To look forward as we see the new beginning from what we think is an ending…

                         ” What we see as an ending, is really a new beginning, we just don’t see it at the time”

You see in this picture the different changes within it, the what seems to be lifeless trees in the background, yet the vibrant bright green color of the tree in the foreground making this picture look a bit three dimensional? To some they may overlook this at first glance, yet to others it will be clear as day, everything around us including we ourselves, will go through many changes, these changes will always bring an ending that we need to accept and acknowledge, so we can truly see them as a new beginning and begin a new path along our journey through life we all walk together.

God puts forth these changes to us in the form of an ending, so we can truly see the new beginning, to truly be stronger and better along our paths of our journey through life. God also puts everything in our lives at play here, even the churches in which we frequent, to pray and ask for his forgiveness. Each one of these churches with their congregation, will go through these changes cause it brings us closer to God, so we can find and have complete Faith in him, the power of this Faith is much greater than we really know, cause we don’t truly acknowledge it and feel it within us. The power of Faith is within us all, just as God’s love for us is within our hearts always, God doesn’t put forth these changes to us to punish us, he only does so to make us better and stronger moving forward.

True when a church is forced to close, there then comes much pain, grief and sadness. These churches have become great inspirations to us all, we have been Baptized, made first communions, been confirmed and even married at our churches, we even come to celebrate a life that has been taken from us within these churches, these churches have been a huge part of our lives and who we have become as we grow into this Society, that unless we look deeply into what we see, we will never see that ” from all endings, will always come a new beginning”, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward.

There is no textbook for us to study about walking a path along this journey of life, like we study our textbooks in our schools, the only book we have to look at is the “Holy Bible”, a lot of us just simply don’t take the time to read it, so we can understand better this journey through life, instead we make up our own version of this journey and then let ourselves feel the wrong feelings, which does nothing but bring us more pain than we really need to feel, Jesus didn’t come to us and form his disciples, just so we could do things against what he taught us along his journey, Jesus came to us to teach the goodness of the true path of righteousness to his Disciples, which they in turn spread their knowledge to us, as well as the love of Jesus Christ to all of us who walk their paths along this journey of life. During the time of the journey of Jesus Christ, they didn’t have many places of worship like we do today, they had one to which we all had to travel to, in order to seek his help in forgiveness, but what we tend to forget even back then was, the power of prayer and faith which is always there for each of us, no matter where you are along your journey, the power of this Faith and Prayer is within each of us, we just have to feel it within us to unleash it’s true power, then as we feel it’s true power, we all can walk our paths in peace, as our journey through life becomes better and we become stronger.

” there is only one true book of this journey through life, it is known to us all as the Holy Bible and we all need to take the time to read it and understand better the journey of life”

” change is always difficult but when done correctly will always help us be better and stronger”

“Everything around us may close at some point, but never see it as an ending, always look at it as a new beginning”

In a Society we come together to be stronger and better…

                  “A Society is a group of Individuals that have come together as one, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while becoming stronger and better, for whatever may cross our paths”.

Today within the United States our highest court just ruled saying that, it is okay for those of the same sex to marry and become one, so they can be treated equally as a marriage between a man and a woman? will they truly be considered equal in the eyes of God? Or is this their way of pushing their views on the rest of us?

“For a Society to truly work as it should, we all need to be on the same page, not a few trying to push their views on the rest of us”.

When God created Mankind, he did so with creating a Man and a Woman to coincide with each other, the man and the woman come together as one, to love and cherish one another, so our Society can grow while we show this love to each other, to become stronger and better moving forward. God didn’t create a man and a woman for us to become divided and for some to push their views on the others.

Now what some may do behind closed doors, is their own thing and should never be pushed on others that want nothing to do with it. I understand we are an open Society, but what you do behind those close doors, is not the open that was meant to be of a Society. There are some that we never hear from that live their lives their own way, to which helps our society coincide together, but within this open Society you will always have a few, that stop at nothing, just to push their ways and views on the rest of us within the Society, which does nothing but divide our Society even further.

