tent, may be a little more work in setting up camp, unlike backing into campsite and simply connecting a few wires and hoses, but the simple fact of having true serenity and peacefulness, is totally worth the little extra work, camping to me is about the serenity and peacefulness, exploring things you normally would not explore and stepping out of your usual comfort zone, which will help you be stronger and better, with whatever comes across your path along this journey called life.

True within this Society we live today and all the gadgets or devices that we have, which makes our lives easier, most people would never think of true wilderness camping, to them they just can’t step away from the running water, or having the security of turning on the lights at night, let alone being away from their Facebook’s or Twitter for even one second? Let’s not forget the early settler’s of Mankind, they had nothing, not even shoes on their feet, to eat they had to make their own weapons in order to hunt for their food, build a fire so they can have warmth, these are the things we in this Society take for granted and think that we are supposed to have it this way?

There is nothing in this Society that is a guarantee, or that should just be given to us. You want something than go out and earn it, yes those early settlers had to work hard for what they gathered, but in the end, they had no stress like we put on our self’s today.

This is why I like primitive camping, it keeps you in touch with how everything on Earth works, seeing and exploring things you normally would never do, having that peacefulness of serenity to clear your head and recharge, so you can go back into Society with a clear head, true camping to me is the old fashioned primitive ways and not towing your house behind you, then backing into a site with many activities to do at your arrival, like getting a room at the Ritz Carlton and being pampered at every turn.

” True Camping is getting back in touch with the roots of Mankind and seeing the true beauty the Earth has to offer”

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