We all walk a path along this journey of life, when we push our ways and views on each other, makes our paths become full of ups and downs, to which the journey gets a bit rougher than it really has to be, I understand that some may feel they are different than others, but is this in the eyes of God, a good enough reason to disrupt what a Society is suppose to be? God created all Mankind to be unique to each other, he did not vision that we would take it to this level, instead of our highest court or our Government leaders working on topics like this, just maybe they could actually work on more important issues, that would help grow a Society to be better and stronger for all. The issue of same sex marriage, does nothing but truly take away the sanctity of the marriage between a man and a woman. Let’s not forget that a Society is all of us within Mankind, not just a few that push their views on others, when we all walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully, we all can grow within Society to be stronger and better, from one society to another.

” Marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman in the eyes of God, anything else means you truly don’t respect or believe in God our creator”

” The journey of life for all mankind is for all to coincide, not for each of us to become divided throughout the journey”

Looking out into the true beauty that is around us………..

                   There was once a time throughout the history of Mankind, that all of the Earth looked as green as this meadow, a time when Man actually respected the land that God created, now within our Society a beautiful meadow as in this picture, are in danger of being ripped of it’s beauty and built up, just so others can become more greedy than they already are.

“We all have lost respect for everything around us today, simply because we don’t take the time to truly see the beauty that is all around us”. Yes there was a time when the United states wasn’t even a state let alone a Country, a time that it wasn’t even settled, only people we know today as the American Indian called this Country their home. These Indians traveled this territory and saw this beauty everyday, now you have to look deeply into what you see, to even come close to the beauty that this Country once was. With all the Cities and towns of every state within the United States. being built up daily, just so a certain few can become more greedy than others, places like this picture are becoming more and more scarce.

Then you throw in the evolution of us, the Humans or the people of Mankind, the fact that we are all unique to each other, with our own minds and thinking from our minds, the fact that we all want to put our own stamp on this land, before our journey on this land comes to an end, now you have a hard time seeing what’s around you and even harder time looking deeply into what you see.

We all walk a path along this journey through life, we all have to coincide with each other along this journey, but right now we are all divided along this journey and just turn on the news today, just to see how divided we really are. There are some killing others just to push their beliefs on others, or even the fact that they want your shoes? You have some Individuals that use the word “RACE”, as an excuse to do dirty deeds on others? I have a news flash for you!!! “RACE” is a word only used in a foot race, or a Nascar sprint car race to name a few, the word “RACE” doesn’t even exist when you are referring to you and I as Humans, we are all people of this Society, only that we are unique to each other, which is the way God wanted it when he created Mankind.

The true beauty in this picture still exists around us today, we just have to look deeply into what we see. We have to look beyond what is right in front of us, we have to stay open minded and willing to try and do new things, when there is an obstacle in your way, don’t give up and go around it, tackle it head on so you can gain confidence for the next obstacle that comes before you. Life has many obstacles that comes before us, it is how we deal with them, that will determine how you walk your path along this journey of life.

It is hard to imagine this green meadow and how it feels and looks, if you haven’t seen one like the one in this picture, if you keep a close mind and never step out into the reality of life, you will never see the true beauty that is around you daily, instead you will allow yourself to become consumed with all the drama and crap that is in the news, or happening around you? When you allow yourself to get consumed with all this drama, then you yourself will suppress all your true emotions and feelings, just so you can try to move forward without feeling pain of any kind, which is why there is less empathy or remorse from any of us today? If we can’t truly feel any feelings of our own, than how are we suppose to feel any kind of feelings of those around us? We all walk a path along this journey of life, we all need to be able to coincide with each other, instead of being divided amongst each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while we become better and stronger, from one Society to another.

” the green meadow of peace is within each of us, we just have to look deeply into what we see”

” an obstacle is just that, when we attack them head on, not only do we feel better of ourselves, we feel better of each other, instead of avoiding them and lacking in our confidence”

Happy Father’s day…….especially to my Dad.

” A Father plays a very important role in the process of having and raising children”

Within this Society we live and walk, this day of Father’s day, is not looked at as a special day like Mother’s day. We tend to over look the Father, maybe because it is the Mother who carries the child for nine months?

The Father like the Mother loves their children very deeply, the problem lies within our Society today that, if a Father shows this love, than he is considered weak and should never be considered a leader of anything. I have a news flash for you!!! When a Father displays his deepest love, for his Wife and his children, he then becomes the most powerful man on Earth, by becoming the most complete man, to walk his path along his journey through life.

” We say Father to God, cause he created all of Mankind, we say Dad to our Fathers here on Earth, cause these Individuals play a big role in the day of our birth, as well as guiding and teaching us along our journey through life”

Now let’s remember there are Father’s who are not fit to be Father’s, cause they walk away from their “Responsibility” and do things not fit of a Father, but let’s also remember that those Individuals are less of than what we really hear around us, ” we always hear of the bad more than we hear of the good”, This is because of the drama around us everyday, There are a lot more great Dad’s out there, than we really see or hear, just that we don’t take the time to really look deeply of what is around us.

A Father is of the same love as our Mother’s, a Father teaches us how to be respectful of all that is around us, a Father also teaches us how to survive and be a positive productive person in our lives, a Father shows us how to show dignity of another, so we can receive the same dignity back, a Father teaches us a skill, so we can go out into the World and be a great provider as he was to us, a Father at times will be strict and firm with us and may seem to us as too demanding? But when done the right way, this shows us discipline, so we can be the very best and always strive to be the best at what ever we do, our Father’s love for us is a different kind of love than our Mother’s, a Mother”s love is more caring, as a Father’s love is more about helping us to be more respectful of ourselves and those around us, while we stay disciplined of ourselves and those around us, a Father’s love may be more overlooked than that of a Mother’s love, but as we walk our paths of our journey of life, a Father’s love should never be overlooked and it should always shine, on the exterior as bright as it does on the interior.

“Our FATHER who art in heaven, how it be thy name, let us always be respectful of ourselves and those around us, just as our Father taught us from our birth”

”   A Father’s love is deep within us, we just have to dig deep enough to let it out and let it shine brighter than the brightest star”

” Discipline is taught to us by our Father’s, it is us that puts it in action, by our actions and how we show respect and dignity towards all that is around us”

What’s in the public water supply?

There is way too much ugliness happening within our Society today. When ever you turn on the television and turn to the news channels, all they talk about are stories that do nothing but show this ugliness, in order to bring even more drama to our Society. There is very little good stories in the news today and if there is a good story, it is usually for a short time, as this doesn’t create enough drama.

The Terrorist group called ISIS, is quite simply a group with no empathy or remorse of everything around them, they are all sick twisted Individuals, that have so much pain deep within their core of existence, that they operate the way in which they do, simply because they don’t want to acknowledge their pain and work hard at fixing themselves, so they can operate normally within this Society we all walk.

There are other Individuals that operate solely by themselves, that inflict much pain and fear to all of us everyday, these Individuals like the group ISIS are also sick and twisted, just that something or somebody has influenced them in the wrong way, because of this bad influence they have brought harm to everything around them.

The news media not only reports and brings us this drama everyday, but they keep on reporting many times throughout the days and weeks, which shows us nothing but to dwell on everything around us, instead of listen, learn,fix and then move on, so we can walk our paths of our journey of life in peace, while we become stronger and better to handle anything that may cross our paths.

You also have these Individuals to which we the people vote into office, that say what we want to hear just to get our vote, then they stab us in the back, by doing the complete opposite so they can push through their own agendas, instead of whats good for all that have voted for them, so they can live of our hard earned money with the tax dollars we pay in.

Government whether State or Federal is suppose to work for….We the people, instead our elected officials have twisted their job into, a complete power game in which they want all the power and leave us (we the people) in the streets to fend for ourselves. This power game shows up big when it’s time to make their budgets for the coming year, each of the elected officials want the other to have their budgets  slashed and not their own, but every year what always gets cut, just to make the budget balance, is something we need to help stop all this ugliness and drama within our Society today, that something is Mental Health.

Mental Health and the facilities are so under maned, simply for the reason that,our elected officials just don’t see the sickness that is in the public water supply. This sickness are the Individuals that bring fear and violence to our Society, simply because they have had some bad influences and suffer some major pain in their lives,  then they act out to try to lift their pain away from themselves which only brings it to the rest of us within our Society and furthers the fuel for the media, to bring us more unwanted drama, for them to repeat daily and weekly.

This sickness within our Society is right there in front of our eyes, we see it everyday just that nobody wants to acknowledge it, so it can be fixed and we all can walk our paths along our journey through life peacefully, then we can truly be better and stronger for whatever that may cross our paths.

” Mental Health is a sickness,  like all the different cancers out there, Mental Health will eat you from the inside out”

” Depression  is a form of mental health, look at the great Robin Williams, he might of made us laugh daily, but he was hurting deeply inside”

” Mental Health may not be curable, but when handled correctly it can be controllable, we just have to better understand so we can fix ourselves and bring peace to ourselves and our society”

A Society scorned as the Country becomes torn……….

“We are all to blame for our Society being scorned, as the country in which we live is ripped out from beneath our feet”.

Until we all learn to accept the error of our ways, without pointing the finger away from where we should be looking first, then we will always be a scorned Society, with no Country beneath our feet. When we do something wrong and because we don’t want to accept the ramifications of our wrongful actions, we then point the finger so we don’t have to do anything about it. This is a serious problem throughout all of mankind and everybody within this Society needs to acknowledge this, so we can fix ourselves to be better, as our Society will then become better for all of us.

This problem isn’t just about the Individual, it is also about the Corporate infrastructure, the Government and all the “elected” officials within it, everything from the retail stores, to the petroleum industry, we all want favors from wherever we can get them, but we are not willing to give up anything to get these favors. Corporate companies will pay big money, to sway the elected officials, to vote for whatever they want, In this Society greed controls everything, to which those with the money will get everything and those with no money, end up with nothing and living out on the streets and under the bridges around us.

The Government comes up with a plan to give people health-care, but at what expense are you really trying to make yourself look good for? Then they say if you don’t have health-care, then you will be fined at the end of the year? the cost of this health care plan, who do you think is really going to pay for this? who is this health care act really for? There are a lot of questions surrounding this act, but when you ask these questions, it goes in one ear and out the other, this plan seems to do nothing but give more control to the big Insurance companies, but who do you think pays these Insurance companies? You are correct if you said John Q. Public, he is the one paying into these companies with his outrageous premium bill and he is the one that should have the control of who he see’s and where he goes to be treated. Right now this picture is backwards and really needs to be turned around and straightened out, we the people pay into these big corporate companies, but then we have no say when the service fails us? Come on when are we all going to wake up and really take a look around us? Maybe when it’s too late and we are all to sick and weak to do anything about it, this is what the insurance companies want, so they can keep our hard earned money, go out and live their plush, exotic lifestyles, while each of us are doing anything just to make ends meet.

You have Doctor’s with long time patients for many years, that are closing their practices because the insurance companies are making it harder for them to keep their practices, where are the patients suppose to turn? they can’t turn to the Insurance company, cause before you know it there will be no more Doctor’s in which to go, are we all suppose to die, so these big corporate insurance Executives can enjoy their plush lifestyles alone? Then there will be no more money for them coming in if we all die off, so now where are they going to turn? Everything within our Society is about power and greed, we all want it but unfortunately  we all can’t have it, just like at our place of employment, everybody wants to be the Boss, but if we are all the Boss, than who is going to do the work to for you to earn a paycheck?

There are a lot of questions within my blog today, these questions have no true answers, cause nobody really knows themselves what is truly going on, it is kind of like we are all flying 4,000 feet in the air with no airplane, or a parachute to break our fall, You think we will survive the fall? The fall is coming and when it does we are all in very deep trouble, to which we all may never get up from this one. I would like to say we have a huge election coming up next year, but by the looks of who is joining the race, I have no confidence in any of them. What we need is a Candidate that first and for most, has a proven track record, of taking a broken company ( which is what America is) and turning it around to be better and stronger than it ever has, fixing the broken economy first before all else, just like within our families when they are hurting, you fix your own first, before you venture out to help fix others. Then when your own is better and stronger than ever, you may go out to help others so they also can be better and stronger, there is so much to fix within this Society, I actually feel sorry for the next in line that has this huge responsibility and task to do this job, it won’t be easy and especially when you have to deal with a media, that makes breaking news out of anything that will create drama, so they can build their ratings, which will bring more money to those Executives, which further shows that this Society we live today is all about power and greed, for which we all will do anything to achieve it, but will always neglect what we should be doing and that is, taking responsibility for our actions and showing each other respect and dignity.

” The Insurance companies will always accept our hard earned money, but they never want to pay out anything that will make us better and stronger to walk our journey through life”

” Today’s Society is all about the power and greed, instead of what it really should be about, the taking of responsibility, having respect for and showing dignity of each other”

The most Holy Grail of trophy’s……. The Stanley Cup

The Stanley cup is the trophy that is awarded to the last team standing and the winner of the Hockey playoffs. Unless you have played the game, you have no real idea how hard this trophy is to win and it is the hardest trophy to win of all the sports trophies out there. To win this trophy you literally leave everything out there on the ice throughout the entire playoffs.

Hockey is more of a blue collar sport, only because you show up at the rink ready to get down and dirty and work very hard at not just standing up on skates, but stick handling drills, passing drills, shooting drills and turning on a dime while skating full speed and handling the puck drills. Those that have played the game know that there is a lot more than these basic skills I mentioned, there is also the game inside the game, not to mention to a first time watcher, the game seems pretty fast and violent. The violent part is really not that violent, it is only one player checking another player, to get the leverage on him in order to take the puck away from him, A hockey player should also be good at geometry, as it is a game of angles and having good puck sense to be at the right spot at the right time. In order to take the puck away from the opposing player, you have to anticipate where that player is going and take away his angle to make a play and then be at that spot at the right time. Those that grew up during the days of the great Bobby Orr, would see exactly what I am talking about, just that he was so good, he made it look very easy.

A Hockey season may not be as long as a Baseball season, but if it was you would have more players being lost from a team for extended periods, because of the physicality part of the game. Hockey is also a true “Team” sport, you very seldom see just one player carry a team for any length of time, with that said….. when you build a championship team, you don’t just build a team full of talented players, you need team chemistry which will help you build an identity for the team. The Boston Bruins had this chemistry and identity in 2011, to which they won the holy grail of trophies, being Lord Stanley s cup. Now the playoffs in hockey are like no other playoffs in sports, they are basically a whole different season within the season, you have the top eight teams from each conference and whoever the last two teams left are, would make the finals their fourth round of four out of seven games to win each round. there is a total of twenty eight games in the playoffs if a team plays all four rounds to a game seven, with the magic number being sixteen “mission sixteen”, meaning it takes sixteen wins to win this most prestigious trophy. During these playoffs it takes grit and determination by each player of each team, you also have a lot of banged up players, the deeper they go into the playoffs, which makes a hockey player one of the toughest athletes to play any sport.

The Stanley cup is won from literally a lot of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention some broken bones, stitches and a few surgeries later. That hard rubber puck will leave a mark, from a shot traveling over one hundred miles an hour and especially if it hits you in the right place, just imagine being a goalie without the right equipment and having to stop one of those shots? I played goalie and you still feel the impact, even with the right equipment. I have heard some sports Individuals say that, all sports need to let the players have their day with the their respective trophy they have won, like hockey players do? What I say to that is, the trophy you see the players with is not the true Stanley cup, as the true Stanley cup always stays in a glass case within the Hockey hall of fame, in Toronto, Canada. Those three rings you see below the cup itself, has all the players names engraved into it, that have won this prestigious trophy and when one ring gets full, then it is taken out and replaced with another to fill up, you can see all the rings including the real trophy at the hall of fame, but if you are a true hockey player, you never want to touch it, unless you have earned the right to touch it, by making it through “mission sixteen”. Those that watch the hockey playoffs and see the conference champions surround their conference trophy they just won without touching that trophy reason is, because they don’t want to jinx their chance they just earned, so they can compete for the most prestigious of all trophies in sports……….. The Stanley cup.

” Hockey is a blue collar sport, only because be prepared to bring your lunch pail to work, just as the blue collar workers do and work their butts off to achieve success”

” Lord Stanley cup is the most prestigious of trophies, because it is the hardest to win of any sport”

” not every hockey player gets a chance to compete for the Stanley cup, which makes it the Holy Grail of all trophies”

The power of faith is within us all


The power of faith is deep within the core of our being, when God created all Mankind, he gave us this faith to over come anything that may cross our paths along this journey we are all on, the journey of life and all we do as we walk this journey.

This picture of Stuart Scott, who was a very popular sports analyst for the sports show sportscenter on Espn, battled for many years with Cancer, it was his Faith in himself and God that helped him survive for as long as he did. “Faith is within the core of each and every one of us, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash its true power”. Faith is never seen, but it’s feeling will never leave us, for as long as we walk our paths along this journey of life.

Just as the Farmer plants his seeds for the coming crops, God also planted his seeds within us all. One of those seeds God planted within us, is the power to have faith for everything we do, even when things around us have us so overwhelmed, that we start to believe there is no way out? It is then that we need to dig deep within our core, acknowledge the faith within us, so we than can unleash it’s power and once again have hope to over come what is in front of us. When the Farmer plants his seeds, he has hope that his faith in the seeds, will bring him many crops to cultivate and care for, just as God hoped that his seed of faith he planted in each one of us, would help us overcome anything/everything that may come across our paths along this journey of life.

“Faith and Hope work together and you can’t have one without the other”. When we hope the faith will help us in our time of need, is the acknowledgement and the feeling of the faith, is the power that helps us overcome whatever that has come before us. Hope and faith will always be two peas in a pod, as we like the Farmer who cultivates his crop, will cultivate the hope and the faith that is within us, so as the Farmer is over come with joy for his crop year after year, we will be over come with joy for all the happiness and peace that will come to us, on our paths of our journey of life.

Sometimes in life along our journey, we get so overwhelmed that we don’t let any hope bring us the faith, so we can over come what ever that has come before us, we get lost within ourselves and move forward in a cloud of doubt, this doubt when we let it, will control and take over who we really are, as this doubt has us in it’s clutches, we lose all confidence in ourselves, our self esteem is non existent and we then walk this journey, with no true direction of who or where we are going. God the creator of mankind, always has hope for the seed of faith he has planted inside each one of us, the Farmer has the same hope for the seeds he plants and with his faith, his crop will bloom into much beauty, we are God’s hope and faith and that we will bloom into the same beauty as the crop of the Farmer. As we all walk our paths along this journey of life, let us never lose the hope, so we can always have the faith to over come anything that may cross our paths.

” hope and faith are two peas in a pod, you can’t have one without the other”

” faith is the seed of God that he planted in each of us, the hope is the acknowledgement of this seed, so we can unleash it’s true power”

Well informed decisions within life.

We all walk our paths along this journey of life, There is so much that goes on within these paths, it is very easy to get side tracked or derailed, that we than try to move forward without making better decisions, as we walk these paths along this journey called life.

When you add in other crap like life events, now you become lost along this journey, before you even realize that you have become lost. We as Humans are not perfect, we all make mistakes and bad decisions, but when we fix our mistakes and correct our bad decisions, before they become bigger than they really need to be, this journey through life can be a lot less stressful, than we make it out to be.

With a lot of the other crap that consumes us, we also have to deal with, others who try to push their ideas and their ways onto us, or they try to sell us things that we don’t need, just so they can get our hard earned money, our lives have become filled with way too much drama and unnecessary crap within this Society we now walk.

You also have a position of the President of the United States, with this position comes a lot of sleepless nights, as this person is not only the leader of a country, but a leader of the most powerful country on the planet. Lately I would say the last 9 or 10 terms of this position, it has went from a position with dignity and respect, to a position with no dignity or respect. Just look at the candidates that are lining up to run for this position in the next election.

I like the Busch family and have great respect for them, the Clinton’s lets just say I am over them, which is why I think this country needs real change, which you will not get with a vote for either. Some may want to vote for Hillary just because they want her to be the first woman President, but you think she will really bring the change needed, for us to be better and stronger moving forward? This is a big question we all need to ponder, in order to make the right decision, not just for ourselves, but for each and every member within this great country we live.

There are so many candidates throwing there hats into the ring for this election, it is like going to Barnum and Baily’s circus, which does nothing but take away further, the dignity and respect this position should be getting. The first ones I blame for this is, the liberal Media and the next in line are the Democratic committees and the Republican committees, the three of these groups have turned the office of President, into the ring leader at the Circus.

True we the people have the power of the vote, but when we are swayed into a direction we don’t want to go, with all the propaganda and all the broken promises we hear, makes a lot of the people just give up, cause they think there well informed vote doesn’t matter? We as the Citizens of the United States, need to stand up against all the crap of these three groups, speak out by saying ” we are not taking it anymore”, and basically shutting up these three groups once and for all. The way we do this is, tune out all the negative crap, do our own homework, so we can make a well informed decision, within the walls of the voting booth the next time around.

Do we really want another Clinton or a Busch at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue? Or do we want real change to come to us and change that makes each and every one of our lives, better and stronger moving forward, along our paths of our journey through life. There is a lot more to improving the quality of life to each and every one of us, than for another Clinton or a Busch to get into office, so they can say they are the royalty or that they are the only ones that matter amongst us? Then there is a guy named Donald Trump? that’s for another blog it may take another 600 or so words on this subject? Or maybe just the new hair-do that may start the new fad? We need a President that not only will bring back the dignity and respect to the position, but a President that will actually help us all within this country, be stronger and better moving forward on all our paths, along this journey through life.

” in order to make well informed decisions, we have to be clear minded and do our homework properly, without any pushing from outside sources”

” Real change comes from within, comes from taking a different course, instead of staying the same course, with all the same drama and crap”

What’s in a Birthday?

Celebrating a Birthday is a joyous time for all of us. It is a time for each of us to be thankful for the life we have been given.

To some a Birthday is just another day that they try to forget, only cause it brings much pain to themselves, the pain goes so deep within their core, that they don’t know how to escape it?

To some this special day of a Birthday only brings back bad memories of a childhood gone wrong for one reason or another, most of the time these memories have been caused by situations that was out of their control, but they still try to forget this special day, to hide and bury the pain deeper within themselves.

We all have these Birthdays, as it celebrates the day we were given life into this World, these Birthdays should always be special to each of us, for if it weren’t for the Birthday, we wouldn’t be here to celebrate them. Jesus the son of the Lord God, has a special Birthday we all celebrate together and that is Christmas day, Christmas is all about joy and happiness, celebrating with our Families together and celebrating a life or our life as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Sometimes in our lives we have these life events that happen to us, these events can be big or small, they can bring great pain to us as well, they will make us wonder why me? or why was I born if I am going to suffer this great pain? Hence why we try to dismiss any part of the word Birthday, then we suppress this pain deep within our core, so we don’t have to deal with it.

When we suppress any pain deep within us, what we don’t realize at the time is, this pain never goes away as much as we think it does, it only seems to go away cause we don’t acknowledge it, but if we acknowledged it and fixed what we needed to fix, we could move forward along our paths of our journey, really being able have great joy each and every year, of this special day of our lives, known as our Birthday.

Our Birthday is that day when we first took our breathe in the World we live, it was filled with joy back then, so why can’t it still be filled with much joy, each and every day of our lives, throughout our journey through life. These events will always happen no matter who you are? We just have to deal with them better, so we as Individuals can be better and stronger, so we as Individuals can have great joy each and every year when our day comes upon us, when we feel and show this joy, then we all can be at peace as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Birthdays are real and they bring great joy to us, Birthdays are not suppose to bring or give us any kind of pain”

” the words Happy Birthday means just that, Happy or Joy will come to us on our special day and beyond”

” Happy and joy will always bring a smile to your face, without these two words then we frown and become bitter of everything around us”